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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weds: The Overnighter

Happy Finale Day, BB addicts!! :D This is the last Overnighter of the season! It's been a loooong summer, but tonight it all comes to an end. Big Brother 16 will officially come to a close tonight at 9:30pm ET. Tonight's show is 90 mins long, so make sure you have your snackies ready!

Yesterday, CBS released a few pictures from the Jury Roundtable discussion. Dr. Will was back as the host once again. 

Okay, let's get to the last Overnighter of the season, shall we? :D

Last night at 1:00am BBT, Derrick/Victoria were laying down in the Fire Bedroom when Victoria started to talk to Derrick about their Final 2 deal. Derrick pretty much told her if he wins Part 3, he's not taking her and he hopes they remain friends afterwards.

Victoria: "Obviously I love you and I appreciate everything what you've done for me in this game. If you're separating personal from game then what you're saying is that we were never allies at all, and you see what I'm saying?"

Derrick: "Yes.."
Victoria: "When we were in the bee hive, when we had that big explosion? got mad at me for even thinking that you would work with other people and not come to you. You said you were making other deals to keep us safe, yes. But you were the only one that I have ever made a final 2 with and that other people were only weekly deals. You remember that?"
Derrick: "No..."

Derrick sits up to talk to Vic.

Derrick: .."I came in here to play my own game and I found a friend in the house and that was you. So I had to make a decision. I came here to win the money for MY self and MY family..."
Victoria: "I know that.."
Derrick: "Let me finish. I would do whatever I had to do to that, I would never let my heart get in the way of what I knew would be the right decisions. So, even though I feel I helped you out way more than I anticipated doing throughout this game because I wanted to give you opportunities to prove to yourself and everyone in this house that you were a competitor, and I would stuck my neck out for you week after week, after week. 

Victoria: "I know that."
Derrick: "So, now that we are at the end of this game, I still have one objective: and that only goal is for me to win half a million dollars so I can change my daughters and my wifes life. And as much as I love you Victoria, I can't let anything get in the way of that. Tomorrow if I happen to win, and decide not to take you, it's not because I don't care about you. It's because I feel the best chance for me to win, would be against Cody."

Victoria: "Okay that's all I have to hear." 

Derrick: "That's it. But I can tell you, my feelings for you will not change for you after, because I do genuinely care about you. And for me, the reflection I've done in the past couple of days, I feel in my heart that I have gone above and beyond to help you out. I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I just want to talk about this. I am feeling like I am at peace with the fact that I did everything in my power up until the Final 3, to make sure you got to see your family on finale night. And now, I have to do what's good for (my wife) and (my daughter). And I know you care about me enough to respect whatever I choose.

Victoria: "100%. All I wanted to hear was that this wasn't who you were allies with but who you thought you could beat at the end. That's all I had to hear."
Derrick: "You know me. I'm here for my 2 girls." 

Victoria: "I respect you 100%. All I wanted to hear was that I was not delusional, thinking that we were(n't) working together."

They continue to talk, but that's the gist of everything. Derrick said (without actually saying it, so that he didn't break the rules) that he's not taking Vic to F2 if he wins Part 3 and also secured her jury vote, not that I ever thought she wouldn't vote for him. I have no doubt that his feelings for Vic are genuine, I'm just pointing out game-wise what this convo was about. At 1:16am BBT, they give each other a nice long hug.
Derrick said that he needs 5 votes to win. Victoria tells him he has her vote. :) 

At 1:25am BBT, Derrick gets up and walks around the house practicing his Final 2 speech. (Hard to hear.)

Derrick: "...without ever being nominated...ever on the block..I was still able to (inaudible)...before competitions...part of the game.."

At 2:16am BBT, he goes over his speech again. He's going to mention how he changed his appearance for the game so that he was "easier to talk to" and how he got close to everyone so that when they got into power, it was beneficial to his game. 

Derrick: "In this game, I was not nominated once..without ever being put on the block and I'm extremely proud of that...I've won 4 HOH's...would give me an opportunity to provide for my family.." 

By 2:50am BBT, the Final 3 are finally in bed for the night. 

The live feeds will be going off around 10am BBT this morning, according to houseguests. Us feedsters will have access to archives and special chats until Oct 8th though. Okay, that's it for the Overnighter!! I'll see y'all back here tonight about an hour before the show begins with a new post! I will have the live link to watch online for you West Coasters as well. See you guys & gals back here tonight!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Andy Tatnall said...

It doesn't sound like Derrick is planning to use his manipulation as an argument during his speech. I'm uncertain whether or not I think that's a good idea. On one hand, he might feel like it would anger the jury members. On the other, it weakens his argument as a game player vs. Cody.

Not that I really think this jury is going to give Cody the win, but it's an interesting strategy.

