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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tues: The Overnighter

Gooood morning, BB addicts! Happy Tuesday to y'all! Last night, nothing too much happened in the house. Zach slept most of the afternoon/early evening away, the houseguests mostly just relaxed and played games in the backyard, Frankie grilled dinner for everyone, etc etc.

While Caleb/Frankie/Zach were outside playing pool, a male fan screamed from the CBS lot:
10:19pm BBT, Cams 3/4)

Man: "Beastmode Cowboy, we hate you! Zach, we love you! Frankie, you're DISGUSTING!!"
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown, please go inside until further notice."

At first, there was a lot of confusion because Zach thought the guy said he loved all 3 of them, but once inside, Caleb said he's pretty sure they said they hated him/Frankie, but loved Zach. Caleb said when he heard it, his heart sank. Frankie's attitude slowly switched from excited that a fan would say he loves him, to being a little bit down at the possibility of a fan calling him "disgusting".

He went into the D.R. to see if they would clarify what was said, but they told him they're not allowed.

11:01pm BBT:
Living Room

While Frankie/Zach were talking, they could hear Christine's cackle from the Rock Bedroom with Cody and Victoria.

Zach: "Is she stupid?"
Frankie: "Maybe.."
Zach: "She likes Cody. She like, does. I know it's bad to say but.."
Zach starts singing: "I got a crush on you.."

Meanwhile, this is happening in the Rock Bedroom..
Victoria is talking about wanting to get back at Zach for all the times he was mean to her. (She later on took back her pink hat that Zach's been wearing all summer.)
Back in the living room, Frankie is looking up at Caleb on the HOH landing trying to spy on Frankie/Zach's convo. (He did that a lot yesterday, too. He would lay on the floor and army crawl on the landing. Derrick/Donny caught him yesterday.)
Frankie: "He's up there listening to us. He does this now. He creeps out of the HOH room and stays there for like 45 mins listening to everything that's happening in the living room."
Zach: "No way."
Frankie: "Yes. That's his new strategy. He calls it Stealth Mode Cowboy, but we call it Creep Mode Cowboy."

11:23pm BBT:
Dining Room

Frankie just came out of the D.R. and heads over to Zach to molest him a little bit before playing a game of Jenga.

Frankie whispers in Zach's ear...
Frankie: "In the jury house, can we have sex?"
Zach: "Help! Rape! Sexual harassment!"
Zach: "Oh my God.."
Frankie: "I got you hard."
Zach: "Oh my God."
Frankie: "Frankie you're disgusting!"
They both laugh.
11:54pm BBT:
Zach just got up and left his (well, Victoria's) pink hat on the table. Victoria asks Cody/Christine if she should take it now and Cody says yes.

Victoria: "Christine, can you hear me? Bring me a knife. Now."
All cams cut to fishies.

12:00am BBT:
Victoria is sitting next to Zach, grinning from ear to ear. (At this time, it's not known what actually happened to the hat. Zach isn't aware that it's missing yet.)

12:07am BBT:
Zach tries to find the hat. Victoria walks in.
Zach: "You okay?"
Victoria: "I'm fine."
Zach: "You followin' me?"
Victoria: "Nope." (*yup.)

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Cody is telling Caleb that Victoria did indeed take a knife to the hat and "diced it up".

Victoria rejoins them a minute later and explains to Caleb why she did it.
Victoria: "(He's) gonna go around talk crap about me, torture me and degrading me? F*ck you."
Cody: "How many times have you (Caleb) ever heard her curse?"

12:30am BBT:
Have Nots Room
Victoria: "I'm going to sleep, so I'm turning the lights off. You gonna stay in here?"
Zach: "No, I'll leave."
Victoria: "Ok. No hard feelings, really."
Zach: "Oh, there's hard feelings."

Victoria: "Okay. Cool. Just know whatever you touch of mine, you'll have to deal with production."

Zach goes into the hallway, looking in drawers for his hat. Victoria wakes up and goes into the kitchen.

By 1:02am BBT, Victoria said that if Zach touches anything of hers, he'll have to replace it with his own money. She's saying if Zach touches her, he'll go to jail.

1:21am BBT:
Zach is asking for the hat back and that Victoria told him he could have it. Frankie offered a blue hat to Zach but he said it's too big and he needs a womans hat.

