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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Morning in the BB16 House (UPDATED)

If you haven't yet read The Overnighter, definitely check it out. This conversation I'm about to post, is relative to the Derrick/Cody convo I covered in the Overnighter.

At 10:01am BBT this morning, Derrick/Cody/Caleb talked in the living room about what Caleb told Frankie regarding the earlier plan to possibly backdoor Frankie this week and how Caleb decided not to do it. Cody/Derrick are worried that Caleb mentioned Derrick/Cody's names in the plan, but Caleb said he didn't mention their names to Frankie during their pre-veto ceremony convo.
Caleb: "..but I didn't tell (Frankie) that (all 3 of us) were discussing that. I told him it was me personally, that my wheels were spinning, and how I felt that anyone at any moment would put me up. And he said 'oh you don't trust me' and I said 'I'm not gonna single you out, in this game you can't trust nobody 100%' and how I feel we're at that point in the game where if you don't get somebody, they can get you. If you talk to (Frankie), just tell him that (my) wheels were spinnin'."

Caleb said Frankie thanked him for not putting him. Caleb said he told Frankie he was just going through scenarios of who to put up.

Cody: "Did you mention anything to Christine?..because she, somehow, knows...she made a comment how your pitch with Frankie was (inaudiable)...that maybe you had mentioned something to Frankie. I was like, did he f*ckin' tell her? How would she know that? And that's what made me really nervous yesterday."
Caleb: "He may have. I don't remember saying that to her. I didn't say that you guys said anything about anything."

Caleb mentions how Christine came up to him and said she heard "from a couple people" that he was nervous if she stayed, that she'd work with the girls and how that wouldn't happen.

Cody: "Dude. That motherf*cker. He's such a f*cking rat, dude."
Cody gets up & goes back to bed.

Derrick/Caleb continue to talk. Derrick tells Caleb that Christine is lying that a "couple people" told her and that it was it probably just 1 person that told her.

Derrick: "There's only 7 people left in the house. 'A couple people' didn't tell her sh*t."
Caleb laughs.
I went back & listened to the Frankie/Caleb convo that's been a hot topic lately to see what exactly was said. (Flashback: Sept 1, 10:46am BBT) This is pre-veto ceremony yesterday.

Frankie said he hopes that Caleb doesn't backdoor him. Caleb said that he could have put him up, but Victoria is going up as the renom. Caleb said he went through all the scenarios in his head and he's going with his gut, keep Frankie and put Victoria up (which he did, as we all know). Frankie said he's so glad he told him all of this. Caleb said he didn't wanna hide it from him and that his 'wheels were spinning' in his head. Caleb said that it would be the only way to get Frankie is via backdoor because he's a strong competitor and so he thought about doing it this week, but decided against it.

They talk about the plan for the upcoming Double Eviction. Frankie said Nicole will go first, then they'll take out Victoria. Caleb mentions that he's scared about his game with Christine in the house. Frankie said he'd be on board with getting her out in the D.E. if that's what he wants because she'd be up on the block next to Victoria anyway. They both agree it'd be best to get Christine out (after Nicole leaves). Frankie doesn't want Christine to play in the next endurance comp because she almost beat him (Frankie) in last weeks endurance comp.

Caleb: "If (Christine's) gone, then one of us 4 are guaranteed to be top 4 because Victoria's not gonna beat us in the next HOH. I'm cool with Christine being in the Top 5, but we have to expect that if she wins HOH, she's gonna keep Cody. And she will be a competitor."
Frankie: "If (Christine) doesn't win HOH, we can send her home. Is Cody cool with that?"
Caleb: "Yea."

Caleb said that they're all loyal to each other to the Final 4.
Frankie: "If Christine doesn't win HOH (during the double eviction), then she's gotta go."

11:08am BBT (Sept 1st):
Talk continues.

Caleb: "I do want you to know that it was us 3 (Derrick/Cody/Caleb) going through scenarios and they were like 'who would you rather send you home? A buy-back (Nicole) or your best friend (Frankie)? Because he can possibly say 'sorry Caleb, ya gotta go' at some point. Which one would hurt you the most."

Caleb said both scenarios pissed him off and that he was "torn", but decided to send Nicole home.

11:16am BBT (Sept 1st)
Derrick enters.
Derrick asks if they need to talk privately.
Caleb: "I was just telling him that I went through all the scenarios, who I was thinking about putting up, going over everything, where my head was, why my wheels were spinnin'."
Derrick: "You know where my heads at. We gotta win this HOH."

Feeds switch to fishies (for their veto ceremony).

**Okay, so now all that's cleared up. Caleb mentioned that they all talked about the possibility of backdooring Frankie this week and how Caleb was going through all different scenarios for this weeks renom. I'll be back later with an afternoon post!
UPDATED @ 11:50am BBT:
Derrick/Caleb just talked in the bathroom.
Caleb said he's gonna ask Christine who the "couple of people" were that said Christine would work with the girls. Derrick said it wasn't him, so it was either Cody or Frankie, or both of them. They both agree that if Christine doesn't win HOH during the D.E. this week, then she's gotta go. Derrick said that Christine will take Cody/Frankie over them two (Derrick/Caleb) & that Victoria would keep Derrick/Caleb, so Vic is better for their game.

