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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good afternoon, ladies & gents! I'm starting a lot later than usual due to work & had to take care of some life stuff offline early this afternoon. Nothing much happened last night at all, and as I type this (11:25am BBT), all I see on on the live feeds is Donny playing pool by himself.

It's been a very uneventful morning in the BB house so far, so I'll have plenty of time to get snippets of last night's happenings. Nicole is still getting evicted on Thursday and I don't see that changing at all.

Let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below!

9:58pm BBT:
Talk is about the B.O.B. comp and how they all sick of it. They all agree that it's messed up the game. Derrick says this has to be the last week the B.O.B. Comp or otherwise next week everyone's gonna be on the block. Christine says it better be done this week otherwise she'll be mad.

Cody: "In order for one of us not to go home, sh*t has to go so perfect, that it's.."
Christine: "Scary!"
Derrick: "..not likely."
Cody: "Yea. With 4 people getting nominated and 2 people guaranteed to be safe, it's guaranteeing that one of us is going home I think."

Cody said that Donny will have to go on the block if he doesn't win HOH, because if he (Donny) isn't on the block and he wins veto, he could pull Victoria off the block and then they're both safe..meaning one of them in their alliance would have to go up as the renom.

Christine: "That's horrifying."
Cody: "And (Donny) would be able to play for HOH (the following week)."
Cody thinks Zach VS Donny would be best so that Zach would throw the BOB Comp and keep noms the same .

Derrick: "It all depends on who wins HOH. Because if Zach and Donny win HOH, how does that work?"
Cody: "(One of us) is going home. I don't think Zach or Frankie will stay faithful to anything."
Christine agrees.

10: 16pm BBT:
A female on the CBS lot was screaming, followed by a man screaming.

Female: "We love Big Brother!!! I love you Zach!!"
Man: "I love you more!!"
Christine: "That's disgusting! Can we not tell (Zach) that just happened?!"
Derrick: "That's amazing! Is that not amazing? So freakin' jealous!"

Christine starts to bash Evel Dick and then BB calls an indoor lockdown. Derrick told Zach and Zach thought it was awesome.

10:52pm BBT:
Lockdown is over.

10:54pm BBT:
Pool Table
Derrick said that it was Nicole's idea to get Frankie out with Christine as the backup plan. Cody was surprised. Derrick said he was there "for the whole thing".

Derrick: "She definitely said it to (Caleb). If anyone asks me, I'm gonna say no I didn't hear anything."
Derrick starts talking about how this upcoming week is gonna be a tough week. Derrick said he loves being there, but he's counting down the days to go home.

Derrick: "I wanna see my kid. I wanna see my wife."
Cody said he'll be pissed if anyone but one of them (Cody/Derrick) win BB16 because nobody played a better game. Derrick thinks if Zach gets to the end, he'll get the votes. Cody strongly disagrees.

Derrick: "Because we've played a very under-the-radar game."

Derrick said he'd be pissed if Frankie won the $500,000. 
Cody: "I'd be livid."

Cody: "We're not gonna get (to the end) unless we start winning HOH's. We CRUSHED our social game."
Derrick: "If I won HOH this week, (you'd have to win next week) and we could go on a run. We need to win 3 HOH's & we're in the Final 2."

11:02pm BBT:
Cody: "You really wanna send Donny out & then Victoria?"
Derrick: "Yea why? Who do you wanna send out?"
Cody: "I can't stand to play this game anymore with Zach & Frankie!"
Derrick: "Doesn't matter to me, as long as your name (isn't nominated), I don't care. I know that sounds ruthless dude..I'll slash anybody, I don't care."

Derrick: "If we take a shot at them (Frankie/Zach), we have to be (100% sure they're going...If I got out Zach, and you didn't win the following HOH, I could be sent home that week."

Cody thinks that Zach will go back to Frankie, making it Zach/Frankie/Caleb VS Derrick/Cody/Christine at Final 6.

