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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Morning in the BB16 House

Typically the mornings in the BB16 house are uneventful, but today both Donny & Cody are up and have been talking game since 10:20am BBT this morning.

Currently on the live feeds...

Cody told Donny about the pink hat situation with Zach/Victoria. Donny warns Cody that Christine will drop Cody soon. He then asked Cody if he wins HOH this Thursday, to not put him up on the block because it'd be better for his game not to. He mentions that Frankie/Caleb have a Final 2 deal (*Derrick/Cody are on their F2 deal as well.) Donny tells Cody that his (Cody's) downfall in the game, will be trusting Derrick. Cody said he's cautious of Derrick but at the same time, he trusts him the most in the house. Donny tries to get Cody to see that he cannot trust Derrick, while Cody disagrees with him. Donny said that they keep saying Victoria is the target every week, but then someone else goes home and that they're using it as a way to get other HG's out.

Donny: "You think you have the numbers & you do, until I'm gone. They're gonna tell you that Victoria's next to get evicted, but it'll be you." 

Donny said he's alone in the game and he can't keep relying on winning comps to survive, he needs someone to have his back. Cody says he has his back. (*I can't see this being true.) Donny tells Cody to not tell anyone about their convo. (We'll see if he runs to Derrick and tells him all of this.) 

Donny said that if he (Don) goes home this upcoming week, then Cody will know Derrick's not as smart as he (Cody) thinks because Derrick should want to keep Donny to use "against the 3".

11:04am BBT:
Donny is telling Cody that Derrick will win the game because everybody loves him and he'll have the jury votes.

Donny: "He's very good!"

Donny saying again he can't win Veto/HOH/Veto/HOH. 

Donny tells Cody that Christine is closer with Frankie than she is with Derrick.  Donny suggests they stop talking before Frankie wakes up to do his blog & HOH pics and catches them talking.

BB: "Donny, please go to the Diary Room."
Donny heads in.

Cody (to himself): "Oh Donny, Donny, Donny."
A few minutes later, Cody walks into the bathroom and talks to himself again.
Cody: "Was that..a necessary conversation? Hmm." 

11:15am BBT:
Cody: (to himself)"Donny, your points were very, very wrong." (*Omg. *face palm*)

11:36am BBT:
Frankie is in the HOH bathroom, taking a shower.

Cody is eating breakfast. 
Donny is in the bathroom downstairs. 

11:43am BBT:
Donny is outside on the elliptical, singing to himself.

Donny is singing "put a boot in your do dodo..Uncle Sam's list..." (I think this is a country song by Toby Keith).

11:49am BBT:
Frankie is downstairs now.

11:59am BBT:
Victoria takes the destroyed pink hat (that Zach always wore) and wrapped it up in foil before putting it in the bottom of her crate of makeup/hair stuff.

12:05pm BBT:
Victoria is up.

Donny's outside by himself.

**I'll start the Afternoon Post once more houseguests wake up. :)

Stay tuned...
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KNicole said...

Cody is such an idiot. I can't wait for Derrick to cut his throat. You know he's going to tell them everything.

And Victoria. ... what can I say. I hope Zach terrorizes her until he leaves. I know I shouldn't say that but was it necessary to cut the hat. Oh sorry that was her big game move. SMH.

sissy92101 said...

Cody should listen to Donny because Derrick will get rid of him in a heartbeat.


I would certainly expect for Zach to keep terrorizing Victoria because he has been doing it all summer so why should he stop now? It is just a pink hat, and I know that that is Zach's identity, but it isn't like she cut off his testicles, Frankie has those.

Tony Akinremi said...

I can't get over Donny. I'll be honest I want him or Derick yo win this. They both seem like upright guys. Actually I like everyone even Frankie. I'm just a BB fan.

I'm guessing Donny words have fallen on deaf ears when it comes to Cody. How did christinesay it "he's wrapped around Derricks d..k", so true!

