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Friday, September 19, 2014

Final HOH Comp: Part 2 (Spoiler!)

At 6:32pm BBT, Cody got called into the D.R. and then the feeds switched to Jeff-loops, which means it's time for the Part 2 Final HOH Comp! This round will have Derrick VS Victoria. The winner of Part 2 will then go head to head with Cody in Part 3.

As soon as the live feeds come back on, I'll post the spoiler below! :D

Winner of Part 2 Final HOH Comp is:

9:18pm BBT:
Feeds on Cody in HOH room, waiting on Vic/Derrick to be done with comp. Cody is talking to himself, saying he hopes Derrick wins Part 2 so that they can "crush" it in the finale.
Cody: "Oh my long is this!!..God, Derrick. You better win."

9:22pm BBT:
Cody is getting antsy, jumps on the HOH bed.

Cody: "Oh my God, this is absurd." (re: waiting so long for the comp.)

9:24pm BBT:
Cody: "Oh my GOD! How long are we gonna be up here FOR! I've been up here for..2 hours? No way! No chance."

Cody is saying he really hopes Victoria didn't beat Derrick in the comp.
Cody is really stir-crazy.
He starts practicing his Final 2 speech again. 

9:33pm BBT:
Cody: "Starving! Oh God, I can't wait to see what this competition looked like."

9:47pm BBT:

Feeds are back!
Derrick is telling Cody about the comp.
They had to scale a wall to match up evictions noms in order.

Derrick: "When I saw it, I knew it wasn't gonna be easy!"
Cody: "I was dying upstairs! Were you having a hard time getting through everything?"
Victoria: "Kinda but not really."
Derrick: "You thought you crushed it."
Victoria: "Yea..."
Derrick: "If you dropped one, you had a 60 second penalty."

EDIT: Derrick just told Cody that they're walking out the door with at least $50k. (They're taking each other to F2.)

**Alrighty guys & gals, I'll be back with an update tomorrow. See y'all then!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Steve Robbins said...

My money is on Derrick throwing the comp so he doesn't have to be the one to chose who the F2 are, seeing as Victoria is certain he'd take her, just as Cody is certain he'd take him. Going by how cautious and far-thinking Derrick is, I'd be surprised if he tried hard for it.

DeniseG said...

Awesome-I hope Derrick and Cody stick to this final 2 deal!

The Real Sports Line said...

I want Derrick and Cody to go to the final 2. It would be interesting to see who the jury would pick. However with that said either one of them would have an easier win sitting by Victoria.

Gina Stjox said...

Hi jamie, I dont reply much but just wanted to tell u thank you for all your hard work on this show, u need to apply for bb17! I hope derrick wins but each guy should know if they take Victoria, they have a secure win, but I hope the boys keep their words and take each other to the end! I can't believe bb is over already, im sad but glad im a survivor fan! Thanks again all you BB fans, take care til next year!

Jamie said...

thanks, Gina!!! :D

Donna Rock said...

I hope Derrick does not throw the final HOH. Way too risky. Play it safe and stay in control.

Thanks for the awesome blog Jaime!

Trish Sutherland said...

Yay Derrick for winning comp. #2. Derrick better not throw the final comp, he needs to win and be in control like he has been the whole game. End of BB is end of summer:(. Thank you Jamie for all your hard work and I am so happy that I found your blog. It's great to finally see the whole perspective of what goes on in the house because you really don't have a clue when only getting the snippits on the live or taped shows. I guess it is now time to gear up for Survivor...I hope it's a good cast. Looking forward to the BB finale and watch Derrick win:))) He deserves it the most:). See you all on Wednesday night for the final time:)

~*Jen*~ said...

I did too have the thought that he might throw it in order to not have to pick, but I also think it's too risky. It's just too close to the end not to be in control and I could easily see Cody getting wise suddenly and taking Victoria to guarantee winning. Don't do it Derrick!!!

Anonymous said...


There's a few things with that strategy. First that 3rd part of the Final HOH can be very hard to throw. There are years when you can win it by trying to throw it just as easily as trying to win it. Secondly I think Derrick is confident enough that he'd win against either, even if he made the final cut, that he'd rather have his destiny in his own hands and put that 1 more comp win under his belt. I think the risk of losing in F2 by winning and having to cut someone is not great enough to take the chance of leaving it to Cody to take him. Even though I believe Cody almost certainly would take Derrick to F2. Plus if Derrick won and evicted Victoria, as I think he would, I think there's a very good chance he'd still get her vote anyway. Victoria has said she loves Derrick like a brother plus knows he has a wife and young daughter to support. While on the other hand she has constantly talked about how she can't stand Cody. So that would be a pretty quick turnaround to all of a sudden vote to give Cody all that money over Derrick. I mean look at what happened with how Danielle still voted for Dan in BB14. Plus Derrick has like 5 days to sort of ease Victoria into accepting it. Also say what you will but the winner of the Final HOH has won the game every year since S9. And S6 & S4 are the only other seasons in the current Jury format where the person who won the Final HOH didn't win the game.


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