Steve Robbins said...

Super pumped for tonight!

Do we know what the third HOH comp is going to be?

Jamie said...

the 3rd comp is always A or B question'll be a "who knows the HG's better" type of comp. They'll ask, for example, "What was Donny's favorite breakfast?" They'll guess either A or B and then they'll play a clip of Donny saying the correct answer..which in this case would be something like "My favorite thing for breakfast is...pop tarts."

You get the idea.

sunny said...

Thank you Jamie for your hard work on the blog. I enjoyed the added extra thoughts on what we all thought throughout the summer.
Thanks to Brian and questions he answered also. A special shout out to KK (positive it was him lol) for my new favorite word. Skank-o-potummus


Jamie said...

Thanks, Sunny!!! :D

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I'm so excited! My two favorite shows are on back to back. Only once a year does that happen lol. Come on Derrick! Get that win! His wife must be so proud of him. I hope his wife and Victoria get along because I feel like her and Derrick will want to remain friends.

Anonymous said...


I noticed you used 1 of the 2 out of the 7 pics they released that did not have Frankie in them LOL


Jamie said...

haha yep! TOTALLY on purpose.

Anonymous said...


You mean you didn't want to use the solo shot of just Frankie? They release 7 pics of the 8 HGs plus Dr Will and 1 is a pic of just Frankie and another is a 2 shot of him and Christine! UNBELIEVABLE


Jamie said...

omg i was so furious when i saw that. it is beyond obvious that they have a contract with Ariana/Frankie. I forget where I saw/read it, but there's a connection to CBS and Ariana/Frankie (record label, maybe? I forget.)

I feel like they've both been shoved down our throats for money and it's left a bad taste in my mouth as a fan. :/

Anonymous said...


Scooter Braun who is Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's manager is the Executive Producer of the new show on CBS this fall Scorpion. You may remember that from being the show that Cody, Donny and Nicole just so happened to get to watch as a reward on BB.


Razldazlrr said...

Brian - very interesting - so there's the Frankie, Ariana connection. No wonder they have been so pro Frankie all season and tried to show him in a good light. ugh

well - frankie will have a revelation when he starts reading the comments about him - cbs can't control those!

Cyn thia said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG, Jamie!! Haven't posted at all this year, but am very appreciative of the updates!! Love the positivity here :) and your dog is adorbs.

I agree that Frankie's special treatment has left a bad taste in my mouth & I'm not even all that anti-Frankie. Everyone makes mistakes, but the fact that CBS didn't even address his is not OK.

Happy Finale Night, everyone !!!

Razldazlrr said...

OMG - too funny - I read where Victoria said to Derrick last night that she hopes she is America's Favorite and Derrick said she might be since she is the last female. Good Lord - that girl is delusional!

Angela said...

I am so excited/nervous for tonight! I've been team Derrick since day one (as a lot of you have) so even though my head says he will win, I still feel like I'm gonna throw up ( gross). Jamie- a HUGE Thank you for being you, and all you do! Is there any other place I can follow you? ( not Caleb style) any other blogs?

latishadanielle said...

Random question but I haven't seen anyone ask, Has Derrick done all 5000 Hollas yet?

Kern's Kreations said...

Alas my friend another summer is coming to a close, and I for one will miss you until such a time as that door closes and locks behind the BB17 Houseguests. This has been a frustrating season, but so much better than last, in my humble opinion. I am excited for another 9 months of anticipation and can't wait to see what "celebrity-like, self-indulged mogul" they throw at us next year.
I love that #AnyoneButFrankie trended to number 1. I love that Zac got a new pink hat. I love that my night one pick is looking more and more like the winner (Let's go Derrick). I love that I have so many BB Friends to rant at, share with, and enjoy for a few months of the year. But, most of all I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! You're the bomb dot com backslash yo mom, Jamie!
And to at Sunny, you are welcome. I hope that Skank-o-pottomus serves you well. And if I ever get to play this game that I love, remember it and make Team KK shirts #Skank-o-pottomus ;)
See y'all tonight,

Anonymous said...

In rethinking over this season it got me thinking if things would've been completely different if Joey wasn't evicted 1st. As shocking as it is to imagine now she was the 1st member of TA. So if she stayed week 1 I'm guessing that Derrick would've been the 1 left out of the other 3 in TA.

I wonder if Derrick without that artificially created alliance early in the game with Frankie and Donny would still be sitting there right now having played 1 of the most masterful games in BB history? Now Derrick was so good I do think he'd probably still be there though I'm highly doubtful on the whole never being nominated deal. So I think it would've been a more difficult road. Perhaps ultimately nothing is changed. Or maybe Derrick tries to get Frankie out earlier and then who knows what happens from there. It's just interesting to think how if 1 seemingly innocuous thing at the very beginning of the game was changed everything could be totally different. Or not.


