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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Morning/Afternoon in the BB16 House

Before I get to the Morning/Afternoon post, I want to take this moment to recognize that today is 9/11. Every year on the anniversary of such a tragic day, it still feels like it just happened yesterday. It's still so fresh at least to me it is. This year, I'm going to try to focus on the positiveness of that day: how America banded together in unity. All the helpers at Ground Zero, all the firemen, all the EMT's, all the police, the civilians helping other civilians, the rescue dogs searching for survivors, American's flocking to the city from out of state just to help in any way they could. It was truly amazing. So on this day of reflection, I will reflect on all the amazing people & rescue dogs that helped in any/every they could and did. For all those who lost their lives that day, they will never be forgotten and always remembered. For those that have fought & continue to fight for our freedom, may God bless you & your families and thank you for your service.

(It's very hard to transition from that to the Morning/Afternoon Post, but I'm gonna try.)

11:34am BBT:
HOH Room #2
All HG's

Caleb is reading a Luxury Comp card.
Caleb: "It's time for a luxury competition!"
Victoria: "Woo!"
Caleb: "But before we begin, Cody..that dinosaur costume is once again extinct!"

All HG's cheer.
Caleb: "Big Brother has a surprise for us. Let's look at the TV."

The jury members enter the house running around like crazy!!
Donny sits down in the eviction chair and waves, as Nicole is throwing the couch cushions around.
Zach grabbed clothes from the bedrooms and threw them all over the living room & then salsa-danced on the coffee table. lol
Nicole is in the kitchen with Jocasta/Hayden/Christine making a mess when she grabs the box of Fruit Loops and gives it to Zach..
 He starts dancing and he pours the cereal all over himself..
11:37am BBT:
Cam 2
Hayden: "HEY CODY!!!!!!!"

Hayden plants a smooch on Nicole..
Feeds then switch off.

1:07pm BBT:
Feeds finally come back on.
The HG's are cleaning up.

Everyone has a "Team (Juror Name)" tshirt on. Frankie had a "Team Zach" shirt, Victoria had a "Team Hayden" shirt, etc.

The comp was split up: a juror won $5k and a Final 5 HG won $5.
Victoria won because she was "Team Hayden" and Hayden won (found a chip).

The HG's then spent time cleaning up & complaining about how messy the house was. Victoria is mad because someone broke one of her necklaces (by accident) and X'ed out her name in the bathroom stall (1:23pm BBT):

Victoria: "Wow."
Derrick: "Just redo it."

The houseguests continued to clean & complain as they cleaned. They think (1) America picked for the $10k luxury comp prize to be split with a juror because America hates the Final 5 (2) that the jury is bitter (3) Caleb thinks it was the "most lame" luxury comp in BB history.

Frankie is really pissed that 3 out of the 5 of them left will be on Jocasta's level of not winning money and going to jury and is even more pissed that him or Caleb (the "beasts" of the season) didn't win the $5k and that Victoria did. He's mad that Jocasta even had the chance to win $5k.

Frankie: "What did she do? How does she earn the right to come back and compete for $5,000?"
Cody is mad that Hayden didn't let Nicole win the $5k. (Cody was "Team Nicole".)

3:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frankie is joking with Derrick saying that if he's Final 2, he deserves the $500k for "babysitting Victoria" all season. (*lol)

BB: "Frankie, please go to the Diary Room."
Frankie: "You're gonna have to give a me a minute, I look like a clown at the moment."

3:52pm BBT:
Cody is vacuuming Caleb's face. lol
Caleb: "That almost took my face off!!"
Cody: "We almost lost ya, dude. Close call."
Caleb: "(My face) is dang-gone swollen."

3:55pm BBT:
Frankie: "I'm working my d*ck off!! And (Jocasta) comes in here shuffling around throwing my bow compete for my money!"

Derrick is laughing so hard that he's falling to the ground! lol
Derrick: "Oh my God.." (laughing)
Frankie: "That's it. It's over. I'm done."

Derrick tells Caleb about Frankie's rant about Jocasta.
Derrick: "This kid had me cracking up!"
Caleb: "Why?"

Frankie re-does his rant..
Frankie: "Jocasta's in here, shufflin' around for MY MONEY! And she could've won it!"
3:56pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room
The boys are play-fighting and it's feeds gold!! lol

Cody: "Acting like you guys are gettin' married & crap! Ya bozo! You were down on one knee! I saw it!"
Caleb: "At least the girl I wanted to get married to didn't get booed on television!"
Frankie (in the distance): "Ooo!!!"
Cody: "That wasn't even close to the girl I was tryin' to get! At least the girl I was into wasn't targeting me!!"

By 3:59pm BBT, they're still jabbing each other.
Cody: "Can you take my girls' slippers off, please?"
Caleb: "Your girl??"
Cody: "Yea. I'm gonna give'em back to her."
Derrick is laughing.

