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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday: The Overnighter

Happy Saturday, BB addicts!! :D I didn't think I was going to do an Overnighter but there's stuff that happened last night that are worth mentioning. As we learned last night, Derrick won Part 2 of the Final HOH, which means that Derrick/Cody will go head to head in Part 3 live on Finale night. The winner of Part 3 will be able to pick which houseguest they want to take with them to final 2. (Derrick/Cody will be taking each other.)

Last night after the feeds came back on from the Part 2 HOH Comp, Victoria was crying because she thought she did really well in the comp and said that she had a hard time reaching during the comp because of her height, while Derrick had the advantage because of his height.

Let's dive into the meat & potatoes of last night's convo between Victoria/Derrick.

3:45am BBT:
Victoria thinks that Derrick won't take to Final 2 if he wins Part 3. (And she's right.)

Derrick: "If I do win (Final HOH), I am in that position (to choose)."
Victoria: "I wish I would've known."
Derrick: "Known what?"
Victoria: "About you and him more in detail."
Derrick:  "You will see, what (you and me) have as a friendship, is real. And this is just a game!"
Victoria: "But there's money at the end!"
Derrick: "Friends are tough to come by..I look at you like a little sister..and if you didn't wanna speak to me after the game, it would crush me."

Victoria: "I just never thought you'd be torn between me and him."
Derrick: "I can't say which way I'm leaning and there's a chance I won't have a chance to decide. It's 50% (chance)."

Derrick: "I"m close to (Cody). I told you...the kid has been loyal to me and I'm not even thinking about (Part 3) right now.."
Victoria: "I can't even do anything!"

Victoria says she "sounds so stupid" because she thought they'd go to Final 2 together.
Victoria: "I'm living in my own little world."

Derrick: "I didn't say I was gonna (take Cody). I look at you more than a Final 2..."

Derrick: "I care about the game because it helps my family! But not as far as I'm perceived. I don't know why you're crying.."
Victoria: "I feel defeated, Derrick!"

Derrick: "I'm talking (to you) openly and you're rushing to your own conclusions. Again."
Victoria: "You know why?"
Derrick: "No! I don't. Please enlighten me. Why?"
Victoria: "You know why, Derrick."
Derrick: "Do I really??" (He's getting irritated at not knowing what she's talking about.)

Derrick: "Oh because of what you're hearing?"
Victoria: "Mm hm."
Derrick: "You don't think I hear sh*t, too?"
Victoria: "It's so frustrating. Because I would never think those things." (*she's talking about the D.R.)

Derrick: "And it's being put into your head?"
Victoria nods.

Derrick wants to go talk to the D.R. about thoughts being put into her head. Victoria backtracks a bit and says they're just asking questions to make her think it's a possibility that he won't take her to F2. Derrick sits back down.

Victoria: "I just don't wanna be a bad way."
Derrick: "You won't be. And it might in a good way."
Victoria is upset that there's nothing more that she can do to ensure she gets to F2, it's up to Derrick to take her or not.

Derrick: "I thought we'd eat some food, have some champagne, and go to bed. You think after a good nights sleep you'll feel better? We have 4 f*cking days to talk about it. Relax."
Derrick starts tickling Victoria to make her smile.
Derrick: "But umm..we'll talk. But just, like, relax! Know what I mean?"
Victoria: "Yea. Just for a couple of days. OK?"

Victoria goes in for another hug.
Derrick: "It's okay."
Victoria: "Are you coming to bed?"
Derrick: "Yes, absolutely ."

Victoria heads to bed. Derrick goes to the bathroom real quick.

4:01am BBT:
Living Room

Derrick fills Cody in on his talk with Victoria.

Derrick: "Dude..she just went off on me. She was like 'Are you gonna tell me what you're gonna do?' and I said I don't know yet and I said 'he can be the final HOH and all I can tell you is that I'm friendly with you but he's been my ally since Day 1 and it'd be dumb not to honor that.'"

Derrick said she started to panic and he told her to go to sleep for the night and relax.
Derrick: "I'm gonna have to tell her soon because I'm not gonna do this everyday.
Cody: "You're gonna be shooting yourself in the foot if you win final HOH, you're guaranteeing she's gonna f*cking hate you. If you tell her, she'd get the f*ck over it."
Derrick: "I'm gonna tell her. I'm gonna tell her."

Derrick goes on to say that he told Victoria he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Cody, basically saying he's not gonna betray Cody by taking Victoria.

Derrick: "I'm gonna wait until she doesn't have drinks in her (and then tell her). I'm trying to remember how guys did this in past because..she can't mentally handle it."

