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Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday: The Overnighter

Happy Monday, BB addicts! We are now just a short 16 days away from BB16 being ovahhh! It seems like this season should have ended like 3 weeks ago. lol :P I think the whole BB Rewind (golden button that makes this week voided out) is making the season seem even longer. Kinda like it stalled out. But Wednesday's live show should move things along again.

Frankie has nominated Cody/Victoria this week for eviction. Frankie also won Veto and did not use it yesterday at the veto ceremony. Speaking of Frankie, everyone is in agreement that Frankie will be the next to go...but they're assuming Victoria will go this week. I think the 1st chance they get, they'll take Frankie out (as planned) no matter if Victoria is still there or not. They all know they can't beat him in the end and Victoria will be easy to get out next. Even Frankie knows that if he doesn't win HOH or Veto until F2, he's a goner. He knows he's a big threat.

Let's see what the houseguests were up to last night, shall we?

11:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Vic and Caleb are talking about Halloween and dressing up. Caleb said he doesn't like to dress up for Halloween since High School. Caleb said he'll wear a shirt that says "Beastmode Cowboy" and hopes little kids wear shirts like that, too. Victoria tells him that's "not dressing up" for Halloween.

Caleb: "I'm getting shirts that say "Beastmode Cowboy"."
Victoria: "You better talk to CBS before you do any of that."
Caleb: "No."

Derrick joins them.
Victoria notices that Derrick isn't wearing his beanie hat anymore and that he's wearing his baseball cap that his wife signed.

11:56pm BBT:
Pool Table
All HG's (except Frankie)
Talk is about Christine.

Victoria: "Wasn't her laugh really annoying to you?"
Cody: "Ya know, Zach said it..I didn't really hear it.."
Victoria: "I could drop this (tshirt) and she would just start laughing."
Cody: "I never paid any attention to it."
Derrick: "I was definitely over Christine".
Victoria: "She was very hateful!"
Cody: "She was hateful, I didn't see that until very recently...and I heard she hated Jocasta and I was like what the f*ck did Jocasta do to you. "

Cody then mentioned that Nicole was a "pathological liar" but she was just "playing the game".
Cody: "(Christine) always talked about how much hated Donny to me. She told me she really liked Amber, actually."

Victoria is shocked because Christine would constantly say how much she hated Amber.
Victoria: "WHHHHAAAT?! She would talk so much crap about Amber, it was disgusting."
Derrick: "Girls are catty, man."

They then talked about Hayden. Victoria loves Hayden as a person and said he's the most sweetest guy she's ever met.

12:57am BBT:
Victoria:"What if you hate me outside the house? I'd call you (and you'd say) don't f**king talk to me.."
Derrick: "You might hate me outside this house. You never know. What if I've done bad things in my past. You never know."
Victoria: "I wouldn't care. If this genuine on both sides, it will remain."
Derrick: "Oh yea, me too."
Victoria: "What the heck have you done? You kill someone?"
Derrick: "No."
Victoria: "How many times have you been to jail?"
Derrick: "I'll talk to you when we get outside of here."
2:02am BBT:
Storage Room
Team America
Frankie & Derrick say they think they completed their Mouse in the House mission. Frankie praises Derrick on a good job.

Frankie: "If Donny was still here, he'd be like 'I don't think we can do it because it'll look weird if I didn't go to bed at midnight."

4:12am BBT:
They're talking about how tomorrow (*today) they have "nothing" to do but sleep. Derrick mentions that he wanted to be an Animal Vet but it took much schooling and he never "applied himself" when he was younger, so he didn't learn the basics, which made him struggle with college math.

Derrick: "I wish I was a vet, it would've saved me a lot of money because my dogs are always sick."
Victoria: "Dogs are expensive."
Derrick: "My dogs cost me so much money."
Victoria: "They're like children. It's a child."
Derrick: "It's sometimes worse. With a child, you have medical. So medical usually picks up most of the expenses. With a dog, it's straight out of pocket." (*There's doggy insurance, Derrick. :))

Derrick talks about his dogs.
Derrick: "One is 6, and the other one is 4."
Victoria: "How long do they live?"
Derrick: "Umm Boxers can live until about 13. Pugs, same thing. But, my pug has been sick so many times, he's had cancer 4 times, so..on his skin. Skin cancer. He'll have a growth and get it cut out. He'll have it for the rest of his life."
Victoria: "Can I (say something) and not sound so heartless?"
Derrick: "Go ahead."
Victoria: "I'm not just saying it to you, I'm saying it to the whole world and I'm scared. Right now, you're providing for 3 children (his daughter & 2 dogs) but you really only have (your daughter)."
Derrick: "But I've had those dogs longer than Tenley. So they're like my kids."
Victoria: "I'm sure they're like your kids."
Derrick: "Mason I've had since he was literally 2 weeks old. And (his wife) has had Rocky since she was 2 weeks old. You have a responsibility to them..because they didn't ask for you to adopt have a responsibility to provide for them, too."
Victoria: "Correct. But can't you sell them?" (*Grrrr!!!!!!!!!!!)
Derrick: "No. Would you sell your kid?? I look at my dogs like my kids." (*Swoon!)
Victoria: "That's true and I respect that.."
Derrick: "So I could never sell my kid."
Victoria: "I don't want you to sell your dogs. But wouldn't you rather have 2 more kids?"
Derrick: "Maybe down the don't have dogs, do you?"
Victoria: "No."
Derrick: "Then it's more ignorance than heartless because you don't know what it feels like. If you had a dog and you raised it as a baby, and you (trained it).."
Victoria: "I'm not ignorant!"
Derrick: "Ignorance is not a bad thing, it's just not knowing about something."