I think he should talk individually to all remaining HG's to see who will bite. Somebody has to now figure that Donny's right this is the best time to make a move against Derrick unless they just want to hand over the money to him.

Razldazlrr said...

Donny seems to be the only one that has a clue that Derrick is going to take it all if they don't stop him. you KNOW Cody will tell Derrick everything he said, which just gives Derrick more info


Does anybody think Zach's 10 year old brother is proud of the way Zach has conducted himself this summer, or do you think he's embarrassed? I think when he goes back to school he's going to catch it bad. I can hear his new nickname now, "Zankie".

Brenda Reed said...

Wil has another BB Saga posted!
You can watch all of this season's saga videos. I just love Wil!

Emry Kin said...

Eyeroll at Victoria.

Angela Foster said...

Poor Donny..

Just keep winnin' 'em buddy!!

Rachel said...

Cody wld NOT win in the finale if he's against Derrick. Why wld he just hand him the money?!? Is he that dumb?? Derrick needs to go! If he's gone then Vic will fall apart and have no one to turn to plus Cody's game will be hurt cuz he's been riding derricks d*ck all summer sooooooooo getting Derrick out is like getn 3 ppl out! Only Donny is smart enough to see how much control Derrick has.
So glad Caleb and Frankie heard ppl hate them and love zach lol. I was hoping maybe they'd keep zach and get rid of Cody to make America like them.
Team Donny!!!!!! Fk the rest!

Susie said...

Is a picture of Victoria's short hair posted anywhere, I missed and do not have the feeds.

Zayne said...

Sad Zach's going. I'm pretty tired of the HGs in general right now. I like that Zach's showing considerable maturity about going home. Makes the rest of them being so awful to him right now even more petty.

I realize he's done ridiculous things but I think most of what he's done has clearly been not serious.

I've disliked Victoria from the beginning and her doing this just seals the deal. She's a petulant little child.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, Craig Marshall, but could you be more specific as to what you mean when you say, "the way Zach has conducted himself"?

Rafael Pebble said...

By this time in the season I have a favorite and someone to root against. I don't this year. I'm enjoying the show but for some reason haven't gotten emotionally attached. It's such a new experience. I kind of like it this way.


@eye: Nope. It's all been out there for everyone to see. Children can be cruel.

enb said...

Cody has been a disappointment after he didn't put Caleb up when he was hoh he's been playing follow Derrick. I know the Frankie and Derrick showdown will good both of them have great chances of winning. Caleb doesn't have a clue. Donny needs a partner I hope Zach or Hayden come back in and get someone on their side to help Donny out.

Alea Marie said...

What he said....haha

Ashley said...

So funny, when Caleb got up this morning and went downstairs, did I hear Donny call him "Creep-mode Cowboy?" Hilarious!


Laurie from the 770 said...

How is being called "Zankie" bad? Aside from the obvious bully angle.


He will probably be teased, maybe bullied. Children can be cruel.

Anonymous said...

I actually don't think Donny is right about Derrick where it concerns Cody. I think Cody is the person Derrick is most loyal to in the house. Now would he dump Cody if he had to in order to save himself of course he would. But so would anyone in that house when it comes to anyone else.

He also said similar things about Christine as far as them both dumping him for Frankie. As he sees Derrick/Frankie/Christine as the core of the group with Cody and Caleb on the outside. However that's not really the case at all as I think Frankie is the 1 who's most on the outside of the group. He's kind of right about Caleb but that's mostly due to his perceived closeness with Frankie. If he voiced to the others wanting to get rid of Frankie then he could be right in the mix. I think the closest relationship of the group is Derrick & Cody and they could go either way with Christine and Caleb perhaps depending on if 1 of them wins the right comp at the right time. And Victoria is someone they can just drag along perhaps even to F3 or try to pawn off on someone else getting rid of if they can/have to save themselves.


Anonymous said...