The boys go on to say that she's bad at comps and she hasn't really won anything all season.
Derrick: "I like her as a person. As a fan of this show, she does not deserve to be in the Final 3."
Cody: "Absolutely not."

Derrick thinks the BB fans are pissed at them "a little bit" for bringing Vic to the Final 3 but both boys agree it was best for their game for her to be there in F3 for their own games.

Cody: "The Final HOH hasn't even happened and she's coming to you like you're in power. I'd be like 'leave me the f*ck alone.'" (*lol)
Derrick: "I'll get it done." (re: telling Vic that Der/Cody are F2 no matter what.)
Cody: "The false hope for her, is only gonna make it worse for you."
Derrick: "You're right."
Cody: "And maybe I shouldn't even say it, but it's gonna crush you for a vote."

Derrick doesn't think anyway he slices it, that it'll go good with him with Victoria's vote.
Derrick: "I told you this weeks ago. She's gonna vote for you. I'm not even doin' it for that reason. I'm just (gonna tell her) so that I don't look like a complete f*cking a**hole on TV."
Cody: "But you're not! Dude, she looks so naive."

Cody mentions how after they outed their Hitmen alliance and sent Caleb home,  she's still going to him (Derrick) crying to take her. Derrick thinks she's refusing to accept her fate in the game.

Cody: "She's out of her mind."
Derrick: "I just don't understand why she thinks I'd take her.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! So Derrick is definitely going to take Cody over Victoria if he wins Final HOH, and Cody is taking Derrick as well. If Derrick is planning on telling Victoria that it's for sure they're not taking her and has time to let her cool down, then he shouldn't lose her vote..but we'll see on that one.

Speaking of votes, the jury had their round table debate filmed the other day and that'll be shown during the Finale. I'll be looking forward to hearing all the HG's thoughts on who they think has played the best game.

If Derrick ends up telling Victoria today about them cutting her at final 2, I'll make a new post about that later on today. Otherwise, look for a new post tomorrow. Have a great Saturday, everybody!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Dawn Matusz said...

You Rock Jamie! Question about feeds: Do I have to cancel? Or does the subscription cancel on its own?

Jamie said...

hi Dawn! Nope, nothing to cancel. It will auto-cancel (no matter if you bought a monthly/season pass).

Husky Fever said...

Wow this season has been beyond boring and predictable. Derrick should get the win. Donny for Americas favorite


I hate to say it, but either one of these guys would be stupid not to take Victrola to the final 2.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I'd tell Victoria if I was Derrick:

Look I know I led you to believe I wanted to go to F2 with you and I meant that and every word I ever said to you personally. However I also led Cody to believe I wanted to go to F2 with him and I wasn't lying to him either when I said that. My goal this entire game was to get to the end and have 1 of you 2 sitting next to me. And to accomplish that I did everything I could to keep the both of you safe along with myself every week. And a huge part of doing that was to not let you know how close I was to him and vice versa to not let him know how truly close I was to you. Because my fear was if I told either or both of you there was a chance you'd want to get each other out to sort of guarantee my 100% allegiance to the 1 that was left. And I obviously didn't want to lose having either of you in the house with me any earlier than I had to. And that's why despite the fact I was never on the block this game was really stressful for me since I was trying to keep 3 people safe every week when 2 of them didn't even know they were in a sense working together.

But the fact of the matter is I never dreamt in a million years it would ever be possible to get to the F3 with both of you still here. So I never felt like I was really lying to either of you that I wanted to be in F2 with you. I thought best case scenario it'd be me, you and Frankie or me, Cody and Caleb or so on where the decision would be a no brainer. Do you know how improbable that is Victoria? I'm a huge fan of this show so I can tell you that's never happened before in the history of 15 seasons prior that someone formed such a tight bond with 2 different people so early in the game and got to F3 with both of them. That's why I'm so proud and you should be too of what the 3 of us managed to do because it's something that's never been done before and probably will never happen again.

But the terrible flip side of that is there's now a chance that I could have to make the incredibly hard decision of having to singlehandedly choose which of you is in the F2 and which of you leaves in 3rd place. And the only guarantee in any of it is that either way I choose it's going to break my heart. As I love you both differently but I love you both equally. I love you as I've said more on a personal level. Where out of everyone that was in the house you're the one I most want to talk with and spend time with along with my wife and daughter outside in the real world. Where Cody I love more inside the context of the game as an ally that I couldn't and quite frankly, without knowing it, you couldn't have gotten this far without.

