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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D It's also Veto Ceremony Day today! This week is going to be different than previous weeks. Julie said that we will see a "Special Eviction" (pre-taped on Monday) shown on Tuesday, and then a "Live Eviction" on Wednesday.
So this means that most likely the feeds to be blacked out from sometime on Monday until Tuesday night.

Sunday: Veto Ceremony
Monday: Taped Eviction (feeds go down)
Tuesday: Feeds down until after eviction airs
Weds: Live Eviction

The Overnighter:
Frankie asked Caleb (1:57am BBT) if he wants him to leave this week. Caleb lied and said no, but Frankie could tell he was lying and was pushing for more answers.

Frankie asked if he was going to jury this week and Caleb lied again and said that as far as he knows, Victoria is leaving and that it's up to Derrick/Cody to send out whichever HG they want out this week.

Caleb: "They haven't said nothing to me. But I think we're Final 4. They're gonna ask me (who to get out this week) and we'll all agree on it but I dunno. Frankie J...I dunno."
Frankie: "It sucks that it's even a question at this point."
Caleb: "I don't think you have anything to worry about, honestly."

Frankie's not buying Caleb's lies and presses on with the convo.
Frankie: "We've come this far in the game not to be honest with each other."
Caleb still denying he knows anything.

Frankie points out that Victoria's been talking to Derrick again lately. Caleb said he told Derrick to talk to Victoria so that it wasn't awkward. Frankie went on a loyalty rant and Caleb reminded Frankie how he (F) wasn't always loyal to him/Derrick/Cody because one week, he tried to get any of them up on the block. Caleb said that Derrick/Cody have been loyal to him the whole game, so why would he put any of them up on the block.

Caleb: "Those guys have never wronged me, in any way! Derrick for sure hasn't. Cody may have. I don't know about it. But I know when Nicole won HOH, you said put Caleb up, put Cody up, put Derrick up and Zach. Put'em all up. And you went up to Christine with a Final 2 deal. You did a lot of stuff during that time that when you were backed against the wall, scared for your life. You've done a lot!"

Frankie denies a F2 deal with Christine and said that him/Zach/Christine had a F3 deal. Frankie starts to get a little heated and said that Caleb believes anything he hears. Caleb said he doesn't believe anything anybody tells him and that it's just a game, people lie to each others faces. Frankie calls Caleb out for saying that he didn't trust Frankie to not use the veto on Victoria if he had won veto this week. Caleb said that he thinks if anyone would make a big move this week, it'd be Frankie and that's why he put him up.

Frankie tells Caleb he's been jealous of Cody/Caleb's friendship in the house for awhile now.
Frankie: "He stole you from me."
Caleb: "Nobody stole me from nobody. There's only 5 people left in the house!"
Frankie: "I know. I've just been feeling weird things."

Caleb tells Frankie that if he hears he's going to jury this week, he'll tell him and that he won't blindside him. This convo is ongoing.

2:38am BBT:
Frankie is talking about America's Favorite Player and how he hopes to win it.
Frankie: "I wanna win America's Favorite Player because I played a great f*cking game! Not because my sister's a pop star."

Caleb talks about his sister tweeting to "Vote for Frankie".
Frankie: "No I want her to do that, of course! But I don't wanna win because of it. I want her to be supportive of me because that's what a sister does. But I don't want it to be the reason why I win. I wanna win because I played a great f*cking game and America loves me."

Frankie: "If Derrick and Cody are final 2, and you & I are out there, I'll just kill myself."

3:49am BBT:
Victoria/Cody spent some time goofing off, chasing each other around the house. Cody sprayed shaving cream on Victoria, then Vic chased down Cody.

Victoria: "Sucks to SUCK!"

Cody: "You're getting (shaving cream) everywhere!"
Victoria: "Does it look like I give a f*ck!" (*Whoa!! Feisty! lol)

Frankie: "This is like my apartment after one of my orgies."
Cody: "Frankie.."
Victoria: "Ew."

A few minutes later, Victoria sprayed shaving cream all over Cody's bed. 

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Today is the Veto Ceremony and currently the HG's are up getting ready. I'll make a new post once the ceremony is underway. 

Stay tuned...
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Matt Mendez said...

