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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday: The Overnighter (Summary Edition)

Happy Saturday, BB addicts!! Last night we learned that #AnybodyButFrankie won Veto (it was Cody), which means that Frankie is out the door this week. While Caleb & Co. will be telling Frankie at some point that he's going to jury this week, Frankie already suspects he's the target. He talked to us live feedsters last night (1:36am BBT) about how he wishes he had never pushed the BB rewind button and that he will walk out with his head held high.
Sidenote: The hashtag #AnybodyButFrankie was trending last night on Twitter during the veto comp.

Earlier in the night (11:41pm BBT), Victoria warned Derrick that she talked to Caleb & how Caleb told her that he said he'd take Cody to Final 2.
Victoria: "I think he wants to take Cody (to F2)."
Derrick: "What makes you think that?"
Victoria: "Because he said he can beat Cody and he thinks Zach's voting for him."
Derrick does not seem happy to hear this news.
Victoria says that when Caleb was thinking about how to get to the Final 2, he kept saying "Me and Cody", not "Me and Derrick", which makes her think that Caleb would take Cody over Derrick to F2. Derrick said that if Caleb cut him out, he would vote for Cody in F2 "out of spite" for Caleb. Derrick tells Victoria to talk to Caleb again and see if he would take her to F2 (if they were Final 3) or if he'd take Cody.

At 2:11am BBT, Derrick talked to Cody in the HOH room about getting to the Final 2 together.
Derrick said that if they took Caleb (instead of Victoria) to Final 3, there's a possibility of Caleb winning in the Final HOH Comp, while Victoria would not. Derrick said he's loyal to Cody to the end and has been the entire game. Derrick said they need to cut Victoria in F3 so they (Derrick/Cody) go to Final 2 together and let the jury decide. Derrick mentions that maybe Caleb would win America's Favorite Player & with their stipend ($13k), it'd be almost as much as 2nd place anyway, so maybe he wouldn't even be mad that they cut him. Cody agrees and said that at that point, he'd have no problem telling Caleb in front of Victoria that they (Derrick/Cody) has had a Final 2 the whole game. Derrick agrees. Cody said he would tell Caleb he hopes he respects their loyalty to each other since Day 2.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! So as long as Caleb doesn't win veto next week, he will go to jury, making Derrick/Cody/Victoria Final 3 and since Victoria is easy to beat, they can easily get to Final 2 together.

As of 12:47pm BBT today, all HG's are sleeping.
I'll be back tonight with another update with anything that has happened today. I don't expect much to happen, but you never know. Until then, have a great Saturday!!! :D

**EDIT: I was gonna do another post (it's 8:50pm BBT as I type this) but nothing has happened all day. Frankie tried to get Derrick on board with a F3 w/ him/Derrick/Cody but as we know, Frankie is a 100% a goner this week. Derrick/Cody talked again about getting Caleb out next, making the F3 Derrick/Cody/Victoria. Other than that, lots of naps, eating, and lounging. I'll see y'all back here tomorrow with The Overnighter! :D

Stay tuned...
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Dawn Matusz said...

I am ECSTATIC that Frankie is leaving. And I kind of hope he gets booed. And I hope he gets the same awkward treatment in jury house that Chris got when she walked in. He makes my skin crawl. Blechy.

Christi said...

I hope he feels like he made Donny and Nicole feel in that house. How can he talk about loyalty after he outed Zach. Smh.

sunny said...

Seriously can someone just enlighten me as to why they think Caleb would be Americas favorite? What is it they think he brought to the game that we liked. Or is this just Derrick blowing smoke up Codys ass. Please share your thought cause I'm like wtf. :-) ty

Anonymous said...

Victoria is actually getting more and more useful for Derrick as we get late in the game. Earlier in the night Cody wanted to keep Caleb till F3 and Derrick said he was fine with that. Now whether he really was or just wasn't going to spend time debating it right then when Caleb could win F4 POV and make it moot I don't know. However later Victoria clued Derrick in about Caleb planning on taking Cody to F2 instead of Derrick and by the end of the night Derrick had Cody back on track with taking Victoria to F3 and guaranteeing them F2 if they choose.


Jessy Mulligan said...

Well Caleb did more then Donny.. Donny is probably going to win it and yet doesnt deserve it.. meh this season has been quite craptactic.. we need Rachel in there "floaters grab a life jacket"

Micheala Sears said...