So when it comes down to it if the ultimate decision winds up being in my hands the only fair thing to me when deciding between 2 people I truly care for who goes farther in the game is to pick the person who helped most in the game get us to this point and unfortunately for you I'm sorry but that would have to be Cody. He won the HOH and POV that evicted Donny, the POV that evicted Frankie and the POV that evicted Caleb and without even 1 of those things there's a good chance 1 or both of us isn't here right now. I just feel at the end of the day it wouldn't be right after all Cody did in the game if I didn't reward him in the game by taking him to F2.

While you helped me more on a personal level which I greatly appreciate and like I've said I would love to continue when we leave here. I still feel the same way about that but I understand after this if you're too hurt and no longer do. I just hope that maybe after some amount of time whether while we are still here or sometime after we leave that you can forgive me and understand why I made the decision that I did and that it has nothing to do with how I feel about you personally.


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that Cody is so confused how Victoria could possibly still think Derrick would take her to F2 but it hasn't seem to once cross his mind that it's because Derrick has told her he wanted to go to F2 with her. I guess mostly because of Victoria's image in the house, and correctly so for the most part, of being completely clueless and naive he's just chalking it up to that here as well.

It will probably take a TON of prodding from the DR but I wonder if Victoria will make any effort whatsoever to try to get Cody to take her to F2. She doesn't know it right now but I think she actually has a better shot at that option than with Derrick. Derrick I feel knows he should have this game wrapped up no matter who he takes so he may as well take his actual alliance partner and person who by far earned the $50K the most in Cody. While Cody on the other hand whether he knows it or not will most likely lose if he takes Derrick.

So if Victoria went to Cody and says look I know you've had this Hitmen thing with Derrick but he's been telling me for a long time that he wanted to go to F2 with me. And you know that whole fight we had where I hated his guts? It was all fake and Derrick had me do that to trick everyone else that we weren't close anymore to help make people want to take Derrick to F2 if they thought I wouldn't vote for him. But in reality we never had a fight and if you take him I'm 100% voting for Derrick. And Nicole told me her and Hayden would too. And I'm almost positive he'd have Frankie and Zach as well and that's already enough that you will lose against Derrick. While if you take me you are guaranteed to beat me but I don't care as I'll take $50K over nothing any day.

Now this may not be enough to sway Cody but it's definitely worth a shot. If he knows Derrick was going behind his back with another F2 with the evidence of the fake fight to prove it. Since Derrick didn't clue him in that the whole fight with Victoria was just for show than obviously it was meant to trick him as well along with everyone else. That potentially combined with counting Jury votes might be enough to clear Cody's conscience that Derrick wasn't as loyal to him as he was to Derrick that he should potentially sacrifice $450K and he decides to take Victoria instead.


Rachel said...

Great point!! I'd like too see Vic be smart enuf to bring that up to Cody but idk of it'll happen in less in the DR they put that into her head. That'd be her best game move for the entire season lol. Not that she deserves any money but it wld be fun to watch! Ha

shhhhhh... said...

Omg....if cody wins final hoh I hope that she campaigns to cody....derrick deserves to sweat a little...been way too easy and uneventful with derrick....oh well....either way it will be over soon....and we can all hope next season will not be as predictable.

Susie said...

I wonder how Derrick's wife feels about clingy Vic. Vic is very immature and needs to grow up, Daddy better cut the apron strings. I know being a Daddy's girl but do not know her culture.

Leslie George said...

GREAT analysis, Brian... you're angles are clear in both posts. I think your Derr to Vic speech is exactly what Derrick will do, although it won't be as finessed as yours, and I'm sure he'll miss a couple things while in the moment... while reading it though I felt like I was reading a letter that Derrick himself wrote to her... maybe DR will let him practice by writing it out first, lol... But I'm sure by the end of their talk that he will have beat his point to death as he often has to with her. I'm sure he'll give Cody a heads up and Cody'll give them time, unless he thinks Cody will catch too much wind of his campaigning for her vote nature of the convo, then he'll wait and do it in the middle of the night like he did when he scolded her for getting tipsy. I'm sure Derrick's biggest paranoia is your second scenario post, so I'm sure he'll time this out and do it quite gingerly. :)
Thank you, Brian, for your insightful posts all season... You have given me some bullets when discussing BB that I have used many times, hope you don't mind the mild plagiarism:) and I really think you need to apply for next season! If I knew it was you in there I would never get ANY work done, I'd be glued to the feeds! (More than I am if that's possible)!!
And Jamie, I love you and this blog of yours... your coverage so thorough and your added charm of opinion makes me smile... I tell everyone about your blog, as I came across it just 2 years ago... Thanks, thanks, thanks!! And yay for Derrick, can't wait for his final speech where I'm pretty sure he'll out his job in a phenomenal way! And his reaction to seeing Tenley and Jana, and Donny winning AFP!!!

keltutt said...

