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Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Night Post

Good evening, everybody! Today has been mostly a chill day in the house, but a few things happened that are worth mentioning for sure. Let's dive right on in!

5:35pm BBT:
Living Room
Victoria passes by and sees that the TV screen reads "48 hours until the live eviction". She screams at the top of her lungs as Frankie/Cody run in to read the message on the screen. They all run to get Derrick and Caleb outside playing a game of pool.

A houseguests then run into the Old Have Nots Room where the countdown now reads 48 hours.
Frankie said that the button has something to do with the live show. Derrick asks how he knows that, all houseguests tell him because of the living room TV saying the live show is in 2 days.
They figured out that the countdown will end at 5:37pm BBT (8:36pm ET) on Wednesday.

5:42pm BBT:
Pool Table
Derrick: "You (Cody) ain't getting evicted."
Caleb: "You're not getting evicted. Dude..we got this."
Derrick: "We're not f**kin' losers."
Caleb: "We've been winning all season."
Derrick: "The kid (Frankie) is getting so nervous that he's using my f*cking kid as an excuse now."
Caleb: "He's nervous."
Derrick: "I asked him if I should take offense to that and he was like nah. I was like because I'll f*cking lose it right now."
Cody: "No, he's using it as an excuse for Caleb to be like "I don't wanna go to the end with Derrick"."
Derrick: "..he's just trying to turn us (3) against each other.

Caleb says that Frankie said the jury could vote for Derrick to win in a Final 2 scenario because he's "the last family guy here, he's got a wife and kid at home."

Derrick: "Well hopefully (for him) he'll win the veto because if he doesn't, we're not gonna find out. How 'bout that. If I win the veto, he's goin' home. You have my word. On my family. How about that for family. On my family, if I win veto, he's going home. As long as he's not HOH."

Frankie comes out, talk switches to about Wednesday's live show.

**I'll be back tomorrow with a new post. Until then, enjoy your Monday evening! :D

UPDATED: Looks like the HG's will be getting a pet dog for the day starting tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned...
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Steve Robbins said...

Well, it's nice to see that the non-Frankie boys got their priorities straight. Poor Victoria though. Here's hoping she does get HOH on the rewind, or at least a POV.

Ashley said...

I sure hope Frankie doesn't sway Caleb. Caleb just isn't very good at thinking things through for easily swayed. No one in the jury is going to vote based on the fact that Derrick has a family.

I hope Cody can win HOH and Frankie doesn't win veto. Caleb is too unpredictable but if he won veto, he would go with what Derrick votes, just to go with the house, knowing that Cody would have the final say anyway.

I'm afraid after learning about the rewind and if Frankie would win HOH, he might put up Cody and Derrick. Caleb could very well be talked into voting Derrick or Cody out, knowing that even if Vic votes opposite and there is a tie that it would be up to Frankie.

If they hold the live eviction and Frankie convinces Caleb to vote Cody out and THEN rewind, it should be very interesting. Then, Caleb will most likely be on the block with Frankie as renom instead of Vic if Cody or Derrick win HOH. Either way, if Frankie or Caleb won the veto then, it would leave Derrick or Cody in a good position with one of them gone. They just have to keep Frankie from winning...easier said than done.


Kern's Kreations said...

If Frankie wins HOH I think I may eat my couch cushions. Agh!

kayla neal said...

A better twist would be to give the rewind button to America and we got to vote each week if we wanted to use our one rewind.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully Frankie doesn't win either comp in the rewind. However if he's going to win 1 I'd much rather it be HOH then POV because at least then he can't play in F4 HOH. Then at least he'd only have 1 opportunity to save himself by winning F4 POV.


Fred Kilmartin said...

I can't stand Frankie any more!!!! Please get him out, or I may not be able to finish watching this show!!!

Angela Anderson said...

@Kern: HAHA! If Frankie doesn't go soon, I'll be right there with ya! I haven't been watching or reading religiously but I have been keeping tabs on the show to see who is where and whatnot.

I do want to see the jury house folks' faces when they see Christine come in. That's going to be great, esp. for Nicole!

Andy Tatnall said...

Man, I wanted the bunny. I've got a huge pet rabbit, and he's one of the funniest, friendliest animals most full of personality that I've ever met. I guess a dog is ok.

Anna Marie McCloskey said...

Omg! It's coming down to the nitty gritty! :-)


I hope Derrick and Victoria's plan to hoodwink Frankie comes to fruition. I also hope when Victoria finally leaves the house she will report on her 2 weeks being the only female in a house of alpha males. I'll bet she is getting a real education she would never be able to get on the outside. I think it would be fun to hear her observations.

Tony Akinremi said...

I could've done without the reset button. Hope Frankie doesn't win HoH again and can't or doesn't win the POV.

The reset button should've been used earlier in the game.

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