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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tues: The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! I am I'm still sick, but not down & out sick. (There's a nasty virus going around, so make sure you stock up on your vitamin c!) Thank you to everyone who left get-well comments here and on twitter. You guys & gals are the best!! :D

Okay, so not too much happened yesterday/last night (shocker), however..there were some stuff that could be game changing that did. Yesterday pre-veto Ceremony, Caleb told Frankie that he was close to putting him up as the renom and "had the votes" to get him out, but ultimately decided against it. Not only is that a huge mistake on Caleb's part for his own game, but he also dragged Derrick/Cody through this as well. Post-veto ceremony, Frankie told Derrick that Caleb told him how close he was to going up on the block.

Fast-forward to 6:43pm BBT Cam 3, Derrick fills Cody in:
Derrick:"..this was before the veto (ceremony) and he was like 'come on, you know." and I was like, 'It was a minor thing' and he was like 'glad you guys didn't do it, everything's fine'..he didn't say anything bad about us (wanting him out) but.."
Cody: "Because Frankie came up to me this morning and was like 'I love you the most'. And that was f*cking odd to me. And I knew somebody had said something."
Derrick: "Wow."
Cody: "Oh my God, Caleb's a f*cking idiot."
Derrick: "Do me a favor, don't say nothin'! I'm just telling you for your own information."
Cody: "Ugh he's such a f*ck up! He probably told Frankie all the stuff that I told him."
Derrick: "Naw, I don't think he's possible."

Derrick tells Cody to go talk to Caleb and open up a dialog with him by asking if Caleb told Frankie everything (which they know he did) and then ask him what all was said from Caleb to Frankie, to see if anything Cody said got back to Frankie. Derrick again mentions how Frankie said it was "water under the bridge" and he knows he's a big target moving forward in the house and how he's glad it wasn't done this week. (The question is, will Frankie now gun after Derrick/Cody/Caleb on Double Eviction night if he wins HOH? This could get interesting.)

Cody: "Caleb's a f*cking idiot. He's playing this game like an a**-clown. I'm sorry, but there's not chance that I'm gonna go after Christine before him. That kid plays this game like a f*cking idiot."

Derrick: "Christine is gonna send me and you home before Frankie because she can't beat us in the finale."
Cody: "I don't think Christine is going after you. I know for a fact they're gonna go after me first. Frankie or Christine."
Derrick: "I'll be damned if I let Frankie get to the end."

Cody said he'd put up Frankie/Victoria during a Double Eviction. Derrick would put up Christine/Victoria with Frankie as the renom if it's possible.  At 6:56pm BBT, both Derrick & Cody admit that it was a mistake not sending Frankie home this week. Derrick said the reason he stopped pushing for Frankie to get backdoored was because he knew Caleb would never do it after hearing Caleb say "Oh and I'm gonna be the one to have millions of people hate me" (for sending Frankie out).

Sidenote: Later on in the night, Frankie asked Derrick if he told Cody about Caleb telling Frankie about the possible backdoor plan. Derrick lied and said "No."

Moving forward...

9:38pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Nicole/Victoria spent a lot of time talking last night. Nicole was trying to prepare Victoria for the future of her game and mentioned to an "emotionally-unstable" Victoria (her words, not mine) to prepare herself for the possibility of playing the game without Derrick if he's sent to jury. This sent Victoria into panic mode. Victoria said that she almost self-evicted when her/Derrick fought awhile back and that she can't play this game without him, he's like family to her, etc etc.

9:50pm BBT:
In comes to Derrick to babysit to calm her down.
Derrick: "What up?"
Victoria is crying. She said she's scared for Thursday if it's a Double Eviction.

Victoria: "She said you could go because you're a really big threat and that if you were in Final 2, you'd win over anybody. I'm having a breakdown. I can't continue this game without you. I know I'm not gonna be emotionally stable and I'm super nervous."

Derrick: "I don't understand what you're sayin'.."
Victoria: "I am willing to leave..before you."
Derrick: "You don't have that choice. Don't worry about me, worry about your game. Why would you leave for me? What does that do? If I'm on the block, you're a vote for me to stay, Victoria. I don't want you to leave."
Victoria: "You can't go before me. I will feel so guilty."
Derrick: "Why? What did (Nicole) say to get you like this?"
Victoria: "She was just trying to mentally prepare me for the worse and she wants me to fight and not to quit."
Derrick: "If you're in the final 3, they're gonna take you because they can beat you. I don't want anyone feeling bad for me. I'm a big boy. Worse case scenario, you have 2 weeks left in this game if for some reason I went home on Thursday."