@Brian, wow u should totally be on bb! Both scenario's u just SD were spot on! Derek should say exactly that to Vic & if Vic did say your 2nd post to Cody, he very well may change his mind! You definitely need to apply to bb! Get a petition going,I'd for sure sign it!
Also thanks for all your comments this year as u r usually right! I don't post much bit I read all the time. And also thank you Jamie! I enjoyed everyone of your blogs! I'm a huge bb fan & this is the first year I found your site. I will definitely be back to you next year as this is my new most favorite bb blog site! Thanks to you all for making the season even better!!

Curtis Vanzandt said...

I'm very curious about what Derrick will do in this final HOH. If he wins the final HOH, he will have played this entire game without being nominated once in any capacity, which has never been done. That in itself is more than enough to ensure a resounding win. However, would it be wise to try for it, or would it be better to throw it so he isn't the one evicting Victoria, and almost certainly losing her jury vote? He has such a strong chance of winning unanimously, but all it takes is one bitter jury member.

Anonymous said...

If anyone feels like throwing up for some reason here's a link to this "article" on Frankie on the CBS website:


Jamie said...

Thank you so much Leslie and so glad you've been a part of our lil addicted family for 2 yrs now! :D

And to Keltutt, welcome to the addicted family hun!!! Thank you so much for the love, I really apprecaite it!!

re: Brian..he's amazing, isn't he?? You really should try out for BB, Bri. ;)

Anonymous said...


The thing is Victoria has to campaign to Cody in these next few days. She can't wait till after Cody potentially wins the Final HOH. That part 3 is played live on Finale night so at that point she'd only have her little like 1 min plea and there's no chance she could manage to change his mind then.


Anonymous said...


I'm fully confident that Derrick will still be able to get Victoria's vote over Cody even if he's the 1 who evicts her. And even if he somehow didn't I still think he'd have enough votes to win which is what he ultimately cares about. If his goal is to be in F2 with Cody which it clearly is then his best route to get there is to win that Final HOH himself and add another comp win to his stats for those jurors who put a lot of stock in that. If Cody wins that Final HOH that would cap off an impressive run to end the game of winning 4 out of the last 5 comps he competed in. And that right there could sway any on the fence jurors Cody's way.


Victoria Stairz said...

Jamie- I have so enjoyed checking out your blog daily. Is there any way to send you some money other than PayPal? I've gone this long without a PP account and would he okay if I never did. I'm kinda a technophobe when it comes to money. I'll do it if I have to, but I thought I'd ask! Thanks for all your hard work.

Jamie said...

thanks Victoria!!
Oh, you don't need a paypal account to donate to me using the paypal link. :) No need to make an account at all, they just ask for your info and hit send, boom you're all done!

Thanks for asking! I wonder how many others wonder the same thing...

Victoria Stairz said...

Nice to know! That *was* easy and painless! Thanks!!! I look forward to visiting your site next season, too! Until then, Holla!! Watch out for crows on the beach!

Jamie said...

I just got it! Thank you SO MUCH for your support, Victoria!! :D And thanks for asking how you can support the blog, I am so appreciative!!!!

Brock Ventura said...

Whish I posted more, but often, when my thoughts spin lyrical genus into a script houseguest need flip, I can trust our crew here on the blog beat me to the idea, thought, or pitch. A blog worth the read while it's comments request the same. Great job. Everyone reads everything we post. I hope one of us will be one of them one day - but till then - write hard and read long.

Paul Mahaney said...

I think it is important that you clarify how CBS cancels the subscription.
Last season I was a monthly with my subscription date coming up 4 days after finale. Because they have that feature that allows you to have continued access for several weeks after the finale, I decided to cancel 3 days after the finale. This was less than 24 hours before my month was up. Well CBS charged me for another month and a few hours later credited it back. (Per their EULA, I do not believe they would have reversed the charges if I had not canceled before they charged my card.)
My point is that if someone is monthly that CBS will charge for an additional month for continuing access to rewind. Unless someone wants to look back at the feeds, they need to cancel before their month is up.

Lala said...

I think if both Cody or Derrick are looking for the "sure win" they should think long and hard about taking each other... if I was a jury member I would honestly have a hard time choosing between the two of them... YES they both actually PLAYED the game... but ONE "worked" harder than the other... for me it's not just about "winning comps"... or about getting someone else/alliance members to do the "dirty work" for you...

HONESTLY I think if either CODY or DERRICK want to have the greatest chance to WIN THE MONEY (the $500K)... they HAVE TO TAKE VICTORIA... She would be the easiest for either of them to beat in the final 2... I can't believe DERRICK isn't thinking along those lines... since he seems to have all his bases covered...

kwood said...

