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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Noms & Veto Winner

Good morning & Happy Wednesday, BB addicts!! :D Last night, the feeds came back on around 9pm BBT as projected and we learned who the nominations are & who won veto. This week, all that matters is veto. So, with that being said...

Nominated for Eviction are:
Caleb & Victoria

Veto Winner is:

The target is Caleb and unless Cody gets cold feet, Caleb will be going out the door tonight during the live eviction. Also, the Final 4 got a tiny 4-seater dining room table. I'll be back tonight with a new post for the live eviction! Until then, have a great Wednesday! :D (Sorry no Overnighter, I have to work today and nothing really happened last night that was game changing. Cody/Derrick are still Final 2 and the plan to drag Victoria to the F3 because she's easier to beat over Caleb.)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

It seems like the majority of fans are split pretty equally between voting for Donny and Zach. Thus the combined # of votes for those 2 combined would need to be around twice as many votes as Frankie gets in order for 1 of them to have a chance to beat him.

My 1 hope is that Ariana's fans won't be a rabid in voting for Frankie as people fear. Yes she has a TON of Twitter followers. But how many of them will actually take the time and go out of their way to vote for her brother, they never heard of, to win money, which she has plenty of, on a TV show they've never seen? And of those that do are they really going to do it 20 times a day everyday for an entire week like all the hardcore BB fans will do?


Anonymous said...

The only thing game related that happened last night is that Cody told Derrick he plans to tell Caleb about himself and Derrick in his speech when he evicts him tonight. So Derrick then wisely sort of started subtly preparing Victoria for that by telling her how tight he and Cody have been since day 2. But that she is the person he would hang out with outside of the house.

The funniest part of that convo though was Victoria talking about if she beat Derrick in F2 (which is hilarious enough in itself) she would give him some of her money saying: "Just know that if I do win you aren't getting just $50k."


Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Alright - so it looks like we are in good shape for a Derrick / Victoria / Cody final 3.

Since Victoria has little to no shot at winning either Part 1 or 2 of the final HOH, it looks like either Derrick or Cody will be our final HOH.

I know Derrick has mentioned in the DR a few times that Cody is his main loyalty and he'd take him to the final 2 over Victoria (I honestly don't think it matters because I think Derrick wins against either of them easily).

But what if Cody wins the final HOH? I know he tells Derrick he is loyal to final 2 but is he really? If Cody were smart, he'd take Victoria to the end if he wins final HOH. Cody would win the $500K that way (as opposed to only $50K if he takes Derrick).

Brian - What do you think here? Is Cody truly blindly loyal to Derrick that he'd take him to the end instead of dragging Victoria all the way? I think he really would take Derrick but I worry that he might all of a sudden get smart at the last minute and make a decision that is actually beneficial to him instead of doing what his buddy Derrick wants.

Joni said...

Do you know if they are going to show IZZY or the Ice Bucket Challenge the house guests did?

Thanks again for your amazing Blog!!!

Paul Mahaney said...

I can just see Derrick getting that veto comp shirt and internally saying, "Really BB, badges?" then saying out loud, "Badges! Badges! We don't need no stinking badges!"

Leah Pants said...

Thank you so much for this ! I'm so excited and looking forward to Derrick winning!

Anonymous said...


As of right now I really do believe Cody would take Derrick to the F2 if he wins the Final HOH. I think he looks at them as much more equal partners strategically in The Hitmen then they actually are and that he's won more comps and important comps then Derrick which would give him the edge. I mean if you look at it if he wins the 3 part Final HOH on top of the POV that evicted Caleb and the POV that evicted Frankie plus the HOH and POV that evicted Donny as well as another HOH early in the season you can see why he feels like he has a very strong case.

He also has a very high opinion on his social game and speaking ability over Derrick in the F2. It's been a very strange occurrence this season where almost everyone while in the house underestimates Derrick's game and then once they leave all of a sudden seem to realize how well he's played. Derrick also did a good job in selling the idea that if someone were to drag Victoria to F2 they'd vote for Victoria to win out of spite. So Cody could even look at Derrick as a safer choice than her.

Now could Cody change his mind? Obviously as there's still a whole week to go to think about it. However a lot of times when someone suddenly changes their mind the DR could have a lot to do with. But I don't see them trying too hard to get Cody thinking about taking Victoria to F2 as they seem to have gone all in on how great Derrick's played. So I doubt they'd want that ruined with a Cody/Victoria F2. What a complete dud that would be!


