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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday: The Overnighter

Happy Thursday, BB addicts! Sorry for the huge delay, had one heck of a work day. Okay, so last night before I logged off, it sounded like Caleb was gonna put up Derrick/Victoria & as long as Frankie didn't win veto, he'd be the renom & target. However, Derrick worked his magic on Caleb and the noms should now be Frankie/Victoria with Frankie still the target (Victoria as the backup target).

Let's dive on in to the conversation that changed the initial noms.

3:53am BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie & Cody had just left the HOH room. Derrick takes the opportunity alone with Caleb to talk. Derrik tells Caleb how Frankie said that he (Derrick) might go up as a nom because he's never been on the block before. Derrick said he told Frankie there's a difference between being nominated for eviction and "on the block" the night of eviction, and how neither of them (Frankie/Derrick) have been "on the block".

Caleb: "Naw he hasn't. And it's definitely different. Yea...I dunno..(Frankie's) gonna have something to say about that."
Derrick: "About what?"
Caleb: "The whole situation." (re: going up as a nom)
Derrick: "If he goes up?"
Caleb: "Yea. He's gonna be like 'After I used the veto on you!'"
Derrick: "Oh, of course."

Derrick: "We've all had opportunities to f*ck each other, and we haven't. You're not trying to f*ck him this week but at the same time, you're not a dumb guy and you see the writing on the wall. He's won the most comps. Who's won the 2nd most comps that's still!..."
Caleb: "I'm down, dude. It's a game."
Derrick: "I truly believe you're loyal to me and Cody. And there's only 1 way that we're all Final 3." (re: getting Frankie out.)

Derrick said that if Frankie senses that the 3 of them are working together against Frankie, and Frankie wins veto and he's not on the block, he could take Victoria down and force Caleb to put up Cody VS Derrick (only options left at that point). Derrick said he trusts Caleb would vote to keep him over Cody but he doesn't want Caleb to have to make that decision yet.

Caleb: "Me either."
Derrick: "If he does pull himself off, I'll go up on the block and you'll keep me and you'll still have me and Cody the following week when you can't play."
Caleb: "Yea."
Derrick: "It's that simple...He doesn't have a reason not to go up over me."

**So that's about it. The noms will most likely be Frankie/Victoria, unless Caleb wusses out. If Frankie doesn't win veto, he's a goner. If he wins veto, Derrick will be the renom and Victoria will go. That's pretty much it. Plain and simple.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Morning/Afternoon post and I'll post that right away! 

Stay tuned...
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