So, Craig, I'm just curious, are you being homophobic, or are you imputing homophobia to "all children in Florida"? Because those really are the only two reasonable takeaways from your comments. And, please, do be honest.


@eye:I see what you are trying to do here and I'm not taking the bait. Don't be so eager to be outraged. Where did "all the children in Florida" come from? Do you know something none of the rest of us know? I'm saying some people want to see homophobia everywhere, and 10 year old children aren't nearly as mature and culturally refined as you and me. Perhaps this recalls an ugly school incident in your past, I don't know, but please, do be honest, you know children can be cruel.

Annette Darden said...

I agree with Brian. I think Derrick is loyal to Cody but agree that Derrick will do what he needs to to make it to the end. That's the game.
I agree, Zacks broski will be taunted for Zack being on BB but don't think it has anything to do with Zankie.
Kids are cruel, but guess what, they learn it from adults. Remember what they say about glass houses and stones?

Matt T said...


derrick is close to Cody but has already said he would rather be sitting next to Victoria at the end. Cody can claim him and derrick played the game as a team, Victoria can't make that claim. Everybody in that house is a means to a end for derrick

Paul Mahaney said...

@eye, I don't understand why you assumed @Craig was referring to "Zankie."
@Craig said Zach's "conduct." That includes his interactions with every houseguest. It includes his pranks, jokes, lies, etc. Some people find it entertaining and amusing, while some don't.
Perhaps you went to "Zankie" due to your perception of prosecution (would it be called anti-homophobia or some such?)
Regardless of "Zankie" there is much that Zach's brother could be proud of and embarrassed by.

mrssowder said...

Paul, Craig mentions in his initial post that his brother would be called "zankie". I'm not taking sides, I'm just saying he didn't pull it out of his butt.

Donna Morey said...

Man, I'm loving this season! I've been reading this awesome blog for years, but never commented. I'm so glad Donny's still in it, he's a great combination of good-guy and comp'winner that could win if he gets to the end, although that's a big IF. If Nicole or Hayden get back in, i'll have three people to root for--derrick, donny, and whichever...normally casts seem a lot more polarizing, but aside from devin most of this cast has had its merits. thanks Jamie for this blog and for fueling the addiction!

Ms. T said...

@Paul @eye thought craig referred to zankie because in his first post he wrote he can see zack's brother being called zankie.

@Brian reading all your posts I think you'd make a good bb player. Ever thought of auditioning?

Ashley said...

@Brian: I agree also that Derrick is absolutely loyal to Cody, UP to F3, so long as he has the numbers. If he wants to win at the end for certain, he will take Victoria to F2. While it is commendable that he has done a great job of working people and staying loyal to Cody, the game is to win. Also, he has needed Cody all this time.

I wanted to also say I'm sorry for my previous post about Donny calling Caleb "creep mode cowboy". I should have explained for those who haven't seen the live feeds, the reason he tagged him that is because Caleb has been creeping around spying on Derrick and Donny's conversations, to the point of crawling on his belly. I thought the nickname was great!

Patricia Ortiz said...

I am a BB fan till the end, I could hate the whole cast but love the show. I am sick of people talking negative about someone in the cadt because of how they play. Alot of people play the card that is dealt to them at the beginning, which is the card we don't really see because its before BB airs. I think the people that are left in the house all deserve to be there becaise they made it this far. Who cares is if is because they are a floater, or an old man, a cop, someone that speaks his mind or a beast mode whatever they all got there. I also have to say I love zack and derrick and Nicole/hayden.

Patricia Ortiz said...

Oh and I don't remember who said something about zacks little brother and returning to school but I will say that I don't agree that he will be bullied for his brothers actions. Zack has show his youth his maturity, he has shw that he can understand different sexualities without judgement and show that no matter what people can get upset thats a real person any day of the week

Laurie from the 770 said...

I knew that's what you were getting at. I felt the same way about Craig's comment.