Is it wrong for me wanting Victoria to win the final HOH (by some miracle)?

Leah Pants said...

Lol ! Yes I'm confused also

BB Bopper said...


Derrick has just been saying that about Caleb being America's Favorite Player to feed his rather large ego which makes him easier to manipulate. He's telling Cody that so he won't feel so bad about not taking him (Caleb) to F2.

I know hardly anyone likes Frankie anymore including me (although I use to like him a lot before he let the real Frankie out) imo next to Derrick he has played the game harder than anyone else. But do I want him to I want Derrick to win, he's been brilliant.

Susie said...

My opinion bc I do not have the feeds, I think blowing smoke with Caleb bc all he did was chase Amber. I think he is next in line with his ego.

Ashley said...

@ sunny:
I think Caleb keeps blowing about how he would get America's favorite if he isn't in F2. Derrick keeps pumping up everyone's ego so they think they can beat him (Derrick) so why not take him to the end with them?


Victoria Stairz said...

Hi guys! It's Saturday, and I'm in need of a good laugh. So, does anyone have proof of Victoria's so-called "photography"? I'd really like to see some of those shots.

Amy said...

I'm with you on this, it blows my mind and makes my skin crawl everytime I hear Caleb say he thinks he would be AF or Cody. *face palm*

CJ Thomas said...

When Frankie leaves I see that this could get very entertaining! W the remainder 4 Cody/Caleb are extremely tight & loyal to each other & both want each other in final 3. Derek/Victoria are tight as well. If Derek wins HOH & Caleb/Vic would be on block Cody would be the one to vote. I honestly don't think he will keep Vic. That's one of a couple role plays out there but non the less it'll be interesting!

The next HOH comp its pretty sure either Cody or Derek will win. Whoever dosnt out of the two will be the one vote to evict..Its pretty simple they are already guaranteed final 3 the only ? we the fans are left with who do they want to take to final 3. Vic or Caleb. So yeah.. Lol

Finally what we have been waiting all season for things to go down it just sucks its @ the end that they go after each other. Still worst season yet.However as a BB loyal fan the game must go on for me! Lol

CJ Thomas said...

Do you ever watch any of the live feeds? Caleb in general is very loyal & trust worthy person. He is loved by everyone in house & jury. He has minimal blood on his hands & has gotten pretty far with his game play. Actions speak louder then words & he's proven to be loyal & a man of his word something very rare in the game.

Has he made some dumb decisions you betcha but so has the rest of the house. He is hilarious & pure entertainment especially w this house. It would be so much more boring if he wasn't there. AFP could easily go to him. He is portrayed as a strong, loyal, sexy cowboy ninja, who has a heart of gold.

I hope he don't get evicted & stays to final 3, but in the event that doesn't happen if he doss leave next week when he goes to see Julie the crowd will no doubt go crazy & I know he will get the loudest chear we have had all season!
That's my 2¢ in all. :) #teamcaleb

Dawn Matusz said...

Is tomorrow's show live?

Mitchell Davis said...

Honestly, I was going to post the same thing about Victoria FINALLY being useful in a way other then being a pawn or guranteed vote for Derrick. And it only took 2.5 months!

Mitchell Davis said...


First, once again thanks for all you do on this amazing blog. I cant remember tho if the taped eviction episode is still done in front of an audience. As much as CBS has been putting Frankie in the forefront, and how they spent a great deal of the season putting a positive spin on him, this would be the best way to ensure he doesnt get booed from the audience for his eviction. They would LOVE for him to return in an All-Stars season, which his competition record has earned him, but if he were to be booed, I could see him refusing to ever participate with the show again due to his massive ego. Anyway, do you have any thoughts or ideas on that? Again, thanks for the blog!

Laura's Music Blog said...

I don't remember being this bored last year with the BBAD shows. Does this cast just not want to drink alcohol often or do they save it for after BBAD? Why does Frankie never drink? Last year I remember the house guests drinking more and more "parties" and stuff.

Laura's Music Blog said...

Blowing smoke I bet!

Tony Akinremi said...

Cant wait to see Frankie get the boot from the house.
Yeah the jury house should be fun yo watch. I hope they have the same reaction for Frankie that they had when Christine came in jury house. Silence and not a single person gets up to hug or greet him.

pgh fan said...

