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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Live Feeds Update

Happy Thursday, BB addicts!! As we learned last night, Cody won Part 1 of the Final 3 HOH Comps. Part 2 will be played tomorrow, per a convo between Victoria/Derrick tonight. This is the part of the game where nothing much happens, thus no need for a lot of updates here on the blog. All game talk is over now. There's no more nominations, there's no more vetos, it's either you win the comps or you don't. That's it.

Derrick/Cody will be taking each other to Final 2 no matter what and Cody has even told Victoria that he's taking Derrick to F2, per a convo between them last night. Victoria will be taking Derrick to Final 2 if by some chance she wins the Final HOH. Either way you slice it, Derrick is in Final 2 and up against either of them, I believe he'll win hands down.

This morning, Derrick/Cody/Victoria did their "Remember when.." memory lane brunch that will be shown on an upcoming episode. They had mimosa's and french toast while doing their Memory Lane segment.
After the feeds came back on, Cody said it was fun but now it's time to get back to boredom. At 5:40pm BBT, they were having a lime tossing contest.

Tomorrow (Friday) will be Final HOH Part 2 (a mix of Physical/Mental), where Derrick/Victoria will compete against each other. Whichever of them wins, will then compete against Cody in Part 3 (Mental) comp.

A look at the live feeds as of 6:24pm BBT today..
BB keeps playing Holla's for Derrick. The 3 of them are just talking about random stuff. Currently, Victoria is talking about someone she knows who wants to be a doctor.

I'll be back tomorrow once I know what time the Final 2 HOH Comp will be. Until then, have a great Thursday! :D 

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I saw Caleb considers Cody the strongest player left in the house and thinks he will win. And he'd be "daggone" if Victoria wins the last HOH but she'll get his vote if she makes it to the final two. So either way it looks like there's at least 1 vote Derrick won't be getting.


Dawn Matusz said...

Thanks for updating us Jamie!!

Christina said...

just curious - how many comps has Cody won? Derrick? Who do you think Derrick would take? If Cody has won more comps than Derrick would he take Victoria? Would that cause him to lose Cody's vote?

Just filling in the boredom :)

Jamie said...

@DAWN you're welcome! :D

I wonder if Calebs mind will change after being in jury for a while and hearing Derrick's Final 2 speech.

Ashley said...

I wondered the same thing, Jamie. Caleb is so easily swayed and if the others all realize that Derrick has been playing such a strong social game, Caleb may see reason as well.


Anonymous said...


Cody has won 6 comps including part 1 of the final HOH. Derrick has won 4 comps thus far and will almost certainly make it 5 beating Victoria in part 2 of the final HOH plus he also gave Frankie 1 HOH after his grandfather died. And 1 of them will also win part 3 of the final HOH. I think Derrick will take Victoria. I definitely think Cody will take Derrick and he's even told Victoria he will though obviously he's still got a week to change his mind. I'm not sure if Derrick would lose Cody's vote if he took Victoria though he hopefully wouldn't need it to win. I think he'd be more confident in still getting Victoria's vote if he took Cody so that may play into his decision. Along with the fact he should beat both anyway so he may as well take the 1 that deserves it and helped him more in getting there in Cody.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps Caleb could change his mind once being in Jury House as it seems that's where almost everyone suddenly realizes what a unbelievable game Derrick's played. However I do wonder if Frankie is campaigning for Derrick if Caleb might be inclined to want to vote the opposite way just to prove a point that Frankie can't influence his vote.

I don't think anyone can change someone's mind on Finale night under the new current format. I know I complain about this every year since they changed it in S11. And at least in that season they played part 2 and 3 live so it was a little more exciting as any of the 3 could still win Final HOH. Every year since then and including this year the 2 HGs competing in part 3 were going to take each other so it didn't really matter who won as you already knew the F2 anyway.

So taking 3 to Finale Night has added absolutely no drama and as we can clearly see makes no discernible difference in excitement on the feeds either. So they are bastardizing the ability to help choose the proper winner for nothing really. It really angered me in S14 as I'd have loved to see Dan at least given a fair shake to talk through his game with the Jury even if it might not have made a difference ultimately. And I'd be equally upset this year if Cody somehow beats Derrick.


Mitchell Davis said...


