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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BB16 Live Finale

Good evening, BB addicts!! It's here!! It's here!!! :D It's live finale night, w00t w00t!! Tonight the live finale will begin at 9:30pm ET. We will see the jury roundtable, the final HOH Part 2 (that happened days ago) and then Part 3 live, between Derrick and Cody. Whichever of the boys wins Part 3, gets to pick who they wanna take to Final 2. They've both agreed to take each other and Derrick has kinda-sorta told Victoria last night that if he wins Part 3, he's not taking her. So I'm not expecting any surprises there.

In other news, BB has been renewed for *2 more seasons* & yes I will be back next year!! :D

Tonight's show starts at 9:30pm ET, so make sure to have your snackies ready to go!

**If you'd like to watch with the East Coast airing, all ya gotta do is go here:

I can't wait to watch the finale, it's going to be so exciting! Also, make sure to stick around for my "Thank You" post, which is a post-BB tradition that I've been doing since I started back during BB9. Plus I'll be posting a new pic of Miss Bella and who wouldn't wanna see that?! ;) hehe

If you still have the live feeds, then stay tuned for the backyard interviews immediately following the live show. Should be a good time! I will not be covering the backyard interviews like I do every year because I have to work in the morning and this gal needs to sleep! lol

EDIT: Jeff just tweeted that the backyard interviews will NOT be live tonight. He said they will be up on CBS "hopefully tonight".

See y'all at tonight for the live finale!! :D

9:30pm ET:
Show we go!!!

9:35pm ET:
Recap of this season.

9:37pm ET:
Showing the end to Final HOH Part 1. (Endurance Comp)
Cody wins Part 1 Final HOH. Cody in D.R. says he wants him/Derrick in Final 2.

9:47pm ET:
Derrick/Victoria in Final HOH Part 2:
Derrick's Time: 15.29
Victoria's Time: 30.03

Derrick wins Part 2 Final HOH.

9:51pm ET:
Jury Roundtable. Caleb enters jury and tells them what happened during his eviction.
Everyone agrees that Derrick's game has been great. Jocasta thinks he "fake prayed" with her, so he won't get her vote it sounds like. They talk about Cody being a great player to get this far, too. Now they're talking about much Vic has been on the block (9 times). Jocasta and Caleb both said if Vic is Final 2, they'd vote for her to win. Zach still really hates Victoria and said she doesn't know she's playing BB. (*lol)

9:58pm ET:
Coming up, Part 3 Final HOH.

10:01pm ET:
Time for the Part 3 Final HOH!!
Ends in a tie-breaker.
And the winner of the tie-breaker is...

Winner of Final HOH Part 3 is:

10:13pm ET:
Time for Cody to pick who to take with him to Final 2.

Cody picks:

Victoria is evicted from BB16 House

10:15pm ET:
Jury asks Derrick/Cody questions next.

10:20pm ET:
The jury joins Julie on the stage.
A lot of great questions from the jury & both Cody/Derrick gave great answers without bashing each other. Nicely done, boys!

10:31pm ET:
Time for the Derrick/Cody to give their speeches.
Very quick speeches. Cody basically said he wasn't a puppet for Derrick and Derrick said he played a great social game and was never once nominated.

10:33pm ET:
Time for the Votes!! (We won't know the votes until Julie reveals them later.)
Zach just basically revealed that he's voting for Derrick. Julie calls him out on it. lol
Victoria said she's voting for the person who "has been loyal to her since Day 1". 

10:36pm ET:
Pre-jury houseguests will be coming out next.

10:42pm ET:
Julie is talking about Team America.
Cody is shocked!

10:46pm ET:
Derrick reveals he's a cop.
Victoria is REALLY shocked!
Derrick thanks Nicole for telling him he's "too cool to be a cop". lol

10:51pm ET:
Time for the Votes!

Jocasta votes for CODY
Hayden votes for DERRICK
Zach votes for DERRICK
Donny votes for CODY
Nicole votes for DERRICK
Christine votes for DERRICK
Frankie votes for DERRICK
Victoria votes for DERRICK
Caleb votes for DERRICK
Winner of BB16 is:
Up next, the winner of America's Favorite Player!!