Derrick: "If you told me right now that I couldn't have another kid because I have 2 dogs, then I wouldn't have anymore kids. Because my dogs are my kids. My dogs are my family." (*I'm smiling so big right now!)

Derrick: "Dogs have a loyalty that humans can't even comprehend."

This convo is ongoing if you'd like to flashback to it. They talk more about kids and dogs. It's a good bonding conversation between the both of them.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Currently at 11:18am BBT, all HG's are sleeping and I'm sure they will sleep well into the afternoon. (That's been their normal schedule lately.)
Check back tonight for a new post! :)

Stay tuned...
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Angela said...

I LOVE that Derrick took the time to explain to V that pets aren't something you can just "give away." As a mama to two Goldens (ages 12 & 13) I would die before I let anything happen to them. I didn't think it was possible to like Derrick more than I already did... But it is, and I do.

Jamie said...

same here, Angela! He just won me over for life. :) <3!!!!!

lmcniven said...

Yeah I've always had a not so secret crush on Derrick. He's obviously got such a good heart. Girls all over America are now swooning, haha.

Angela Anderson said...

..Derrick gained a FEW respect points back.

I had a puppy that I had raised since birth til she was about six months old. Her dad was my favorite dog ever who had passed away suddenly and she was all I had left from him. I was only 16 so I really didn't have any decision when it came to it, but my dad had to take her to the animal shelter because she was so naughty, chewing cords, pooping on walls (yes, I said that right), etc. I was so sad! It was seriously like ripping my baby outta my hands! But there was nothing I could do because nobody was home enough to watch her.

Her name was Bella though & she was a black lab/chow/mix and super fluffy! :)

Razldazlrr said...

As someone dealing with a broken heart over losing my 10 1/2 year old lab over the weekend - now my vote is for Derrick.

It is hard for people to understand that haven't owned pets, especially as adults. I know grown men that have never gotten over losing their dogs.

And yes, they can be very expensive - my emergency vet run over the holiday was $1400.

kayla neal said...

Omg Derrick has a pug!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish Victoria were an actress and BB kept that a secret from us. I can't imagine a girl her age - no matter how sheltered - is so naive , well stupid. She's prob gonna be upset if she watches the season but maybe it will wake her up.

The HG deserve to lose to Frankie at this point...They had 2 chances to get him out - one most recently and they failed...Actually both times it was Calebs fault (including when he sat out the comp instead of sabotaging it). We might all hate Frankie but he's great at all comps and if the next one is a long endurance, he's likely to win that too and once he's HOH yet again - he's golden. HEs made ton of cash with the Team America BS and if his sister tweets, he'll win fave player over Donny or anybody else.

Essence Howard-Watford said...

We've owned dogs since I was a little girl; I LOVE them! However, I have 4 children and they come first. There's no way I wouldn't have expanded my family to own a dog; sorry :-/

Anonymous said...

I would be dead without my dog right now. He is the only reason for me to stay alive...Hes taught me about unconditional love. He was a rescue who's 10 now...18 months ago, 2 vets told me he had 2 months to live...Miraculously he's made a great recovery. I had looked into cremation, took paw prints, and bought a photo book. At one point he was on 6 medications. I couldn't afford anything else and then there was divine intervention. I found out Walmart had given him 3x the dosage of one of his medications for THREE MONTHS. They kept refilling it incorrectly. Luckily, because of my poor health, the pharmacist knew me and worked with me to get me some compsenation so I could get some tests done. Miraculously I ended up with $700 between cash and gift cards even though one of the tests we did was really not related to the drug overdose. Long story short, that discovered something different and immediately he got off 2 drugs and started weaning off the others... He looks normal now - except for aging and literally a couple times a week, someone stops me and says that has to be the happiest dog Ive ever seen. It was my first dog so I never knew what kind of bond you could form with a pet. People without dogs don't understand ...

kayla neal said...

Hey Jamie, do you know if they have to do the same comps since they have to redo the week? Or will it be different comps?

Jamie said...

i wouldn't give up my Bella for anything in the world. <3 she's saved my life. when i left my abusive husband, she was my reasoning for getting up every day and to get back on my feet ASAP. depression almost set in, but she wouldn't let it and I am forever in debt to her. :) she is my daughter in every sense of the word.

Derrick is so right: dogs are family, they're our kids.

Jamie said...

i'd imagine it'll be different comps but there's no confirmation either way.

Jake said...

Go Derrick! My dog is my kiddo and best friend rolled into one.

