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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weds Live Eviction & Final HOH Endurance Comp

It's here! It's here!! It's live eviction night and tonight, we will get our Final 3! So, who will be evicted tonight? All signs point to Caleb and unless they told him sometime between the feeds cutting off this afternoon up until the live show, it looks like it'll be a blindside. We'll see!

After the live eviction, we'll then see the start of the Final HOH: Part 1, which is always endurance! Yayy!! So if you still have your live feeds subscription, you'll be able to watch it!

Okie dokie, the live eviction starts at 8pm ET, so make sure to grab your snackies & meet me back here for the show! :D As always, I'll be live-blogging tonight's episode for those of you on-the-go and only have your handy dandy cell phone for updates.

*West Coasters, you can watch with us right here:

See y'all at 8pm ET!!! :D

8:00pm ET:
Show begins..

8:10pm ET:
BB played audio of Derrick's daughter saying "holla!" to him. So adorable!!

8:12pm ET:
Nominations: Victoria/Caleb on block.

8:20pm ET:
Segment with Caleb's parents. His dad says while none of Caleb's crazy stories he's told in the house are 100% true, they all have a tiny of truth to them. lol

8:26pm ET:
BB is showing the veto comp. Derrick threw it.

8:39pm ET:
Cody says that now that they used Caleb to get out Frankie, they don't need him anymore. Derrick said he loves Caleb but he loves his family more and for his game, Caleb's gotta go. The vote to evict is coming up next!

8:47pm ET:
Cody tells Vic/Caleb about his "Hitmen" final 2 with Derrick that was started Day 2.
The Votes:
*Cody votes to evict...Caleb** (He was blindsided.)

Evicted from the BB16 House is:

8:58pm ET:
The Final 3 celebrate with champagne. Congrats, Final 3!
**I'm not 100% sure when the Endurance Comp will begin. I'm hearing rumors of it starting 3 hrs from now, but no confirmation. Hmm. That's odd. :/

EDIT: CONFIRMED!!!! Endurance Comp is TONIGHT!!!

Stay tuned...
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Ste ven said...

Finally, Frankies true colors shown. Not glittering rainbows.. Just plain old ugly. Its kind of easy to believe all the diva, rude, spoiled brat stories about his sister. Look at how he acts with a fraction of her talent and fame. Please please don't let Frankie win AFP... So far, neither Ariana nor Justin have tweeted about it. Remember to vote again as you can vote every day from multiple accounts.. But Donny & Zach might split the vote

Angela said...

A lot of the poll's I've seen so far have Donny WAY in the lead of AFP

Ashley said...

Wow, can you believe that Frankie is so sold on himself that he honestly believes he "single-handedly" will decide who wins? Honestly, I'm sure all of you can believe he would say that, right?

You're right, Steven, they finally aired what the live feeders have been seeing of him all along. He is over the top nasty. I agree that people's ego this season are extreme but Frankie is probably the worst I've ever seen.


Anonymous said...


Most of the people who people are afraid will vote for Frankie don't even watch BB let alone go on BB sites on the internet and vote in polls.


Ashley said...

Just an FYI, in case people haven't noticed that voting for AFP ends not only on Monday, but FIRST THING in the morning so we need to get in there and vote before we start our day Monday! :-)

It is sad that people will be wasting their votes if they vote for Derrick as Brian said in an earlier post since he should be in F2 and any votes for him won't count.

Even sadder is that there are a couple other favorites that BB fans will most likely be voting for. Unfortunately, their votes will be split among the BB fans, whereas anyone hoping for Frankie to win because of tweets by his sister and Justin Bieber will be solely for Frankie, making it so much more important to get those votes in there if you aren't a Frankie fan.


Mitchell Davis said...

Wow...I actually feel kinda bad for Beast Mode after that eviction speech

courtchis said...

So no endurance then?

Matt T said...

I was sooooooooo happy they finally showed frankies TRUE COLORS....and to see Caleb say way he said bout Frankie....maybe that bubble popped a lil

Anonymous said...

Jeez there are all these 10 years old girls on Twitter crushed that 32 year old man child Frankie got evicted. I dont know if its real but even a video of a 5 year old crying. Do ugly, egotistical, pompous rude, can I say fame w*ore, wannabe is a role model for kids. But the way our society is, he'll probably end up working a red carpet or something. As the famous Countess said, money can't buy you class

Annabelle14 said...

Random question: is there a reason Julie has been in black the last few episodes?

lmcniven said...

Jamie, did you hear about Julie's confession on The Talk this week? I found this article. So incredible.

Alea Marie said...

Woot woot!!
Some times nice guys do finish first, well third in his case, but y'all get the point...

Susie said...

I think Julie is in black so Will can match her clothes

Kern's Kreations said...

Man, I'm so glad that my #Apadre Caleb let Frankie know that he's a chump and not all that. I hope the rest of the jury brings him down another 10000 notches too.
I'm also glad that Vic is still around because every time she talks I get a chuckle.
And I'm so close to having my night one pick actually win this thing. I'm getting giddy for Team Derrick. Land-sakes alive his "holla" from his daughter was awesome.

michelaine said...

If Friday is final HOH part 1, and Wednesday is the finale, does this mean we don't get the awful cringe fest reminiscing episode? I freaking hate the flashback episodes.

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure the majority of that Fri ep will be the F3 reminiscing.


Bonnie Meyer said...

Cody won!

Ste ven said...

It only took an entire season for the first blindside

Ste ven said...

He won't care. He'll be off doing his videos & going on movie sets and award shows and tours with his sis, leaving the peasants behind

Ste ven said...

Who says F2 can't be favorite player? I dont think thats correct. Ian was runner up the season he won. I think you can win the game & fave player. Derrick already will get an extra 50k plus his team America money so I wouldn't worry about him. Unless Cody turns on him, his wife's already counting that money

Angela said...

I know what you mean, my heart ached a little during Cody's speech AND the cowboys exit.

bbwatcher said...

Not a huge fan of Caleb...hearing Cody's DR session about how Caleb is no longer useful to the Hitmen...ouch!

Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

The HGs themselves have said it talking about how if they're not in the F2 they'll have a good shot to win AFP and also mentioning after Frankie's reveal that if he was in F2 then at a least someone else would have a shot at AFP. It's a moot point right now anyway though since no one left in the house has even a remote chance of winning AFP.

I also don't remember them announcing Ian as runner up for AFP not that that's even a thing. I just remember them saying Frank won and signing off. But even if at some point they mentioned Ian got the 2nd most votes there's no prize for AFP runner up so there's no need to take that away from him and go to the next person on the list.


Megan Schwartz said...

I wish CBS would bring Wil on and let Julie interview him while he's in his Julie costume...the exact same outfit/makeup/hairstyle as Julie during the interview. How great would that be?

michelaine said...

Ugh. I will fast forward and only watch the comp. Lol

Anonymous said...


I agree Cody seems to have gotten pretty harsh and mean in the DR as of late.


Shayler Henderson said...

Is it me or were the houseguests this season not as sharp/aggressive/daring as in the past? I personally feel that the producers help guide and drum up some of the last few seasons (15-16).

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