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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Night Live Eviction

Good evening, ladies & gents! This afternoon has been a very interesting one on the live feeds! If you're wondering who's going home tonight, let me assure you that sadly it's still Donny. With that being said, that wasn't set in stone this afternoon and there's been lots of scrambling and last minute talks to save Donny. Caleb/Frankie were on board, Cody talked to Donny, but then it was Derrick that squashed everything and said they're keeping Nicole. Derrick doesn't want Donny to stay, and as we all know..Derrick gets what Derrick wants. So, I will be sad and shed my tears like Donny did today. :*(
We love you, Donny!!

In other news, it seems that the Team America mission has failed! CBS goofed up earlier on their website and put up the results a little too early. (It has since been fixed, though.) 

**Tonight's show will be delayed in certain areas. If you want to watch online, you can watch right here!

The HOH comp for tonight is endurance!!!!!! If you want to watch tonights comp, ya gotta get the feeds!!

I'll see y'all back here at 9pm ET!

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

9:20pm ET:
Team America Mission failed. Derrick looks sad about it. lol

9:25pm ET:
BB showed the HG's their families from back home. Cody cried a lot seeing his dad, Derrick was crying when he saw his daughter say "I miss you!"

9:34pm ET:
The Votes:
*Christine votes to evict...Donny
*Victoria votes to evict...Donny
*Frankie votes to evict...Donny "I tried so, so hard (to keep Donny)"
*Caleb votes to evict...Donny "My buddy, Donny."
*Derrick votes to evict...Donny

Evicted from the BB16 House is:

Donny is crying :( 

Julie told Donny that the Bold & Beautiful want him to guest star on their show! Donny said he'll do it! :D 

Time for the HOH ENDURANCE COMP!!!!!!
Christine is falling a lot, Caleb is gliding along great, Nicole is hustin'! 
Derrick fell once. Victoria is horrible at this comp. lol

There's a smaller snowman beside their bigger snowmen. If a HG fills that up, they win $5,000 but will also get 5,000 "hollah's" from fans all summer long. (So far, nobody is filling up their small snowman.)
~**Click Here to Watch Tonights Endurance Comp!!!**~

Next Week is Double Eviction!!

Stay tuned...
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DeniseG said...

If TA doesn't win the money, then I think Donny's comments in the DR session are partially to blame. He came across as grumpy about it, so his fans may have thought they were supporting him by voting against the mission.
Sorry Donny but not all of America thinks you're a great BB player.

Kern's Kreations said...

I'm glad the mission is going to fail. I hope it brings Frankie somewhat close to reality - that being that very few people enjoy him. After last night's DR session with him telling us that there is no way we, America, would vote to save Donny, I just want the smug look to get knocked off his face.

Susie said...

OK if Donnie goes I am not watching TV anymore, I will still follow your blog Jamie.
Thank you for all your hard work but I am fed up with BB this year.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I just don't see why people think Dertick and Cody are "dumb players" for wanting to vote Donny out. Just because we all love Donny as a person doesn't mean it's in Derrick or Cody's best interest to keep him. Donny has said numerous times that he thinks Derrick is the puppet master and wants him out. Nicole on the other hand will most likely turn to Cody and Derrick if she were to win HOH because she's a lot closer to them than Frankie or Caleb. For those saying they want things to get shaken up, that BB production should intervene and keep both Nicole and Donny, you clearly are just saying that for personal reasons. Derrick deserves to be where he is at without production intervening to keep somebody just because America likes them. This is a game not a popularity content. And Derrick has played. If production intervened to save somebody you hated everyone would be all up in arms over it.The boys running this house are still there because they played right and stuck together from the beginning. It may not be the best TV but its the smartest thing to do in that house.

KNicole said...

I love Donny but he talked his way out of being safe today in an effort to be safe next week. Just when he should have been quiet Donny. Tears .... but this showed how rabid things will get in the house. So since he likely wouldn't win it's good for him to get away from these sh*t talkers and enjoy the rest of his time with people who truly like him. I do hope he blows somebody up on the way it though.

Susie said...

I voted for the TA so that CBS had to put out some money, I guess it failed. It was no good but wanted Donnie to get some more money.

Ashley said...

Oh my, Wil is going to have a field day with what Julie is wearing tonight!!

Janely Castro said...

Your right however in previous seasons production has intervened to keep players people don't like or they have overlooked players cheating. This time people just want them to do something for players they like because they usually do it anyway lol

Annette Darden said...