Frankie it's on meds and cannot drink. He has a circulation problem look at his hands. Derick is a control freak and Victoria gets drunk easily. Cody and Caleb do but they are funny choppers without it.

Anonymous said...


The 1 of Derrick/Cody who doesn't win HOH is not guaranteed to be the vote to evict even though they won't initially nom each other. If Caleb or Victoria (yeah right) win POV then they will remove themselves from the block and Derrick/Cody will have to nom the other and the POV winner would be the lone vote to evict.

Also Caleb has no chance to win America's Favorite Player. Way too many people had their opinions of him skewed negatively towards Caleb with the whole Amber situation. While he's definitely recovered since Amber's eviction you know the saying about 1st impressions. AFP will go to Zach, Donny or (shutter) Frankie.


Anonymous said...


The taped eviction definitely has a live audience. However the taping is not open to the general public. The audience I believe is made up of CBS employees and their guests.


Tiedo said...

Unfortunately we won't see the crowd reaction when Frankie gets evicted.
Isn't his eviction going to be recorded? And then Caleb's eviction live(if he loses veto)?

Or am I a week ahead?

Dawn Matusz said...

@Victoria ... Just Google her. Not sure why you think it'd give you a laugh, though. She's a good photographer.

Nichole Meerleveld said...
I think she's talented.... at photography.

Ashley said...

@ CJ:
I don't see Caleb getting the loudest cheers of all. True, he is loyal and a man of his word. He is likable enough if that is the general consensus of his alliance. If the others in his alliance are talking negative about someone, he can be as mean as anyone.

I watch the live feeds and I see that it is true that he is liked by the other HG's and his alliance (and us live viewers) would agree that he is the most loyal. The problem is that he has to talk too much and doesn't know when it is best to keep info to himself. While he could win votes from the jury, he doesn't have good game play. I don't see America seeing him as AF, game-wise or personality-wise.

@ Mitchell:
If Frankie gets on All Stars, I won't be watching that season. I couldn't stop watching once his true personality came out because I was already addicted. It would be hard to not see it to the end. However, if he is there at the beginning, I would know how repulsive it would be to have to watch the season so why even begin the season?

I have always said that with the reality shows to be entertaining, you have to have someone to hate and someone to love but he is just too much! I get tired of turning to other feeds when he's on, unless I buck up and force myself to watch him if he's talking strategy.


pgh fan said...

Probably no reaction stages audience

kayla neal said...

Unless the HOH wins veto. But isn't the final four veto the one where the get descriptions and have to match faces? I could be wrong, but if that is the case, I see Derrick doing really well in that.

sunny said...

Phew ok I get it. It's more delusions of Caleb.
And it's almost frightening what's going on with twitter and AFP. It's just a game...people need to step back and unclinch their fingers.

Mitchell Davis said...

Thanks for that Brian...guess that decides it...standing ovation for him. More food for his ego

Mitchell Davis said...

Dont get me wrong...I am no fan of him either. But from a business standpoint, CBS would still consider him. Good or bad, he brings in numbers. Aside from Aryn last season, he is by far the biggest villain in a while that could even qualify for an All Stars season.

But yea...cant stand him either

Jon Theilen said...

I have to admit, after Amber left Caleb changed but I can't say it was for the better. The problem with Caleb and many of the house guests this year is the nature of their character, their enormous egos and need to discredit everyone else. That is why many fans are turned off by so many of them and would rather have Donny win. Although, if Derrick somehow does not make it to the final 2, he may be in the AFP running.

Jon Theilen said...

Caleb may be loyal but he is also easily manipulated, incredibly self centered, and absolutely terrified to make a big move. He is incredibly entertaining but only in short spurts as his narcissism makes any length of time become tedious as he turns every conversation to how great he is, was, or will be. And many of his conversations are about the big brother legacy he is creating. I honestly don't think these are the qualities that America looks for when choosing their favorite player.

Tony Akinremi said...

At Mitchell I'm guessing your talking about Frankie. If so I'm in total agreement. Frankie should be in an all-star season. I believe we would see a better Frankie. Less mean and vulgar talk geared towards the contestants. Had he tempered his words and had not being such a vile bratty ass clown he'd more fans.

Donny does deserve AFP. The guy fought hard to stay in the house. No one had his back.

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