Tony Akinremi said...

Thais Again Jamie for your awesome work on the blog.

Glad we finally at the end. It's funny that producer chose yo enforce a rule about not letting Derrick tell Victoria whether he would take her to F2. Yet they let HOHs discuss who they nominated and who would leave tv he house. And having everybody vote in unison to evict.

Victorias delusional throughtout this game is only second or third to Frankie delusion that all the fans love him and his actions or Christine I wasn't caught up in a Showmance with a good looking guy that completely blinded me to playing the game or remember I have a husband/family that see what I'm doing.

I know that Derrick will convince the jury without have to mention and I believe insult the jury that he manipulated or misted them. Think he and Cody both had an awesome social game and good at the comps.
Personally think this season was awesome. The house was basically fully of competitors but for a few people they all seem in it to win it. I think we can all agree that being in that a house is deficult and raises a lot tofu challenges but such is the game of BB.

lmcniven said...

I know it can't just be me, but I'm sort of devastated that this season is over tonight! :(. lol, a little pathetic, but what the heck am I going to do now without the BB sites, apps, feeds and blogs?

Thanks again Jamie for doing an amazing job with this blog. I look forward again to next year and hope these next 9 months fly by. :)

Team Derrick (since day 1), for the win!!!

Angela said...

Oh my god KK, is there a chance you'll be on??? How great!!!

Angela said...

I'm with you, it's so sad. Non of my friends or family watch BB so I only chat with you guys about it. It becomes my life during the summer so when it's over I go through withdrawls.

Anonymous said...


Well Derrick didn't actually have to do anything. BB just played the Hollas over the speakers. Maybe there's some crazy insane person who sat there and counted every single Holla to see if they got to 5000. But that certainly wasn't me! LOL I know they were still playing them this morning before they shut off the feeds though.


Stephanie Kitchens said...

During the winter months I watch old seasons of BB on YouTube. Every season is on there thanks to Quarkydude. I think that's how it's spelled anyway.. Also I re read old BB blogs. Jamie has been doing this since BB 9 I think and Hamsterwatch has been since BB5. I really think I'm addicted!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Thank you, Jamie! You always do such an amazing blog every season and I'm so thankful I found you during BB13. I hope you have a great winter off and I can't wait to spend next summer with you all!

deedee1123 said...

Jamie do you know if we will see backyard interviews on the feeds tonight?

Gross said...

Thank you for your amazing blog. I've been a follower for many years. I stopped watching the feeds around the time Zach got evicted. Nice cast, not enough drama, meh.

I've been saying "hand the check to derrick" since week 1. There just wasn't anyone in the house that saw the "bigger picture". Well played Derrick. IMHO, he's more impressive than Dan. Dr. will will forever be my favorite HG.

Thank you again for keeping me company this year. Looking forward to next!

gtrplyr67 said...

Thanks for the blog Jamie , and Brian for your thoughts . Appreciate both of you for the time you put into this .

Angela said...

Aha! Great idea Stephanie! I think I'm gonna do that (re-watch old seasons) it will be interesting to watch other "greats" from the past fresh after 16.

Steve Robbins said...

I'll be interesting next year, because of the Cockatoo, if BB will try to insert another "celebrity" into the house, knowing at least a fourth will be paranoid about HG who could use their outside swagger to get AFP votes.

I really hope he doesn't get AFP. He doesn't NEED the money, he won't have earned the votes from his sister's fans who don't watch the show, and his head is big enough as it is. Give it to Zach. He needs it!

Switching directions, thank you again Jamie for this blog. You curate the highlights really well and cultivate a really good community, and I can't wait for season 17!

Anonymous said...


It's actually TheQuirkydude who has all the old BB eps on YouTube.


Alea Marie said...

I was thinking the exact same thing regarding the initial TA selection.
You are da bomb diggity with your awesome blog & your mad dedication to it & us BB fans!!
Thank ya Doll
HOLLA!!! Haha
Now what I'm waiting to see (fingers crossed) that Jamie, KK & Brian play in a BB season together...
Now THAT would be awesome!!
Jus sayin

Ashley said...

Thank you Jamie for your email thanking me for another, so worth it. Love the time stamps to help know what feeds to watch.


Ashley said...

Thank you also Brian for all your insight and Jamie for all your quips. Awesome!

It has been so frustrating camping and biking since last Friday as internet is sporadic and TV connection non existent this year. May have to watch recorded version if necessary but hope not. Will watch blog for winner but will be a crap deal.

How do we watch the red carpet/after show party, Brian?


Anonymous said...


Forget Team America how about Team Because You're Addicted! LOL


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