Winner of America's Favorite Player is:
(He had 5 million of 10 million votes!!)

The Top 3 for America's Favorite were: Zach/Nicole/Donny. When Julie read that, Frankie looked upset. lol

(End of Show)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a short preview clip of Jury deliberations:


Razldazlrr said...

thanks jamie - i'm sure glad to have the link to watch as I'm moving on Friday and need to watch on my pc. I MISS our live chat! LOL

Ashley said...

So sorry I jumped the gun this year, Jamie, when I got the email from CBS. Will definitely do it thru your blog next year.


Razldazlrr said...

omg - victoria's voice!!!

Razldazlrr said...

WoW - do you think they would really vote for Cody to win over Derrick???

The Real Sports Line said...

wow what a bitter jury!

Razldazlrr said...

I feel lonesome without all my chat friends!
oh gross - Frankie Grande is going to be on The Talk - now why him instead of the winner? GAG

Razldazlrr said...

oh lord victoria - delusional

Steve Robbins said...

Now I'm unsure Derrick will make it to the half mil. Those jury members came off as sort of dicks!

On another note: did you all see how gigantic Victoria's dad is?! I don't mean fat, just large and imposing he is!

Stacia said...

What's funny is when I spotted Jeff I rewound to see Jordan then realized Ariana was sitting next to them. Love that it took a couple of looks before I noticed! LOL

Steve Robbins said...

Also, whenever Julie has interacted with Frankie, I've always felt she was tolerating him. I'm curious (but not enough to actually watch) how that The Talk follows through.

Razldazlrr said...

I haven't seen anyone in the audience - I must be missing it! LOL

Razldazlrr said...

Do you think cody just gave away the money? Do you think the jury would really have voted for Victoria to win?

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Frankie is always putting on a show. Sometimes I can't help but like him... Only sometimes though. I'm so nervous!!

Anonymous said...

So basically we know Derrick just needs 3 more votes to win. Not that we didn't know 100% those 2 were voting for Derrick. And Frankie was nodding along with almost everything Derrick was saying. So that's 3. I hope Jocasta isn't the only vote against Derrick since I definitely think she did. It would suck for him not to have a unanimous win because of her.


Anonymous said...

By the way Cody was so upset that the Jury viewed him as Derrick's puppet. Yet when they asked his best move it was basically relaying info back to Derrick so he could get rid of people after him.


Anonymous said...

SHOCKER! Frankie's key got to be the "deciding" vote. I guess he was right he was the most powerful juror and did singlehandedly pick the winner of BB.



As they say on the A-Team,


Way to go Derrick!

Anonymous said...

WOW Frankie not even in the top 3! Great cap to a great night!


Razldazlrr said...

ha ha ha - how funny - frankie wasn't even in top 3!!!

Steve Robbins said...


… except the jury house stipend.


loveaustintx said...

I love that Donny, Zach & Nicole were the top three vote getter's for AFP. Yea for America getting it right!

Ste ven said...

It would be nice if CBS gave BB more time for the finale.. At least make it 2 hours.. Survivor gets 3. We could use more time with the HG. As predicted, D won but if Cody had taken Victoria, he would have. Was interesting to see Donny voting against Derrick. The best part was the Fave Player. Frankie, who was as annoying in the finale as always, was standing near Julie & dancing, certain he would win. I'd like to see a tight slow mo of his face when Julie announced he wasn't even top 3. Sorry Caleb, not you and your imaginary singing career either. It was nice to see the 3 finalists were really the ones fans liked. Maybe next year, BB will shake things up with less predictable challenges but I doubt it

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Anybody else surprised Donny didn't vote for Derrick? I was totally shocked. He must be a little bitter. Also, just wondering what Jocasta means about take praying? Because he voted her out he was faking being religious? I don't get that.

Allen Smith said...

How about Derricks pre season audition tape. He basically did everything he said he would in the video. Awesome!!!!! Jocasta annoys me and to see Frankie not make top 3 fav makes me smile!!!

Sherlice said...