11:17pm BBT:
Living Room
Frankie is talking about his favorite subject:s..himself and his sister. Ever since his big "My sister is famous" reveal thingy the other day he's been non-stop talking about her, about his video blogging, YouTube, how much of a celebrity he is, etc etc. It's almost like there's 2 Frankie's: per-reveal and post-reveal. 

Frankie said he desperately wants his own TV show after BB.

11:48pm BBT:

Nicole said she's gonna try and stay. She wants to talk to Cody but says that Cody/Christine have a "weird connection" and tell each other everything, so she's thinking about talking to Derrick. Victoria said she doesn't think talking to Derrick is gonna work. Nicole mentions how Christine told her (the other day during her convo with Christine) that they were worried about Nicole winning another comp because she's good at comps, but that she (Nicole) had to win in order to be safe.

Nicole thinks there's a Final 5 deal. (*close.) Nicole asks Victoria if she should talk to Derrick, Victoria says yea. Nicole said the only person she doesn't want to win BB16 is Christine. Victoria thinks that the only way Nicole could switch things to stay, is if she changed Christine's mind and to mention how Donny has won more comps so he's a bigger threat.

Victoria is worried that if she doesn't win HOH, she'll be next going home. Nicole thinks that won't happen for a couple more weeks because of the bigger targets in the house.

1:06am BBT:
Pool Table
Derrick saying how great it'd be if they were the Final 2 but that Hayden could come back and say "I don't like Victoria" and try to get her out.

Derrick: "I'm just giving an example, not saying it's gonna happen."
Derrick jokes that maybe Victoria/Christine should start an all-girl alliance and how crazy that the men have dominated this season.

Derrick: "Frankie's gonna come out here any minute now. I know him. He's got his timer going."
5 seconds later...
Derrick: "Hi, Frankie."

1:12am BBT:
Pool Table
Frankie said that their social game has been on-point for them to get this far. Zach thinks if he didn't win the veto this week, he would have gone home. Frankie tells him that he told the guys to keep Zach even though he was "acting like a monster" towards Frankie (by ignoring him for a day) and said it was "traumatic".

1:20am BBT:

Zach doesn't see any other way that they wouldn't be the "last 5" in the house. Frankie agrees.
Frankie: "I think we have a damn good shot at going further than that."

Frankie said he's not sure he'd win 1st place if he was in the Final 2.
Frankie: "Now everybody knowing what they know about me, I don't think anyone is gonna give me the money."

Zach said Frankie would have his vote for sure.
Frankie: "I know."

1:44am BBT:
A cute Zankie moment by the pool table...

1:45am BBT:
And then this happened in the kitchen...

1:50am BBT:

Derrick was about to take a shower and Victoria ran in & hugged him.
 Derrick: "You're like the little sister I always wanted."
Victoria: "Can't get rid of me now!"

2:03am BBT:
Victoria said that Nicole keeps asking her if she should campaign. Christine was surprised that Nicole still thinks she has a shot at staying. Christine said that she'll have fun for the next 4 weeks in jury and that since Nicole's all alone in the game, this is a blessing for her to get evicted.

Christine: "Sucks for me because I have 3 people in jury that hate me now."

4:00am BBT:
Frankie is talking to the cameras. He says he feels like himself now and is back to being "Frankie". He said he's sleeping Christine's HOH bed and doesn't "feel guilty about it" because he's "the only reason she's the HOH".

Frankie: "Literally everyone in the house was against me and now, it seems like nobody is against me..except for maybe Nicole and let's be honest, that problem will be rectified soon. Sooo..yeaaaa. Overall, crisis averted for the time being. It's the Big Brother house, 12 hours could change my game all over again. But I feel better, I feel like myself, I feel like Frankie again. Hey mommy! Are you watching? I hope you're proud of me! I'm excited that I'm allowed to talk about my family now. It's been hard not being able to talk about my Youtube, and Twitter,'s been SO HARD pretending that isn't a huge part of who I am. Ugh, it's so much better now. It does concern me slightly now that everyone knows my secret, like..there's nothing left to hide. I'm not sure if that's going to affect me but it seems to have not with a majority of the people, and that's good. Obviously there's gonna be some haters. Duh. (I) love haters, anyway! Haters, back off!" (*he does a lot of shoutouts at this point.)