Derrick: "Honestly, you gotta lock down your emotions. We're not gonna die if we get evicted. You'll learn some things about me after the show and you'll realize this is just a game. This is not life or death. This does not scare me at all. And it shouldn't scare you. But when I walk out those doors, it's not like someone's gonna put a bullet in my head. It's a game! You're playing with too much of your heart and not your head."

By 10:06pm BBT, Nicole is with Derrick/Victoria in the Fire Bedroom.

Derrick: "$500,000 ain't that much after taxes. That might get me a house and that's about it. It's life changing, but I'll still have to work."

Derrick tells a story about a buddy of his around his age, has 2 kids, that played the lottery every morning and how he won $1,000,000 but only took home $640,000 of that after taxes. His buddy paid off his house, bought a boat, his wife's college debt and had $100,000 left, so he's still installing carpets at his job.

10:29pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Frankie has joined Nicole/Derrick/Victoria in the Fire Bedroom. They talk about Zach and how he was checked out of the game. Nicole said he Zach was intelligent. Derrick said he had an "Evel Dick strategy" of always saying he was a target in the house and to keep him there because of that.

BB: "Derrick..holla, girl."

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Nothing much happened after that. Just chit chat, guys playing pool, hanging around, etc. Victoria mentioned around 2:50am BBT that if she wins HOH, she wants to get Christine out because she can't stand her. Also, Nicole helped Derrick study for upcoming HOH comps by going over dates and such. 

Stay tuned...
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The irony, Caleb thinking evicting Frankie would get him millions of haters, when in reality he would win legions of fans. What a dope.

It appears Derrick has inadvertently ruined poor Victoria for any other man.

slnc said...

Cant watch dtv and cbs are at odds...contract ! Ugh

Melissa S. said...

Ok, so if Cody/Derrick are worried about Frankie winning HOH, why wouldn't they vote to evict Victoria with the promise that Nicole, if she became HOH, would gun after Caleb/Frankie. They (Cody/Derrick) would have a much better chance of Nicole winning HOH than Victoria, thus making it even more certain that they could get Frankie or Caleb out... Am I out in left field here?
Melissa S.

daryl42 said...

I don't remember hearing anything about it, but does anybody know what the house guests think Derrick does for a living?

Jamie said...

Derrick wants to drag Victoria to the Finals because she's easy to beat. Plus Derrick/Cody don't trust Nicole 100% like Derrick does with vic (he can control her in the game and is a vote for him if he's on the block). So for Derrick, it still makes sense to get rid of Nicole over Vic.

Jamie said...

He tells them that he works for the Parks & Recs.

djvlechtjuh said...

So what do y'all think will happen during the DE? Will anybody put up Derrick? The easiest thing to do is put up Vic/Christine. But could Frankie, after knowing he was almost backdoored this week, put up Cody/Derrick? I mean if he was thinking about it, it would be best to do it during a DE because Derrick could probally not talk himself of the block. As much a I hate him, I think Frankie is the only one smart enough to know that Derrick could talk himself of the block, right? Or would he backdoor Derrick? It would be smarter to backdoor him, but I don't think that anybody will use the veto if Vic/Christine are on the block...
The real wildcard for me would be Caleb winning the veto if he himself isn't on the block. Would he use it to take Cody, Derrick or Frankie of the block? You'd think so, but I can imagine him being swayed by the emotions of the moment (like saying/lying that Derrick was trying to backdoor Caleb etc.)

sissy92101 said...

Does anybody know has anyone never got put on the block like Derrick hasn't been put up yet.

Tony Akinremi said...

Like I said Victoria looks at Derrick as her protector. Other are right she not in the game she's a bunny surround by wolves.

Cody and Caleb are are two twits. They always talk big but never come thru. Cody/Caleb needs to stuff it!
Nicole and Donny both warned these dimwits and they both ignored them. For their actions they deserve to be sitting in jury.

Anonymous said...