Thank you for the blog! This is my first year reading it and I can't wait for next year.

Ste ven said...

No, but prob Cody over Victoria. He won the final hoh and gave Derrick half million. They haven't even found out he got an extra 50

Ste ven said...

Makes no sense. Hope that was a mistake. Theres no reason for him. He's not a finalist, not fave player. He's random & annoying narcissistic egomaniac

Ste ven said...

I've actually read /seen her speak very highly of him... Sadly. Someone should edit all his rude live feed comments in a loop. Its not all sparkles, short shirts and a 30 something man who thinks he's a 10 year old girl

Ste ven said...

Yes... And Yes

Anonymous said...

It looks like they already have their key chosen before those final speeches. Maybe they have both keys in their pouches but it didn't look like that

Anonymous said...


Don't forget Frankie also gets the TA money which was only $5K less than AFP for him. Also with TA money along with AFP Donny only gets $10K less than Cody. I was surprised Julie didn't mention the extra $50K Derrick got for TA for winning. She asked him what he's going to do with the $500K when really with that plus TA plus the Hollas his check is actually for $575K.


Andy Tatnall said...

Everything went pretty much perfectly. I'm a little sad that Donny still seems to hold a bit of a grudge against Derrick. But perhaps he knew how the others were voting and just decided to throw Cody a vote so it wasn't unanimous. I did really like Cody, and was glad he got a couple of votes.

Curtis Vanzandt said...

Awesome season, thank you so much for doing this blog, Jamie. And thanks to Brian for watching the feeds like mad and relaying info. You don't happen to be the Brian on RHAP do you?

Ste ven said...

Zingbot just tweeted that the real winner was Christine husband Tim cuz she didn't vote for Cody ouch. Meanwhile Twitter is mocking Frankie At not being in the top 3, esp since he looked so excited when Julie said it was a record vote (Assuming it was his social media mogulness).. Zingbot is too funny.. Days Frankie is now on suicide watch & mocks his America's least favorite outfit. Someone at CBS is turning on the Grand. Check @zingbot...lit of funny stuff

Anonymous said...

I wished they saved more time at the end to talk about what just happened and have a real reunion ala Survivor. I'd have loved to see Julie get to poll the Jury and ask who they would've voted for had Cody taken Victoria to F2 instead of Derrick. Although there were some people who seemed like they would've actually voted for Victoria I still think Cody would've won. And I'd loved to have seen and heard his reaction to that. Taking Victoria would've been the true move to prove he wasn't just Derrick's puppet.


Anonymous said...


No I'm not Brian Lynch from RHAP. Although I do love Rob Cesternino and his podcasts. I just heard on his latest that Brian was actually leaving RHAP so perhaps I could replace him and Rob won't even have to learn a new name! LOL


Anonymous said...

I was a little disappointed in Donny not voting for Derrick although I got a feeling about that from the Jury deliberation footage. But like I said I'm also glad in a way he didn't cause I'd have hated for friggin Jocasta to have been the only thing keeping Derrick from a unanimous win.


Jamie said...

I 100% agree, Brian! It would've been tragic, even.

Tony Akinremi said...

Again Thanks Jamie. great work see ya for BB17.

Thanks to everyone that commented you guys inform and have entertainmeall season.

Absolutely knew that jury would be for Derrick and knew he controlled this game. I give Cody credit for holding to his word and taking Derrick. As I never would believe anyone on that jury would pick Victoria over any of these two guys I'm glad Cody didn't go for the easy and lazy win.

Can't believe how far up Frankie arse CBS seems to be, it's pathetic. Glad that America picked the right persons for AFP, Frankie didn't even make the top three. Good job Zach, Nicole and Donny. I hope the next BB contestants learn from this season how they should get out floaters like Jocasta and Victoria before jury.

DeniseG said...

My thoughts exactly!

Steve Robbins said...

My recollection is that Donny was usually one of or the only non-majority/pity vote the very few times it wasn't a unanimous vote. I'm not unhappy that Donny voted for Cody, because it fits in with his record.

Dawn Matusz said...

The absolute best part of the finale was hearing that Frankie didn't even make top 3 for America's Favorite!!!! YAY! So glad Donny won it!

