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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday: The Overnighter, Morning & Afternoon Post

Happy Tuesday, BB addicts! Just got home from work and I turned on the feeds to see that Izzy the BB16 dog is getting lots of lovins from the fellas! What a cutie pie!!!!!!!

Frankie was petting her in the living room.
 They both then went outside where Izzy was giving Caleb lots kisses.
Izzy is soooo adorable!! At first, I thought/hoped that she was an adoptable pet, but it doesn't seem like she is. Looks like she might be a Hollywood Star Dog! Here's the link: Izzy  (This has not been confirmed yet! Just speculation on twitter.)

The Overnighter:
Last night was another rather uneventful night in the BB house. It's kinda like watching people at summer camp, except it's at the BB house. lol Derrick and Victoria talked a couple of times about coming up with a plan to make the others think he's desirable to take to the Final 2 because he won't have the jury votes. The plan? Basically it's for Victoria to act mad at Derrick for voting her out and for her to say in her speech that she doesn't like Derrick or something like that. I remember watching the plan form last night and thinking it's kinda like a Dan move, but in a much calmer way. (Dan told Danielle that she's "dead to him" during the whole "Dan's Funeral" thing, in order to get a real reaction from her and then he told her why he did that afterwards.) Derrick's taking a different approach by relying on his & Victoria's acting skills.

Derrick told Victoria that the "first rounds of drinks" is on him once they get out of the house. Victoria said she's doing this for him, his wife and his daughter. Derrick then went and told the guys that they had "the talk" about how she's getting evicted and that the boys are close with each other, etc.

He said he let her down easy and how she's "crying right now" (she wasn't, obviously) and how she can't believe he's "gonna be the one to send her home", etc.  Frankie wants to tell Victoria that there's been a guy alliance. Derrick doesn't and said he doesn't wanna "look like an a**hole on tv" by crushing her.

The Morning Post:
At 9:04am BBT, the houseguests were sleeping when all of a sudden they heard the doorbell rang. Everyone gathered by the front door, half-asleep and looking like a hot mess. lol

It's Izzy!!!
Frankie reads the card attached to Izzy's collar. It said that the BB fans thought it'd be nice for them to have a dog for the day and that Izzy's bowls, toys, and treats are in the storage room and to keep the water bowl filled at all times.

Frankie is totally in love with Izzy and wants to keep her (as of around 12pm BBT.)

That's about it! Derrick still getting his "Holla's!" here & there. At 1:03pm BBT, Caleb was instructed by BB to take Izzy to the storage room to drop her off. Caleb asked BB if their time with Izzy for the day is over and BB said no. So expect Izzy to return to the feeds shortly.

Hope y'all are having a great day! Don't forget that tonight at 8pm ET, there is a new BB episode! I know the new schedule is confusing, so I wanted to remind you guys. Tomorrow night is the live show. See y'all back here tonight with a new post!

Stay tuned...
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The Real Sports Line said...

I didn't think anything could upstage Frankie but Izzy is so adorable! Holla...

Razldazlrr said...

Oh, so cute! I'm with you Jamie - it would be better to be an adoptable dog.

I hope they show us the jury house pretty soon - I'm so curious about what's going on there!

Razldazlrr said...

Oh, so cute! I'm with you Jamie - it would be better to be an adoptable dog.

I hope they show us the jury house pretty soon - I'm so curious about what's going on there!


It's a good thing they didn't get a rabbit, because Caleb would hunt it down, have it skinned and in a pot by now.

Andy Tatnall said...

They seem to have gotten away from doing weekly jury house reports this season and last. I'm disappointed, as I love seeing the reactions of the jury members to who's just joined them. The rest of the segment (them watching the DVD which is really just footage greenscreened over the jury house TV) was a bit dull, but that weekly reaction was worth it.

Angela Anderson said...

I want to see more Jury house too!

Tony Akinremi said...

I'm wonder about the jury house too. Especially after Christine arrival. Hope she doesn't hurt him since she hates him so much. Not Sure Why???

Izzy seems so adorable. Hope she doesn't catch anything after being exposed to Frankie.

sheenabug said...

I really like derrick...but why is he lying about his occupation.I dont think it would hinder his game.

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...


I guess because being a cop he felt some might be against him because they don't like cops and/or they'd think he'd be good at reading people and knowing when someone is lying. In a way though since Derrick works undercover you could say he's actually being truest to his profession by pretending to be something he's not. LOL


Andrea Santangelo said...

I think it would definitely affect his game. Many people have very strong opinions about cops and they would have different expectations. Especially knowing he was an undercover cop!

Paul Mahaney said...

Izzy looks like Benji!

(I did a little research and there have been talks since 2010 and casting since 2012 for a new Benji...WOOT!!!)


That judi-chop segment was hilarious.

Tony Akinremi said...

I'd like to see the jury house. Nicole will be glad that Christine followed her out the house.

Does anyone know why Christine hates Donny so much?

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...


Probably the same reason why Christine seems to hate just about everyone. LOL


Frederick Anderson said...

What do the house guests think Derrick does for a living?

Amy D said...

@Frederick Anderson

They think he works for parks and recreation.

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...


Derrick told them he works in Parks & Rec


lmcniven said...

Hi Jamie. We still don't know if they are going to treat this episode like a DE where it will be really fast and get in 2 comps, or are they just rewinding the week and they will do a whole other week with the 5? They will have to do a DE next Thursday then won't they if that's the case?

Razldazlrr said...

ok kids - what's going to happen to our one good show tonite? president has speech at 9 pm est.

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...


Tonight's show will not be like a DE. In fact there won't even be 1 eviction. Somewhere between 8:35-8:37pm the countdown will reach 0 and Julie will inform the HG that they are rewinding to the beginning of the week and holding another HOH comp where everyone but Derrick gets to compete as he is once again considered the outgoing HOH after the rewind. Whether we know the winner before the end of the show will depend on what type of comp it is.

I'm not sure if they'll be a DE next week but it definitely won't be on Thu as there are no more BB eps on Thu due to NFL. It's also possible they could do as they have done at this point in the past and have 2 eviction eps in 1 week for a FF week. They'd have a taped eviction ep that would air on Tue and a live eviction ep on Wed.


bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...


Although this is the ep that would normally air on Thu and is being bumped up to Wed due to NFL it will still air at 8pm as it normally would on Wed. So the president speaking at 9pm would have no impact on tonight's BB.


~*Jen*~ said...

It does in MST. BB airs at 7pm MST and it might bleed through. I set my DVR to record all CBS shows tonight to make sure I don't miss anything lol.

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