Angela Anderson said...

I don't know. I'd be kind of iffy taking Victoria to the final two. I MYSELF would not vote for her because she has done nothing in this game, but heyyy this is big brother & anything can happen. I can't remember when but I'm wanna say a floater won sometime before.

BUT I wouldn't want her to win. At. All.

Just sayin'.. lol GO DERRICK!!

Steve Robbins said...

I'm also curious if Victoria, if by some freak happening, won final HOH (hahahahaha...), that she would in fact take Derrick. I don't think she's tactically inclined to realize that she wouldn't win against Derrick, but could possibly against Cody.

HurlyBurly said...

Cody has all the power, and in my humble opinion is foolishly wasting it by eliminating Caleb. In the scenario where Cody takes Caleb and Derrick to F3, he is covered on all sides because if he were to lose both Derrick and Caleb would likely take him to F2. But, in the scenario where it's Cody, Derrick, and Victoria F3, then I still think Derrick will wise up and take Vic, and Vic will take Derrick, so the only way for Cody to make it to F2 is to win it all. Derrick says he is loyal to Cody to the end, but Cody could win in jury and Derrick has been so laser focused on that money all season I don't see him risking it. Even though it's been talked about, I don't envision the jury giving Vic $500k over Derrick out of spite.

Anonymous said...

Depends if she tweets them which it doesnt look like she has. Luckily she has a lot on her plate. You're underestimating tween girls on social media who are obsessed with celebrity. It would only take a fraction of 18 million people to sway the vote - not to mention Frankie own following. His casting & Team America is still so unfair to the others. Sadly if Zach & Donny split the vote (sorry Caleb), Frankie could slip by. The great reaction he got by the audience and Julie lady night were nauseating

Anonymous said...

Which is against the rules... Any chance Derrick is throwing the final hoh or Cody would evict Derrick at the end. If it were Cody vs Victoria, I can't imagine the jury given her the win even after surviving. Cody seems like a really genuinely nice guy but taking Derrick could cost him 450K. And would Derrick evict Victoria at the end? V came close to winning that question how until the end when she missed

Nichole Meerleveld said...

A floater won last season!!

Anonymous said...

That's where DR manipulation comes in. Taking V probably would get him the $ but he seems too nice to turn on Derrick and or have too much hubris to realize Derrick would smoke him. Remember several jurors hate him. He already would definitely lose Nicole, Victoria, Christine & Frankie & Donny would stick with Team America. Cody has no chance against Derrick. Derrick knows that but Cody doesnt... While the jurors might attack him for disloyalty if he evicted Derrick, I can't believe in good conscience theyd give Victoria the $. If Cody won the final hoh, I hope he does get rid of Derrick... He will have earned the right

Anonymous said...

Cody stands no chance with the jury. Several hate him. Plus he doesnt know about Team America which will already have him 2 votes down. He can't beat Derrick

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...


If Cody were to keep Caleb, I don't think Caleb would take him to final 2.

Caleb seems closer to Derrick IMO than to Cody. And Caleb has been pretty well "misted" by Derrick so that he doesn't see Derrick as a huge threat in the end.

Anonymous said...


Victoria wouldn't win against anyone. So she will 1000% take Derrick who she loves like an older brother over Cody who she's never really liked at all. Plus she like everyone while in the house thinks she'd have a much better shot against Derrick. But let's be honest this is a moot point since there's no chance at Victoria winning any part of the 3 part HOH let alone 2.


Anonymous said...


I disagree strongly on Cody making a mistake evicting Caleb. I think Caleb like everyone in that house would take Derrick to F2. So if both Caleb and Victoria would take Derrick it's a no brainer to get rid of the much, much stronger competitor in Caleb. I also don't believe Derrick will change his mind and take Victoria if he won but if that was the case he needs to give himself the best possible chance to win that Final HOH. And that is quite obviously with Victoria instead of Caleb as at least with her he's virtually guaranteed to be in part 3. While if Caleb stayed it'd be possible that Cody could lose part 1 to Caleb and part 2 to Derrick and not control his own destiny. I also don't agree that if Derrick won Final HOH and took Cody that Cody would beat him.


Jen MacDonald said...

I love Arianna and follow her on twitter. However, I hate Frankie and will never give him my vote. Hopefully there are more fans who feel the same.

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