Frankie: "Do I have water? Yes..(takes a sip) Good. Alright. Love you guys. Going to bed. See you in the morning."

**And that's it for the Overnighter! As of 1:37pm BBT, all houseguest are sleeping except for Donny/Nicole.

I'll be back with an Afternoon Post once things start to liven up a bit. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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KNicole said...

If Donny and Cody would be so pissed of Frankie won then why not get him on the block and vote him out. Duh!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you do the math the latest they can keep the dual HOH and BOB going is when there is 7 HGs left. That would give you 2 HOHs, 4 noms and 1 leftover to host. Then after the comp you'd have 1 HOH, 2 noms, 2 HG safe after winning BOB and 2 HGs eligible for renom including the deposed HOH. 6 HGs wouldn't work as if the deposed HOH won POV and used to to save 1 of the noms there'd be no one eligible to renom. Now I don't know if they'll wait all the way till 7 HGs left to stop it. I'd think they might stop after 8 HGs. However they'll probably have 8 HGs twice as that's likely when they'll bring someone back in. So they'd go down to 7 only to go right back to 8 before the end of the night.


KNicole said...

I'm sick of everybody throwing the games. There should be some punishment for that. This stupid double HOH and BOTB has allowed the players to fix the game and one group to run the entire game. How boring and predictable. Once the veto ceremony is over there's no need to watch again until Thursday or maybe Wednesday evening.

Andy Tatnall said...

Yeah, the boys are past the point of needing either Zach or Frankie for numbers. They only need to talk a couple of people into voting their way in any given week and they can get out whomever they like.

Derrick is right about one thing though, which I've been thinking about: they can't cruise through any longer just on their social games. They need to start winning comps.

Marie said...

@KNicole - the punishment is still losing and being stuck with the people you were trying to sabotage!!

Kern's Kreations said...

Frankie getting a TV show would be a bit of ratings void I think.


Gordon Harkless said...

I think you are right Brian as it will end most likely with the HOH comp on the 20th. On the 27th Julie would inform the house guests that the Dual HOH is over. They would all be happy for the most part. Then hold the eviction and the evicted house guest would be informed they get a second shot. It would be Jocosta, Hayden, Nicole, and the other 2 whom ever it ends up. I would think that is going to be the big endurance HOH like last season. This would line up with the end date CBS announced last week.

Which ever of the big 6 that strikes first might get bitten in the end.

Angela Foster said...

I liked Frankie pre-reveal. The Frankie AFTERWARDS is just sucking up and trying to save his butt.

And yes, If Derrick and Cody don't start winning, nobody will know about their great social games (more so Derricks) because it's so hidden.

But honestly I hope Donny wins HOH and takes people out. I don't care at this point lol I wanna see some crazy sh*t going on now!! haha

Katrinka said...

I am really looking forward to Zingbot this year so that the HGs will get a clue as to what America really thinks of them. Hopefully Frankie will get the worst of it because he is clearly delusional. Christine too for that matter. Derrick picks up clues as to what he thinks the real world thinks about him. I thought it was interesting that he was the one that told Zach about getting a shoutout from over the fence...the others were POd. But Derrick guessed (correctly) that America actually likes Zach. The worst part of BB for me is that I'd like cameras to follow them home for a couple of weeks & let us watch their huge egos deflate.

Emry Kin said...

...ugh Christine makes me nauseated. I don't think I've ever had such genuine dislike for someone on a reality show before its baffling me because I know it's just a show lol.


I think Wednesday's FrankieFest will be even more painful than watching it in real time because of his CBS edit. I may just skip that one.

Alexis Yordan said...

I think the last 3 players who lose the HOH, BOB, or POV should be have nots.

Maybe a different type of punishment like solitary isolation?

Ashley said...