Derrick said that Christine hates Frankie but is working with both Frankie/Cody, though she's definitely more loyal to Cody than anyone else in the house. Derrick mentions that Christine would keep Cody if it was Cody VS Derrick (or Caleb) on the block. So Christine's gotta go.

Caleb then heads upstairs to do his HOH blog.

12:05pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Frankie said if he puts up Vic/Christine, he wants Christine to go. Derrick is happy to hear this and said that he'd have him/Caleb for votes to get her out.

Stay tuned...
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Tanya L said...

Hi Jamie, glad you are feeling better, we missed you!!! I was watching the live feeds last night when Vic was crying to Derrick and I just want to say Derrick is really good. He knew exactly what to say to her. He also has Nicole thinking that Cody is the best player (I don't think Cody has done anything all season but talk a big game), I hope that doesn't come back to hurt him in the long run. I really wish Derrick was in a different season, I think it would have been fun to watch him up against some REAL BB players (even tho I like Donny & Nicole).

Jamie said...

thanks tanya! yea, it'd be interesting to see Derrick in an All stars situation with not-so-dumb players lol (or at least with people that have watched the show).

Anonymous said...

@Tanya & Jamie

Yeah that would be interesting and a true test. You wouldn't have thought Dr. Will or Dan would've been able to do it a 2nd time after everyone seeing them play before but they did and finished 4th & 2nd respectively. A lot would depend on the circumstances but we are getting a little ahead of ourselves here. Derrick still needs to finish this run off with a win first and he's still got quite a bit of road ahead of him.


Alea Marie said...

BB is due for an All Stars, hopefully next season because BB's casting this & last years season sucks balls!!!
Get it together BB, you keep slipping...

The Real Sports Line said...

Caleb why would you spill the beans to Frankie? It serves no purpose and makes Frankie more determine than ever to win HOH. Caleb needs to get over himself he is a legend in his own mind and I hope they BOO him when he meets Julie. I bet all of them will be surprised to see what America really think of them. The better show would be BB follow up with their reaction on how America views them. On a side note quit telling lies about your military service He is clueless about what the blue cords signify.

kittygreen said...

Someone tweeted that after Nicole gets evicted, CBS should declare that the "most twisted season ever" is that the jury and houseguests are switching places! Hahaha could you imagine their faces??? I mean that wouldn't be cool, but hilarious to watch their reactions.

Kern's Kreations said...

@TheRealSportsLine I chuckled when Caleb said that only a select few get those blue cords. I mean I guess in a way he's right because they're for infantrymen, but any one who is commissioned or who goes through and completes the basic infantry training is eligible to wear the blue cords. So, while I am very thankful for his service, and will not slouch him for that in the slightest, I did find it funny that he made it out like it was a very special award, like the purple heart or something.

@everyoneelse I think Derrick would fare okay on an allstars show. I think he's smart, and I'm not even sure that the strategy he has developed is the one he had coming in. I think he probably realized pretty quick that he was with a bunch of sheep and has used that. Any player that even began to suspect him was sent packing. As a cop, I'd be willing to bet that he could adapt on the fly. However, I'd love to see him in an all-star season just to test my hypothesis.

Jamie, glad you're back. I hope you're getting back into top form. Peace and love chica!

Amy D said...

Is anybody else having trouble getting on to the live feeds?

bbwatcher said...

I don't know about Derrick with an all star cast...I know he's won a couple hohs but he is by far not a tough competitor, physical and mental comps...Maybe that was part of his strategy but I don't have think he'd survive very long in an all star season.

Anonymous said...


I think that could be a part of Derrick's strategy as well as there hasn't been many comps this season where he's needed to win. He hasn't really been many people's target and he was in an alliance with others who kept winning. But BB is much more than winning comps. Dr. Will won and then finished 4th in All Stars without ever winning a single comp in his 2 seasons.


Stephanie Kitchens said...

I would love to see Derrick on an all stars season but I'm not sure if it was next summer if he would do it. I think he really misses his daughter and wife and two summers in a row would be too much. At least, that's how I would feel leaving my 2 year old for a whole summer. Toddlers grow up so fast and even if you're gone just one day you miss so much.

Tony Akinremi said...

Jamie glad your feeling better. Keep up the great work.

I doubt Derrick would make it far in an all-star season. He was lucky that the people he played with are followers, well we'll see if he wins.

Caleb shocks me for being the self proclaimed king of the house he's more like the village idiot.

Andrea Santangelo said...

Honestly, before that episode, I thought he was lying about the whole military thing, and had probably just been in ROTC. So I was surprised to see he actually served. What do the blue cords mean?

MirrG said...

I think derrick has thrown a lot of comps too though- there's been a couple that I've watched where I could call that he was getting ready to go out based on his body language. He's only won 2 comps and won of them was purely luck.

annette attanasio said...


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