Related note: Victoria: "I'm not ignorant!" -cue sitcom laugh track-

Angela said...

I don't think Derricks point was that he would choose getting another dog over expanding his family. His point was that he wouldn't just give up his beloved dogs in order to have more kids. These are all things a person should consider before having animals because their is nothing more traumatic on an animal than going from home to home to home. I am a STRONG believer that if you want a pet, you better be ready to take care of it for the rest of its life. If a person believes that life might get in the way of having an animal, THEN JUST DONT GET ONE!

Drea said...

Ok, Jamie that did it! Derrick sealed his fate! I hope he wins the whole damn thing......Victoria, Victoria, Victoria
I hope she gets more boo hoo's than Christine !
Get rid of your dog, or maybe sell them? Oh ok great
Idea? Good thing all people are not thinking (using that word lightly) the same as you little Ms Victoria. She still has not even figured out why she is there? I was starting to feel sorry for her but, mess with the pets and your
Out! With love to all the Big Brother Fans From Holly and Brandy sending big wet Beagle Kisses!

Ashley said...

I love Derrick for his commitment to his dogs. I would never place my sheltie, or any that I have had in the past, with another home, no matter how good the home. This is her home and even though I know there are other dog lovers who are the best home to their dogs, to Daisy, there could never be a home as good as the one she is accustomed to. And, to sell her just would never happen, even if I was offered $10,000. She is both my husband's and my child. I absolutely agree with Angela, if you are not committed for their lifetime, don't get one. I'm so sorry for your loss, Raz. I certainly feel your pain.

@ Sajam, like the boys were talking, some of the comps that Frankie won were because he was paired with another person for the double HOH comps and some others that he did win were very close. I agree he has done an awesome job and a win is a win but under normal circumstances, he may not have won so many.


Ashley said...

Derrick won back major pints with that conversation! I adopted my baby girl Roxy when she was only 10 weeks old and it was right before my husband left for Korea for a hardship tour (Army) and we had just gotten married. We spent the 1st year of marriage apart but I had Roxy. My dad passed away that year and she was my rock. Together we went through a deployment and countless times where my husband was away at schools.

She was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 4 and would have grand mal seizures every 6-9 weeks. Medicine helped a little but in February of this year, a couple of months after her 5th birthday, she went into status epilepticus, we rushed her to the ER. She and 108 fever and the vet gave us a choice of putting her down or letting them keep her overnight to try to save her life. We OF COURSE chose to let her stay to see if they could help her. She was there 2 nights and we got a call on February 6th (2 days before my husbands birthday) at 4 am from the vet saying she had passed. Her heart started beating very irregularly and they couldn't get it to normalize. My husband left for another deployment 2 months later and I've had to go it alone. We are struggling with infertility and SHE was my kid. She was my everything and I wouldn't give up those 5 years with her for anything. We have been left with amazing memories, broken hearts and unfortunatly a $2,250 vet bill. But we would make the same choice all over again to try to save her life! I still miss her every single day.

Ashley said...

Oh Ashley, that just broke my heart and I am in tears. You did everything you could and I'm so glad there are so many people like us who are willing to spend whatever it takes to save them. I had a sheltie that got kidney dialysis every other day for quite some time. When he passed, my vet told us that he tried to live so long for our sake.


Ashley said...

Did you notice the marquis running across the live feed screen about the debut of BB's first house pet? Tune in to the feeds Tuesday morning to see the HG's reaction.

How about Derrick and Frankie analyzing why the house is so boring? Apparently production told Derrick that they sleep more than most people. He said they need to give them some things to do in the house so it isn't so boring to America? Hello, it isn't because you aren't entertaining us with your badminton or play dough caricatures, it's because you guys don't make any bold moves!

Everything has been so darn predictable. This week is just dragging with all conversations being about what the twist could mean. Very boring, but wait until Wednesday. Can't wait!


Razldazlrr said...

Ashley - I'm really sorry - it sounds like you gave her a great life when other people wouldn't have tried so hard. It's truly painful to lose your animals.

Angela said...

Wow, I'm so sorry for all you've gone through. My oldest dog has epilepsy so I too feel your pain. After years of trying different things (and different vets) we were lucky enough, finally, to get the seizures under control. Sometimes though, their is just nothing that can be done. You should take comfort in the fact that your Roxy was so dearly loved by you and I'm sure had the best life she could've had. Sorry to go on but I felt emotional when I read your post.

Amy said...

V: what the heck have you done? You killed someone?
D: No (YES) anyone can look it up on google.

BB Bopper said...


What are you saying.....that on google it says that Derrik has killed someone

I know Victoria is young but she's old enough to not be sooo very ignorant and naive of the world around her imo. Was she raised in a glass box or on a secluded island. She is like an infant with her lack of insight. It's hard to watch.

Anonymous said...

@BB Bopper

April 2007: Central Falls officers Derrick Levasseur and Maximiliano Gonzalez fatally shoot Selvin M. Garrido Morales, who had a knife. A grand jury clears them.


BB Bopper said...

Thx Brian

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