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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday: Update Post

Happy TGI-Friday, everybody!! :D Yayy the weekend is here! This will be my 1st weekend in 3 months that I will actually have "off" and I couldn't be more excited about it! lol I just may go play some bingo or something. (I'm so exciting, I know! ;) lol)

I just want to take this moment to thank everybody who have bought the feeds through me this season & that have donated to support the blog this season. You guys are the only reason I could've been here all season & I am so thankful for all y'alls support!!! :D You guys & gals are, by far, the best BB fans on the internet. By FAR!!! The best!!! Thank you!!

Back to BB...
Okay, so today Derrick & Victoria will compete against each other in the Part 2 HOH Comp. The comp will be a mixture of physical & mental, both not Victoria's strongest areas. Speaking of Victoria, I think she just recently found out that she's actually playing the game. lol There's a really funny clip from last night that I found while going through the flashback feeds that I want to share with y'all...

10:50pm BBT:
Living Room
Victoria: "I literally thought we were at my house right now. I think I'm delusional."
Derrick: "I think you are, too."
Victoria: "I think I'm losing it. Wait, Derrick..Derrick, hold on. I really thought we were at my house."
Derrick: "We're not. We're in a studio."
Victoria: "Derrick! How many days have we been here?"
Derrick: "Too long. 91."
Victoria: "91??"
Derrick: "Yep."
Victoria: "Something's up.."
Derrick: "What do you mean something's up?"
Victoria: "I feel weird! I don't even know where I am right now!"
Derrick: "I wouldn't feel weird, I think you're good."
Victoria: "Derrick, I'm confused. Derrick, I almost don't know who anyone is.."
Derrick: "What do you mean you don't know who anyone is? What are you talking about?"
Victoria: "I dunno! Derrick, I literally zoned out. I have no idea how I got here! I have no idea how I got here."
Derrick: "Got where?"
Victoria: "Here. What's going on?? I'm confused.."
Derrick: "What are you talking about??"
Victoria: "I'm not kidding. I feel delusional right now."
Derrick: "You're in uhhh..a game show."
Victoria: "I thought I was just in my house right now playing this.."
Derrick: "No." 
Victoria: "This is so weird."

Victoria said something about speaking Hebrew "for such a long time" and that playing the game they were playing (cribbage), they say the numbers in Hebrew.

Victoria: "I miss my father."
Derrick: "You're gonna see him a week."

As of 10:41am BBT this morning, all HG's are still sleeping. Derrick mentioned yesterday that he thinks the comp will be sometime this mid-afternoon. Once the comp gets underway, I'll make a new post here on the blog, so check back for that.

Tonight we have a new BB16 episode! It'll be the Memory Lane segment and the Final HOH Comp: Part 1 endurance, which we already know Cody won. The show starts at 8pm ET and I'll post a link to watch online about 30 mins before the show tonight.

See y'all back here later!! :D

Stay tuned...
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lmcniven said...

Jamie, thank you for all that you do during each BB season. I refresh your page every 15 minutes and I'm totally glued. Thanks again so much for another wonderful season of fantastic blogging. :)

(PS I just donates to the fund of keeping this alive and strong for hopefully many more seasons to come!)

- Lara

Jamie said...

Lara!! I just emailed you back, thank you soooo much for donating & for keeping the blog alive! :D I really appreciate your support!!!

Hope to see you next season!!!

lmcniven said...

Okay, really random lol I was looking through old YouTube clips and I missed this one. OMG watching Derrick try to dance is HILARIOUS. He's so good at so many things... Dancing is not one of them lol

Terry Grubisa said...

First Yes Thank You Jamie for keeping us informed ..2nd.. OMG please tell me this is all an act by Victoria that she in reality is a member of Mensa or in the Psychology field .Are they feeding her magic mushrooms or something .. Don't get me wrong I like her no matter what she has made it to final 3.. An she cracks me up but she is really out there in Laa Laa Land..

NerdfighterDeb said...

Thank you Jamie for all you do! You're awesome and this show wouldn't be as enjoyable without you! I'm so excited for finale night!

Jamie said...

Thanks Deb!!!! :D xoxo

Anonymous said...


If Victoria was just acting dumb in the house there'd be no reason for her to do so to us alone in the DR.

That transcript of Victoria from last night did lead me to some funny fantasizing though. Imagine if Victoria was hypnotized or had a spell cast on her or something before she entered the house. And with the added week whoever did it wasn't anticipating it just wore off last night when the show should've already been over. Now she's going to beast through part 2 and 3 of the Final HOH and take Cody and win the game. LOL


Connie Roberts said...

You are great and I have always appreciated the time you take writing this.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much Connie!! :D

Jessica said...

I agree with everyone else. Jaime's blog is a big part of the reason I continue to watch Big Brother! I love reading the updates and all of the comments.

Anonymous said...

The reminiscing episode is so stupid & forced. Theres absolutely no way Derrick doesnt win the game. Of Cody wins final hoh, he will give Derrick an extra $550,000

karin said...

I think Vic just figured out that Julie got the last rose.
Per conversation about her being delusional/zoned out.

Jamie said...

omg Karin, I'm dying!!! lol!!!

Tony Akinremi said...

You could be right Brian. The last HoH comp seems to be a forgone conclusion or Cody could make a great decision for his game and take Victoria. I don't think Victoria got so far in the game just bc of only Derrick. If it's true that derrick did get Victoria to this point without anyone questioning it then he deserves to win.

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