@ Andy. I don't think Derrick and Cody are absolutely comfortable with the numbers if they got rid of Zach and Frankie. What if both C & D are on the block and the HOH oftentimes controls where the votes go? If either Donny or Nicole is still there, it would be easy for Caleb, Victoria, and Christine to decide to form a new alliance if they know how strong C & D are with each other. Highly unlikely, but it should make them hesitate to get rid of Zach and Frankie first.
Derrick is absolutely correct in the fact that the other HG's don't realize they've been playing the best game so even though out here we see it, they won't see them in the same light.
I have thought Cody is riding Derrick's shirttail also but the more I think about it, he really is working all sides as far as being a good friend, while working with Derrick to get to the end. At least he speaks his mind to Derrick.
It would be risky but it's getting more critical now and time to maybe think of getting rid of the ones they actually believe could potentially beat them in the F2 and keeping someone like Christine, Nicole, or Victoria. They would have a better chance of getting votes against them.


You're right Katrinka, remember last year how Andy was totally freaked out when Zingbot called him a floater? That caught him totally off guard. That was the point when he stepped up his game and really went to work on his scheming.

Ashley said...

Frankie, put a cork in it. No one is as impressed with your "fame" or your sister's as much as you are. What a strutting peacock he is!

Catie Williamson said...

I hope next season they do away with the battle of the block. But, I'm not hating this season. I'm hoping whoever comes back from jury, wins hoh, and gets a strong player out.

Lindsay said...

I agree, pre-reveal Frankie seemed more humble and down to earth. Sucks to see fame blow up a persons head.

Jessica said...

This is random, but does anyone know what "slop" actually is. I was watching them cook it on BBAD and was curious.

Rachel said...

I would love to see how life is for them after the show! I always wondered about that lol it wld be great!

Rachel said...

Ditto! He is so full of himself it is so sick! Sad thing is this is really him!! What a self absorbed dick! Crazy how America loved him at first including me and as time went on he's become hated cuz of who he really is.

Angela said...

Frankie, in my opinion, was actually kinda funny & likeable before he started "being himself." Now, he is one of the MOST ANNOYING people to ever play!!! The Frankie before the reveal would've had MY vote (if I wasn't already root root rooting for Derrick all the way)

Jamie said...

Its so bizarre how he switched personalites in the blink of an eye and now he's lying all over the place.

Like yesterday, he told the HG's he's 28 but he's 31. He originally told Caleb he would "literally walk him up to Justin Beibers house", but then yesterday said he only met him once when JB "touched his hand" and he went crazy over him.

So weird.

Ms. T said...

I don't get all the Christine hate for her flirting with Cody.(There's so many game reasons to dislike her!) It's mostly harmless and no one knows what her relationship with her husband is like. Personally, I think it says a lot about him that he tweets his "dirty laundry" for the public.
I mean, I can't stand her because she's clueless and doesn't realize it, but I couldn't care less that she's canoodling with Cody. For that matter, *he* knows she's married as well. I just feel bad she's getting personally attacked when it's no one's business but her and her husband's after the show. Particularly the "probably not used to getting attention comments" as if she's some homely potato are something. She may not be some of the models they cast, but she's not exactly ugly either. Also pretty much every house guest to ever appear on the show has left it saying it's like living in a different world. They've been isolated for a long time from everything and everyone they know...yeah you'd start liking the attention from the attractive guy/girl at that point.

Angela said...

It's basically like oatmeal without any flavor. It's full of all kinds of vitamins and stuff, I guess.

Roxanne Altmire said...

@ Katrinka I can't wait for Zingbot either! Hopefully it will clue some of the house guest in about how Derrick is the puppet master of all times. I also want to say I can't stand Christine! She is beyond horrible. I hope Nicole never talks to her again after the show.

Kaski444 said...

Christine is like that high school girl that is jealous when her friend gets attention from a hot guy and wishes it was us and will basically do anything to get that attention even backstab and act clueless just to be used as a puppy all in the name of Cody's attention n she is married.

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