@Melissa S

Derrick and Cody also can't just decide to keep Nicole on their own they'd need another vote to do so either from Frankie or Christine or from Caleb in a tiebreaker situation. That vote is definitely not coming from Frankie and it most likely isn't coming from Christine either. Their best shot would be to get Caleb on board and draw the line between Frankie & Christine vs everyone else. But if they were going to do that they would've just got rid of Frankie this week when they had the chance. The issue is they don't really trust any of Frankie, Christine and Nicole so they decided to go with the devil they know & have been working with the entire game rather than the devil they don't know and haven't been working with or been against the majority of the time.


Rachel said...

Totally agree with u!!! I hope nic brings this up to them. Vic is useless and the fact that she's willing to self evict over Derrick is beyond stupid!!!! She's not in it to win. She's only there cuz she sux so bad and is a joke! It makes semse to evict Vic and keep Nicole. I pray it'll change but I doubt it cuz this such a predictable lame season. I hope producers put this thought in der m Cody's ear so they keep nic. Really tired of this season being horribly boring.

I knew Vic wld have melt down in this game if Derrick were to leave. She is a real idiot.

Anonymous said...


I think Frankie and Christine would have to be pretty stupid not to try to get 1 of the guys out in DE. Frankie knows that they seriously considered backdooring him this week and keeping Nicole. If he won DE HOH and put up Christine and Victoria and lets say they evicted Christine. Why on earth would he think that next week when he can't play for HOH that they would keep him over Victoria? He'd basically be pinning his entire game on winning that 1 POV.

Christine is in a similar spot having to know she's at the bottom of that 5 person alliance so she's not going to waste her HOH on getting out someone so weak as Victoria and will try to get rid of 1 of those other 3 guys besides Cody most likely.

Derrick will target Christine with Frankie as a backup while Cody will do the reverse and Victoria will most likely do whatever Derrick tells her to do.

I believe Caleb is most loyal to Cody and Derrick so if those 2 were on the block together he would use POV on 1 of them as than Frankie/Christine or Victoria would have to be the renom and could then be evicted by Caleb and Cody/Derrick. He may or May not use it if only 1 of them were on the block depending on the situation. Bit most likely it wouldn't matter much if he did as the other 1 would just go up in their place most likely and the trio would control the votes to send the other nom home regardless. I don't believe he would use POV on Frankie as he almost backdoored him this week.


Anonymous said...


No one has ever made it through the entire game without being put up on the block. And it would be damn near impossible for Derrick to do it especially as the numbers keep dwindling but it's certainly something I'm rooting for to keep me engaged in the season. The closest thing I can think of to a feat like that is Dan Gheesling who's never had a vote to evict cast against him in 2 seasons of BB. In BB10 which he won he was up for vote once early and got 0 votes to evict. And then he was nom a 2nd time later on but won POV to save himself. In BB14 he was nom twice but got Jenn and Danielle to use POV on him. And then he was technically nominated a 3rd time when Ian won the final HOH but he evicted Danielle and took Dan to F2.


Anonymous said...


Do you really think Derrick would nom Victoria even as a pawn in DE or is he just saying that? And if he did do you think he could talk his way out of that with her as she would be devastated if he put her on the block? Or do you think he wouldn't really care that much since she can't win anything to do much about it although he would potentially be losing her as a vote both in the house and in F2?


daryl42 said...

Ok Thanks

Amy D said...

They think he works for the Parks and Recreation dept.

Alea Marie said...

I think Caleb would do whatever FRANKIE wanted him to do to keep all the "fans" of Frankie's at bay and
(in Caleb's mind) not muddy the waters with Frankie & his brat of a sister Arianna (or whatever her name is) because Caleb is hoping that she will help his music career (ohh yep, I just threw up in my mouth, yep indeed I did)...
Caleb is quite the donkey ass & Frankie should go play jacks on the highway!!!
Yeah, I said it!!!

slnc said...

But it really does make sense for them keep nicole because if frankie wins he is going after them. At least they will have someone who can help them win comps...and we all know that aint victoria.

BB Bopper said...

Does anyone know what happened to Victoria's hand? I didn't know she was planning on self-evicting earlier because she and Derrik had a fight. Did anyone see that on the feeds?


I think the fight she was referring to was the dustup several weeks ago when Zach told Vic about Derrick being in the alliance, and she didn't know about it and freaked out.

sissy92101 said...

Thank you.

BB Bopper said...

@Craig Marshall
Thx. Do u know how Vic hurt her hand?

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