Just curious but does anyone think that Frankie and Donny may sway the jury against Derrick because he has TA money? More so Frankie because I think he's jealous he's not in the F2 but I'm a little worried for derrick if he's sitting next to Cody and he has that hanging over his head. At least if he took Victoria, he would have a better argument as to WAY better game play. Cody does have more comp wins than Derrick and blood on his hands even if Derrick was the puppet master.


@kwood Yes, wait until Frankie tells Donnie that Derrick stands to win an additional $50K of TA money if he wins.

Anonymous said...


That is interesting about the TA money thing. Donny is a big fan of the show so I don't think he would vote for a winner based on that, at least I certainly hope not. Frankie is the only 1 who knows about the extra $50K Derrick gets if he wins. I would like to think he'd rather that money go to Derrick's family then stay with CBS as it would if Cody won but I can't be positive with him as he seems to flip flop personalities so often. I would tend to think he'd feel he'd look bad publicly if he spitefully tried to keep that extra money from Derrick so he wouldn't.

I'm also curious to know if Frankie is allowed to tell Donny about the extra $50K since he was a member of TA. As that may influence Donny to more so want to vote for Derrick as well as unless someone is just a complete nightmare and is awful to you I'd think they'd all rather have money given to 1 of there fellow cast members then stay with the giant corporate conglomerate of CBS.

As far as taking Victoria I believe they are both worried about if the Jury is bitter towards them they'd be more likely to hold it against them that way with their votes if against Victoria as she never did any of the Jury wrong. Especially since all the Bombonators openly talked about voting for Victoria is someone took her to the end. If Derrick and Cody are next to each other it's harder to vote bitterly since they've admitted to being in the Hitmen basically the whole game so everything either of them did individually they both did since they were working as a unit.

I also feel like they respect the game too much to let Victoria walk away with $50K for doing absolutely nothing. Especially since neither feels like they'd absolutely 100% get smoked and have no chance to win against the other person. If they knew for a fact they'd be sacrificing $450K by not taking Victoria then it might be a different story. But as long as they feel like they have a decent enough chance it's worth the risk of taking the person you were so 100% loyal to and couldn't have gotten where you were without.

I've heard Dan Gheesling talk about this as he had a similar situation with Memphis and Jerry in F3 in BB10. And he said that in a game where you can't really trust anyone when you are lucky enough to find that 1 person who proves true that you never have to doubt for 1 sec and works in concert with you the whole game it is such an incredible bonding experience and you build this comradery that there's no way either of you would even consider screwing the other over at the very end and not taking them to F2.



This is where Victoria's playing the game. As soon as she became the last girl she has turned it up and now she has a whole week to wear down Cody and Derrick to try and get one of them to take her to final 2. She's guilt tripping Derrick and frustrating Cody and she never stops working them. Derrick has created a monster.

Anonymous said...


Voting for AFP ends earlier on Mon. You have until 9:59am PT / 12:59pm ET to get in those last 20 votes. This seems like a hotly contested race this season so every vote counts.


Anonymous said...


Voting for AFP ends earlier on Mon. You have until 9:59am PT / 12:59pm ET to get in those last 20 votes. This seems like a hotly contested race this season so every vote counts.


Curtis Vanzandt said...

Brian, I can see that more now. I still am curious to see if Derrick will throw or not. I'm really hoping that he doesn't, thus never being nominated. A pretty solid vote-sealer. If people vote purely on gameplay, you have to assume that Derrick should win unanimously, no matter who he is next to. I was worried that his game was so good and so under wraps that no one knew, but the last jury footage helped.

Anonymous said...


Yeah I'd love to think it could be unanimous but I and Derrick will take the win anyway it comes. I tend to think they'll be a least 1 or 2 votes that don't go his way. I know Caleb seemed pretty upset at Derrick when he left and he's a player who puts a lot of weight on winning comps. So I'd imagine that may influence how he votes as well if Cody has won more comps. I also have no idea how Jocasta would vote but Derrick seems to think it definitely won't be for him. And then there's Frankie who will singlehandedly decide the winner by himself as the most powerful juror in BB history. LOL


michelaine said...

I love the blog and all that you do Jamie! Thank you so much for another great year!

Brian, I love your insight. Thank you for coming back again.

Much love to you both and to all fellow addicts!

AmiLrn said...

It could work. But Victoria hasn't campaigned for herself a single time yet. I don't know why she would start now. It has never even seemed to occur to her. She honestly doesn't know how to play this game.

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