Victoria: "If you're nice to me, maybe I'll change my mind." (He has no idea that it's destroyed already.)
Zach: "You said I could have it, you're just doing this to piss me off. You're going out of you way to piss me off."

Zach starts yelling at Victoria.
Zach: "You wanna go outta your way to piss me off?"
Victoria: "Zach, it's my item. It's mine!"
Zach: "You're not gonna wear it!"
Victoria: "Okay."
Victoria starts humming.
Zach: "You took it back to piss me off! Alright Victoria, we can play f*cking games all week. All f*cking week! So let me wear the hat and we'll be even! Right now, you're 1 up. Time to get 1 back."

Victoria/Christine head to bed in the Have Nots Room. Zach goes in at 1:37am BBT and asks Victoria if she's giving the hat back or not. She keeps dancing around an answer. They go back and forth again. 

1:48am BBT:
Derrick is up and eating on the backyard couch as Zach is in the hot tub. Zach tells him about the fan screaming to him/Frankie/Caleb earlier. Zach tells Derrick how all 3 of them heard something different.

Derrick: "I'm 100% certain what they said about you."
Zach changes topics to how he can help Derrick's game before he leaves. Derrick tells Zach to stop telling people he's gonna vote for him in the end because it hurts his game.

They end up on another inside lockdown because Derrick can hear a little bit of talking on the CBS lot, but not enough to make anything out. They head inside.

2:30am BBT:
Zach is still looking for the pink hat.

2:54am BBT:
Derrick/Zach are the only houseguests awake. Derrick said that he would evict Victoria by Final 5 because one of the other houseguests might take her over him (Der). Zach mentions that he thinks this week a houseguest could come back. Derrick said it could happen and for Zach to stay focused and be prepared for BB telling him when he leaves on Thursday that he'll have to change his clothes right away to compete. Derrick explains it was an endurance comp last season and how Judd came back into the house but didn't win that HOH.

Zach: "I'm gonna have to beastmode to beat Hayden, though."

Derrick said he's nervous about getting evicted because he's cool with everyone, but that might be the reason he'll be sent packing.

They start talking about various things, like past houseguests and the best moments of previous BB seasons (like "Dan's Funeral", Chima throwing her mic in the hot tub, etc.)

**And that's it for the Overnighter! As of 10:55am BBT, only Donny/Cody are up. They've been talking since 10:20am BBT this morning.
I'm starting the morning post right now!

Stay tuned...
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Brenda Reed said...

Poor poor Frankie... his balloon head has been deflated a bit.

Joe Dathe said...

Hey, do you guys think there is anyway to contact CBS to have the house guests do the ice bucket challenge? I think that would be pretty awesome!

Angela Foster said...

HAHA Brenda Reed!

Razldazlrr said...

Oh lord - Frankie's bruised ego from goofs out in the lot! LOL

OK - so I was curious and looked up Derrick's police - he actually works for Central Falls in Rhode Island. The town is about 20,000 - looks like it's about 10 miles outside of Providence, so I guess a burb. one murder in 2012 (oh the things I do when I'm on hold working LOL)

Christina said...

Victoria thinks she made a game move ;P The funniest thing was watching her gain points with Christine and Cody. When she went to bed (the first time) Christine said "LOVE you!!" (eyeroll)
Can not wait until Thursday!!!

Tony Akinremi said...

@ Christine Victoria move is one big Yeah Right!
I can't believe anybody thinks having Victoria next to them in F2 would be a good thing. I mean I know but talk about a lame or failed victory.

Anonymous said...


So you really can't believe that somebody would think a guaranteed $500K as opposed to $50K is a good thing??? A victory can never be failed. But I'll take a lame win over a valiant loss every time. If you're in a position where you feel you've got it wrapped up either way and you want to reward the stronger player with the $50K that's 1 thing. However if it's at all in question I and I would think most would consider you pretty foolish to not take the person you have the better shot to win against.


Anonymous said...

Try tweeting CBS, CBS Big Brother, Julie Chen, les moonves , Allison Grodner., zingbot 3000 . One of those might work

Anonymous said...

Andy did it last year with Gina Marie. She won some but had zero chance. In general, the best player often doesnt win BB due to the format

Joe Dathe said...

That's a good idea, but I don't have twitter. Thanks tho!

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