The only people in jury that I could see voting for Cody would be Caleb because he values comp wins over everything else, and crazy in love Christine. Frankie MIGHT due it over bitterness. But everyone in jury seemed to already understand that Derrick and Frankie had the best game. Of course, this would mean the jury votes on who they think played the best game.

Then again Frankie IS the best communicator in the house...and the most powerful person in the game, at least according to Frankie he is...(sigh)

Alea Marie said...

Dag gummit, ya mean...haha

michelaine said...

I think Derrick will beat Victoria in the next part of the HOH comp, and then throw it to Cody in the final part. Then he won't have to choose. That's been his M. O. this game. I'm not sure he would change his strategy at this point. No matter whom he's next to in the final 2, he's the winner, and he knows it.

Christina Habib said...

If Derrick wins his best move would be to take Victoria. Cody is too stupid to realize the best move would be to take Victoria. No one will vote for her since she has not done anything.

Tashika White said...

I honestly think Cody will surprise everyone and take Victoria. He has played a pretty decent game so far, and his intelligence is vastly over looked I think. He has stuck with Derrick for this entire game and it was due to him that Derrick was able to pull off a majority of the moves he did this season. Plus Cody is better at the mental games than Derrick. I really hope he pulls out a win for part 3 and then says "screw loyalty I'm here for 500k im taking Victoria."

Imagine the look on Derricks face if that happens...sigh

Liz said...

I really see this happening too. Derrick has been true to his word to individuals and I can't see him putting himself in that position to have to cut Victoria. It makes it easier on him to let either Cody or Victoria make the choice for him. He knows they both will take him over each other.

Angela Anderson said...

Still rooting for Derrick because he did play a great social game & picked up his physical game at the end. I would never vote for Cody personally because I'm still not over the whole 'he flirted with a married woman on national tv' thing. lol, sorry I'm a little bitter.. and pregnant.

I just wanna say Victoria MIGHT would get a vote or two if she went to final 2, but I don't know. It's like my husband has been saying. If the jury is bitter at Derrick for playing them all they could give it to the other person. But I'm hoping they're all rational and understand it's a game. lol, that happens most of the time.

Go Derrick! lol

Anonymous said...


There's a few things with that strategy. First that 3rd part of the Final HOH can be very hard to throw. Secondly I think Derrick is confident enough that he'd win against either, even if he made the final cut, that he'd rather have his destiny in his own hands and put that 1 more comp win under his belt. I think the risk of losing in F2 by winning and having to cut someone is not great enough to take the chance of leaving it to Cody to take him. Plus if Derrick won and evicted Victoria, as I think he would, I still think there's a very good chance he'd still get her vote. Victoria has said she loves Derrick like a brother plus knows he has a wife and young daughter to support and has constantly talked about how she can't stand Cody. So that would be a pretty quick turnaround to all of a sudden vote to give Cody all that money over Derrick. I mean look at what happened with how Danielle still voted for Dan in BB14 after even though he didn't make the cut but she learned he would have and on top of everything else he did to her. Also say what you will but the winner of the Final HOH has won the game every year since S9. And S6 & S4 are the only other seasons in the current Jury format where the person who won the Final HOH didn't win the game.


JimA. said...

Has the jury ever taken a revenge vote and not given it to the best player?

Anonymous said...


In BB14 Dan played perhaps the best game in the history of the show and got smoked 6-1 in the F2 to Ian due in large part to a bitter Jury led by Frank and Shane.

In BB3 Danielle Reyes played by far the better game and was the only other HG to do what Derrick has done thus far and make it to F3 without being nominated. However she got smoked 9-1 to Lisa in F2 because in those days everyone got to go home when evicted and watch the show and they were angry at Danielle about stuff she said in her DRs. That's actually the reason why they've had the Jury House ever since.

Those are the big 2 that stick out to me off the top of my head where the by far best player lost because the vote wasn't based on gameplay.


JimA. said...

I knew you would know Brian, thanks.

Tony Akinremi said...

@ JimA I'm going to.guess yes. This is Big Brother.

@Michelaine every well said. Derrick can't leave it Cody to make the decision who will go to F2. Cody might use his brain and not just play for loyalty.

Anonymous said...


Actually I said that in response to michelaine who said Derrick would throw part 3 to Cody.


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