Caleb: "Better not let Christine see that."
Cody: "She's a married woman!"

4:13pm BBT:
Jeff-loops. Time for the Noms!!!
Should be Frankie/Victoria.

Nominated for Eviction are:

 Derrick & Cody thanked Caleb for not nominating them.

5:19pm BBT:
Frankie said he's a little shocked it wasn't Derrick because he's never been on the block. Derrick said if he wins Veto, he (Derrick) is going up as the renom. Derrick also said he wasn't able to play in the last 2 HOH comps.

Frankie: "It's just shocking."
Frankie is okay, not mad. Just a little shocked. Frankie said Caleb's speech "was amazing". Derrick said he (F) is gonna go out and win veto.

Frankie: "I'm not mad. I'm not worried. I'm just shocked."
Frankie said he wishes he would've had a heads up. 

**Okie dokie guys & gals, I'll be back tomorrow with The Overnighter! See y'all then!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


How does Frankie know he's going up? Did Caleb tell him? Cause I didn't see that.


Jamie said...

I saw it on twitter, i didnt see any convos (figured it was something i missed). have you been watching the feeds all day? did it not happen?

Alea Marie said...

I wonder why Christine was the jury houseguest that sat out of the luxury comp?
Hmmm...kinda funny though that it was her not participating!!

Jamie said...

i just checked, t was IMPLIED by Caleb and Derrick. Not told.

sunny said...

I do wish Caleb would stop referring to Amber as "my girl". She isn't his anything and dear lord why would she wants those nasty slippers back. And apparently he didn't want a letter from his step mom..yet another woman he has a problem with.

DeniseG said...

Jamie, thank you for the 9/11 remembrances. We can never forget that day and the remarkable heroes that emerged.

As for the luxury comp, I'm looking forward to seeing the footage of it! And Frankie is so pissed that Victoria won something-awesome! Let's hope he's the next to go!!

Anonymous said...


Ok. I've just been following feeds on Twitter and didn't see where they implied to him he was going up. Good thing they were smart and only implied or else fans would've went crazy trying to save Frankie like they did with Zach if Caleb broke the rules and straight told him. #SaveFrankie would've been trending worldwide I'm sure LOL


Anonymous said...


From Frankie's reaction I guess he missed the part where Caleb and Derrick implied to him that he was going on the block too LOL


~*Jen*~ said...

Frankie still doesn't seem to have clued in that there is only ONE winner in this game...not four! Don't be so shocked you're on the block Frankie dear.

Jamie said...

LOL!!!! I guess just because it was implied, doesn't mean he actually 'got' that it was implied lmao!

BB Bopper said...

I guess I'm not following, is Frankie & Victoria on the block or not?

Jamie said...

yes, Frankie & Victoria are nominated :)

MirrG said...

When is the veto competition?! I can't wait! Derrick for the win!

Anonymous said...


I think it's on Fri.


BB Bopper said...

Thx Jamie, I felt like I was in the spin cycle :-)

BB Bopper said...

Did anyone else hear that someone or maybe Donny himself said that he (Donny) had something like a 130 IQ?

Jessica Mihalik said...

Ok, I'm confused. During the Cody/Caleb "fight" who was it implied Cody *was* "going after", since it wasn't Christine?

And that Hayden/Nicole kiss looks priceless, lol!

Matthew Sezemebu said...

@BB Bopper

I believe Caleb was the first to say something about Donny's IQ (BB Paranoia, I think)

Isn't it Donny's BROTHER with the high IQ, though?

MirrG said...

Yeah Donny said his brother had a pretty high IQ.

Anonymous said...

@BB Bopper & Matthew

I think Donny might have told them soon before he was evicted that his IQ is 127. And I believe his brother's IQ is even higher than that.


Susie said...

who do you think Cody would have gone after in the house when he said it to Caleb when fooling around, I can only think of Nicole.

Anonymous said...

On BBAD last night, Caleb proved again why he's such an awful player and has been carried all this time. He may win more comps than Victoria but he's just dumb, dumb, dumb...again telling Frankie EVERYTHING to the horrified looks of Cody & Derrick. If Frankie loses the veto, I hope the blindside him with the backdoor. Its time that the viewers get some excitement with a surprised HG on live shows. BB should change the rules so that people cannot tell the nominees how they're going to vote in advance.

Tony Akinremi said...

I'm not sure what's with Caleb. I agree he has been carried to this point. I'm not sure whether he's just loyalty blind him or he's just not that bright. He believes Frankie has more pull than we all know he doesn't. Not quite the star he makes himself out to be.
Well let's hope they follow through and get Frankie-stein outta da house.

Becky Hebert said...

SaJam, Ive been quietly wondering that every season! I think it would be better viewing !

Becky Hebert said...

Especially with their body signals in the hallway to the diary to not let them cross by each other before the voting.

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