Laurie from the 770 said...

Here's the original post in question
"Does anybody think Zach's 10 year old brother is proud of the way Zach has conducted himself this summer, or do you think he's embarrassed? I think when he goes back to school he's going to catch it bad. I can hear his new nickname now, "Zankie"." By the way it is written , the author is linking the work "zankie" to conduct by assigning the nickname of zankie to his conduct. If the author had used the nickname "fruit loop dingus" or even "liar liar pants on fire", then the conduct in question would have been the way he talked negativity to people or the way he lied, respectivitly, instead, the author chose "zankie", which directly reflects his gay tendency/open relationship with Frankie. So logically speaking, the author did make his comment about homosexuality, whether he meant to or not.

Tony Akinremi said...

@ Patricia I feel the same way. I'm just a BB fanatic. I never understand how people say there bored of this or that. The show the same every season we have those like and dislike. Everyone has to play the way they think is best for them. You said it beautifully.

Derick going to cut Cody and take Victoria to final two if these HG's stick to his plans. Cody proved himself to be a sheep after convo with Donny. Donny best hope is to get Zach attack back or Nicole/Heyden back in the house.


Thank you all for the amateur psychoanalysis, I was speaking for the mental maturity of 10 year old kids. I have no doubt his brother will be teased with a lot of names as a result of Zach's appearance, including "fruit loop dingus". Any of you that think the little angels have the maturity and cultural enlightenment that we all have are sadly mistaken. Read some of the comments about Frankie and/or Zach on any of the many BB forums online and tell me that 10 year olds, especially boys, will be more mature and sensitive than that.
By the way, someone up the comments made the remark that eyecomment "didn't just pull it out of his butt." I wonder what was meant by that? It sounds vaguely homophobic to me. Please tell us the truth.

See how that works? Not very fun, is it?

Ashley said...

I'm not sure why people are commenting on the Zankie nickname. I took it to mean a combination of Zach/Frankie working together, like McCranda, now Jamie coined Zach and Donny yesterday as Zohnny. Simple as that...teams.


Angela said...

Team Craig! I knew what you were saying. Very true

Alea Marie said...

I agree with you and furthermore why should you have to explain in detail what you meant regarding the way Zach has conducted himself in the house?
If people have watched this season of BB from the start then that question has been answered several times.
I'm a fan of Zach, but his antics & how he picked on the girls was just cruel & never warranted by them.
That was just Zach being an ass...
P.S. Good for you for not being baited.

Alea Marie said...

Actually almost all of the "coupled" teams (so to speak) were given nicknames.
Ie: Nicayden, Codine, Codick, Zonny, and Zankie.
I really doubt that the nicknames originated due to any sexual preference.
Zach has 2 nicknames actually.
I'm not even sure why this has NOW become a "homophobic"
or "anti-homophobic" issue.
I mean, come on people this is supposed to be a FUN blog and not a blog to pick or tear apart someone's comment when it is not justified.
@Craig-I did not find anything you said insulting or offensive, but I guess that's just me...
Relax people & have fun!

Alea Marie said...

@Ms. T
I too agree with you about Brian, but also about Jamie. She & Brian should audition no doubt AND align together to bring home that bacon....
They'd be AWESOME and would get my votes for sure!!
@Brian & @Jamie
Y'all need to get busy on that, so get busy!!!
See y'all on BB17.
The only downside to that would be who the hell will stay on top of this blog and even come close to Jamie's dedication, promptness, & constant updates???

Alea Marie said...

@Angela & @ Craig
Very much so!
It is a shame that sometimes people feel the need to pick apart someone's comment, twist it, & turn it into something it clearly is not, simply to make an argument about.
I'm not quite sure how anyone finds pleasure in that, but that's just me I reckon.

Alea Marie said...

I agree with you completely.
There have been quite a few nicknames given to the HG this season and "Zankie" was not the only one.

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