Christina said...

It has always bugged me that they never do a reunion show with BB? So much to talk about... seriously!
Tonight they didn't even get to the pre-jury houseguests. Oh well! So glad Frankie bombed and Derrick won :) Thanks for all you do Jamie... would go nuts without you!! xoxo


Jocasta was even less of a factor than Victoria in the game so I guess she had to hang her hat on the only interaction she had with Derrick all season. I'm not quite sure how you 'fake pray' however, or how she would know that. Is she assuming Derrick wasn't sincere? Donny stuck with Jocasta all season, so I figure that's why they both voted for Cody. Yes, Donny seems bitter at Derrick, for what I don't know. He took TA money with the same enthusiasm and glee that Derrick and Frankie did.


Angela said...

I cried. I actually cried. I have never been as emotionally invested in a HG as I was with Derrick. I am so happy he won and that he did it with such class. Here's to hoping we see him again

Grandma in the south said...

I think Donny was more upset that two A p was backing stabbing him while telling him they wanted to keep hom. His leaving his colored candy at home confirm this. He really thought those two would come thought for him. And the other lady needs to read her bible for judging someone. At the end of the day (Ca) it is what it is. Thanks everyone I have realy enjoyed reading your thoughts and commects. Big brother would not be the same without all of you. Thank you Jamie Bella and Brain. Have a great fall.

Angela Anderson said...

"By the way Cody was so upset that the Jury viewed him as Derrick's puppet. Yet when they asked his best move it was basically relaying info back to Derrick so he could get rid of people after him.


YES Brian. I told my husband the same thing. He didn't even answer the question about why HE deserves the money. He just said that he helped Derrick this and that. Derrick deserved the money anyway :)

Thank you Jamie!! This season may have dragged out a bit but you're awesome!

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

What was up with Jocasta and all of the "fake praying" remarks? Does she somehow know that Derrick wasn't sincere in that? Because he never did or said anything to make me believe that he was "fake praying" with her.

And I was sad to see that Donny was really the only bitter juror. I expected better from him.

But so glad Derrick won and I literally cheered out loud when Julie announced the top 3 vote getters for AFP and Frankie wasn't there! The look on his face was priceless. :)

~*Jen*~ said...

Seeing Frankie's face fall when the final three AFP were announced was the best moment of the night behind Derrick winning. Yay for Donny! His look on his face was pure genuine shock and joy, I loved it!

Thanks for all your hard work Jamie! Our curiosities would not survive the BB seasons without you! :)


One last thought, when I saw the hang glider comp I was thinking how much fun it would be if Cody donned his Dino-tard and wandered through the "countryside", destroying the little houses like in a Godzilla movie.


Nichole Meerleveld said...

Why was Frankie's sister allowed to be in the audience but the other HG's relatives were sequestered in another area away from the stage? Christine's husband tweeted that he was "in a basement".


Frankie's sister was sitting between Jeff and Jordan, and Rachel Reilly, but not acknowledged. Victoria's parents were seated right in front of her, Cody's parents and Derrick's wife and daughter were sitting on the aisle. From what I understand CBS flew out 2 members of the family of the final 3 but the others were at their own expense. I don't know where everyone else was seated because only those Final 3 families were highlighted.

Anonymous said...

Sadly they stroked his ego & brought him on The Talk with Derrick. Cody and his Hollywood good looks got passed so Frankie could get more exposure and make his pitch for a TV career. Of course, none of his negativity was brought up


In fairness Sara Gilbert who is the creator of The Talk, and a lesbian, wanted a clarification directly from Frankie about comments he made about lesbians while he was in the house this summer. She didn't belabor the point but she did call him out which might have been one reason he was on the show.

Anonymous said...


Frankie's sister was allowed to sit in the audience because she's a big celebrity right now, It had nothing to do at all with Frankie. If he wasn't even on the show and Ariana Grande wanted to come to the BB Finale that's still exactly where she would've been sitting. The special treatment was not at all for Frankie's relative. It was 100% for her. This is Hollywood and showbizness. That's how it works.


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