Is there a reasonable chance that their not doing a live televised eviction to help Frankie's image? I've never heard of BB doing an eviction like this it feels like its a favor to Frankie's camp. BB can edit the boo's/final interview to twist it anyway they'd like

Jamie said...

Hi Matt,
they do this every season. its not for Frankie.

Tony Akinremi said...

I'm not sure why they feel the need to shelter Frankie. He is a big boy. He should know his actions have repercussion.
Let's not Baby Frankie anymore.

Anonymous said...

Frankie is so vulgar.. He's lucky all his nasty comments dont get aired. He is as delusional as Caleb.. He doesn't think his sis had anything to do with TA? I wish we could email the audience # tell them to boo him. If they applaud, he'll think he's God's gift. From all blogs, it seems BB fans dont like him but Ariana & now Bieber are tweeting for him so you're likely to get non viewers voting... If Cody Derrick Vic r in F2 & Cody wins, any chance he'd choose Vic. And would the jury even tho many dislike him, give 500k to Victoria? It's hard to imagine a scenario where Derrick doesnt win it all unless Cody & Caleb team up. Another unsatisfying season... Im sure F will still have some more whining to cameras. Meanwhile he boosted his profile and prob made about 40k in the summer. Your sisters rich.. She can contribute cash to the franke school in Africa

Anonymous said...

I hope he's booed but I doubt it

Anonymous said...

But his sisters a pop star

Anonymous said...


You didn't cover this but during the Frankie and Caleb convo in HOH there was also a convo between Derrick and Cody where Derrick seemed to convince Cody it was best to blindside Frankie this week rather than tell him ahead of time he's going home. He said he was worried about Frankie talking to Caleb about Derrick and Cody having a F2 and leading to Caleb evicting 1 of them if he wins F4 POV.

The thought also did cross my mind given Derrick's sudden change of heart if perhaps he's actually worried about Frankie spilling the beans on Team America. Now I don't think that would save Frankie since he'd be exposing himself in the process. However maybe there's a slight fear given his family situation he'd be willing to sacrifice the money to try to take Derrick down with him out of spite and to potentially make good TV.

Frankie already basically knows he's going home though. Because before Caleb came up to the HOH and their talk started Frankie was cam talking. And he said he knows he's going home, it wouldn't make any sense game wise for them to keep him but that he's played a great game and is proud of himself and will walk out of the house with his head held high.


Anonymous said...

Also in the convo with Frankie and Caleb in HOH Frankie tried to tell Caleb that Derrick was not going to be easy to beat at all in F2 because he's played an impeccable social game, was never on the block and is great at subtle manipulation but Caleb wasn't buying it. Caleb even used references to Jon and Neda from BB Canada and Woo from Survivor as to why it was best to take Derrick. And even when Frankie pointed out to him that he only knows though 2 scenarios because Derrick told him about them it still didn't seem to click at all for Caleb.


BB Bopper said...


Do you think that maybe the AF players were told that if they told anyone about it they would forfiet the $?

Victoria Stairz said...

Re: Victoria's photography-I checked out her site. Okay, okay, I stand corrected! :-) She is not bad! I just had in my head that maybe her aesthetic eye would have been skewed by being carried away by a crow as a child! Lol

Anonymous said...

@BB Bopper

I'm not sure on many of the rules about TA which is what I think you were asking about. Especially with this sudden addition of a $50K bonus if they win the game they seem to be superfluous. I have heard that said though that I believe they are free to out themselves but they either couldn't out the others or would forfeit their share of the money if they did.


Anonymous said...

@BB Bopper

I'm not sure on many of the rules involving TA which I believe is what you were asking about. Especially with the addition out of nowhere of the $50K bonus for winning the game they seem to be superfluous. I have heard that said though that they were all free to out themselves if they choose but they either weren't allowed to out the others or would forfeit their share of the money if they did.


Lauren Sisco said...

Awwh just realized he isn't going to get booed now. 😞

BB Bopper said...

Brian, Thx I was just curious because I'm worried that Frankie might spill the beans when he's evicted because he'll be pissed and might want to lash out and ruin Derrick's game. Which I definitely think it would if Cody & Caleb found out he had already won a lot of money and therefore didn't need to win more so they would choose to take each other instead of Derrick.

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