We don't "ALL" love Donny
I agree he's a great guy, but his social game sucked. Derrick FTW!!!

The Real Sports Line said...

bb16 JUST LOSS TONS OF VIEWERS IT IS SO SAD AT THIS POINT IN THE GAME THEY STILL ARE VOTING IN A GROUP BLOCK! Love the family feedback on the Christine cody showmance tonight. Pulling for Nicole someone has to make some bold moves.


Donny can say he wanted to play BB with honesty and integrity, but you know who says that? Losers. Evictees. Remember Devin? Honesty and 'integral'. This is the path he chose, the path he maneuvered himself into with his cockeyed social game, so he wasn't being picked on, he really wasn't giving anybody any reason to join him. He's the latest in a line of popular country types like Cowboy and Judd that the public seems to latch on to because they are a curiosity and they don't know anybody like them in their circle of friends. Nice guys, but they ultimately wind up in jury.

Tjbrennecke22 said...

❤️Donny!!! I am bawling like a baby and you will forever hold a special place in my heart and you are by far my most favorite player of all time.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Caleb you're the new HOH.


Lauren Sisco said...

I hope three houseguests face the jury and America is the last jury member

Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more!


Stephanie Kitchens said...

@ Brian

A lot of what I said is also things you have said before. I just don't think Donny's game was all that great. He may have pulled off some comp wins when needed but even Julie asked why he always went to bed when everybody was just getting started for the night. I also don't feel like anybody left him out. Saying he had nothing in common with them and the things they talked about were things he had no interest in or experiences with, well fake it until you make it. It's called acting. He did a good job pretending to be Devin lol he should have channeled some of that.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

@ Ashley

Haha! I actually loved Julie's outfit! I want that top. I also want that sweater that was passed around that house. I think it was Ambers? A lot of people said it was ugly but I loved it!

Nicole Mouawad said...

You called it Brian!

southernmade said...

People who say Donny had no social game must not remeber the first few weeks. Donny tried talking game. He knew their was a big alliance he wasn't apart of. He tried talking to the misfits and getting them to ban together! But people weren't receptive because they thought they were in with the people in the big alliance. Then puppet master Derrick on several occasions told Donny he needed to not talk game so much. So donny backed off and became the quiet Donny. The cards were never in his favor to win. Donny didn't have a chance and having a good social game. Maybe he could have tried a little more, but I think he backed off because nothing he tried was working. A persons bb social game is very dependant on who they are playing with. Derrick is working with a bunch of people who don't realize he is pulling all of the strings and securing all of the jury votes. He got lucky to be cast with a pretty unintelligent and unobservant group! A lot goes into having good BB game play. Personally the top 3 best game players this season are Donny, Derrick, and Frankie (as much as it pains me to say that). Donny: for comps and being able to survive the block 7 times. Derrick: for pulling all the strings and remaining unnoticed for it. Frankie: is great at comps and has had a pretty good social game. A lot of people have mentioned how he reminds them of Andy because he pops in on every conversation. While Frankie's popping in hasn't gone unnoticed by the house guest they all seem to trust him a decent amount!

Anonymous said...


Yeah BB made me squirm by not showing Caleb for almost the entire comp for some reason. But he just looked so much better to start off that even if the others got more of a hang of it so would he. And he's in such good shape I didn't think he would lack stamina and die off.


Nicole Mouawad said...

I know! The whole time I was like I just wanna see Caleb cause I bet he's winning this thing. Glad he won! Who are you rooting for Brian. Would love to hear your input

Anonymous said...


I'm 1000% rooting for Derrick. He's by far played the best game this season and 1 of the all time great games if he finishes it off with the win. Anything else at this point and this season will be a huge failure. Crowning a new BB great in Derrick the winner is really the only thing that can make this season worthwhile.



Donny said on the first episode he wasn't going to talk so people couldn't use anything he said against him. Talking to Julie he just said he didn't have anything in common with anybody in the house, so he didn't bother trying to adapt his game to the situation, as if it was their fault they didn't get to know him. He said people love him, and that the people who were evicted from the house loved him. There's your problem. He bonded with one person at a time and that person would go home, so he would bond with another weak player. His strategy was to be tight lipped and win comps, but that is a strategy for failure. Donny is the first person I can ever recall crying upon being evicted. Anyone?

Leah Pants said...


ustay miller said...

Miss u DONNY !!!!!!

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