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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1st HOH Comp of BB16 (Spoilers!!)

WOW WOW WOW!! What a first episode of the BB16 season! :D What did you guys think??  I loved it!! Best 1st episode of any season in a long time! The one thing that I really loved about tonight's Part 1 premiere was that they introduced us to only 8 of the 16 houseguests, which made it so much easier to get to know their personalities. I hope they do that from here on out. Loved it!

While I was watching tonight's show, I decided to take some notes for those of you who weren't able to catch the first show.

In case you missed tonight's 1st episode of the season, here's what went down:

*Amber/Nicole/Frankie/Joey/Devin/Cody/Donny/Paola = 8-person alliance.
*Donny/Devin are in an alliance called "Double D".
*Amber/Nicole/Pow Pow/Joey = girls alliance called "El Cuatro".
*Paola is called "Pow Pow" in the house.
*Pow Pow is crushing on Cody.

HOH Comp Review & Results:

*Pow Pow was 1st out
*Joey was 2nd (she said she's not good at balancing)
*BB Sunscreen was thrown on them, made the comp more slippery
*Nicole dropped 3rd
*Donny dropped 4th
*Devin dropped 5th (seconds after Donny did)
*Cody dropped 6th
*Amber dropped 7th (she said she threw the comp, which was very obvious)
*Frankie was last one standing, which means...


Team America:
Julie said that Team America will get to pick 3 HG's to be in a secret alliance, who will do what we say!

Live Feeds:
Okay, so all day long I've been warning y'all about the 20% sale going bye-bye tonight, but as of an hour ago, I'm now hearing "sometime tomorrow" for sure. Since nobody seems to know what's really going on, I'd definitely just go get'em now & be ready for the feeds to go live tomorrow night after the 2nd premiere airing is over!! :D

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Feedback on Facebook & Twitter about tonight's show:
Everyone loves Donny, girls think Devin/Cody are really cute, most people dislike Pow Pow.

Get your sleep tonight, BB addicts, because tomorrow we will get to meet the remaining 8 houseguests & find out who will win the 2nd HOH this week! (FYI: According to Julie, by the end of each week, there will only be 1 HOH. She didn't go into details about that just yet.)

Come back tomorrow for the Part 2: Premiere Night Party!!! It starts 30 mins before the East Coast showing! :D See ya then!!!

Stay tuned...
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Stephanie Kitchens said...

I thought Nicole was so cute. She seems so sweet. Kind of reminded me of Jordan. Not really feeling "pow pow." Silly nickname too lol. All in all, great first episode! I can't wait for tomorrow night. Also I just want to say thank you, Jamie! Every year you do an amazing job with this blog and I am so happy I found you during BB 13. I hope to be able to donate very soon once I get done with my sons 2nd birthday which is tomorrow!

Jamie said...

Aww thanks, love! Happy birthday to your son!!!

JimA. said...

I like Nicole too and am suspect of Pow Pow, most of them seem ok at this point.

Heather Dupont said...

Am I able to subscribe to the live feeds up here in Canada? If so, I'll be doing it through your site, Jamie. Thank you for being here. Do I still have time for the deal? Thank you, Heather

Gross said...

Jamie, thank you for this amazing blog. I've been a follower for over 5 years. Your website is hot-keyed on my home screen on my iPhones, iPads, etc. I've also referred you to many friends. I got the feeds today through your link!!

My first impressions:

1- disappointed with IQ levels so far. I like intriguing, intelligent people... dr.will!!!

2-Cody- "I like a girl with a tight body" after being asked what he likes in a girl. Really? Shallow, boring, annoying.

3-Devon already playing like an amateur!

4-I love super fans.... So I like quirky michigan girl and Duck Dynasty

5- powpow - cannot stand.... LOL

6- more thoughts later

Thank you again for amazing blog. I'm so you!! :D

Gross said...

Also, because Frankie is Ariana's brother....I think it'll be interesting to watch him "live" everyday....see his true personality, etc.

Casey Hahn said...

I love the new hoh twist. Plus I like Donnie I think he's going to be a threat in the game.

Casey Hahn said...

I like the new hoh twist. And Devon is super hot!

Anonymous said...

I'm not thinking this 8 person alliance will last very long as they're most likely expecting the 2nd group to be vets so the rooks sticking together would be crucial. However once they see that they're all on the same level everyone will quickly mix.

Just from reading Paola's little Q&A on this blog I had a feeling I really wasn't going to like her and boy was I right. Like I said previously they definitely must've given them the BB12 DVDs to watch in sequester and I have a feeling that's probably the 1st and only time Paola has watched the show. That El Cuatro alliance is also doomed.

Also as I've said before with this new HOH twist throwing the HOH will be rampant and we are already 1 for 1 in that department. And also I'll be absolutely shocked if Frankie isn't the 1st member of Team America. There's no real suspense in that department for me.

I'm thinking this new Battle of the Block comp will work in 1 of 3 ways all ending with there only being 1 HOH and the 2 people they put up remaining on the block with the other HOH and the 2 people they put up released back into the pack with the rest of the house and thus eligible to be a renom after POV. Either 1) the 2 HOHs will compete or 2) the 2 pairs of noms will compete against each other in teams to remove the HOH who put them up and thus get themselves off the block or 3) Each pair of noms will team with the HOH who didn't put them up to help them remain HOH thus removing the other HOH and themselves from the block in the process.


Nikki said...

Hey jamie! Can't wait to keep up with this season with you! I'm usually not a big commenter but I'm gonna try to be better this season since so far I'm loving it! So you nailed exactly what I was thinking, how did NOONE notice amber so obviously jump off the wheel??? & I thought I caught her lie about her job but couldn't figure out the strategy behind that because her true job was not a super high salary occupation? Other than that my favorite so far is donny because he's most down to earth and least favorite is pow pow; I think she's gonna get on my nerves real quick! Haha

Again thanks jamie for what's it been now... around 8 years with the blog? You are fantastic!!!

Kevin Strother said...

Don't forget...last week Julie said they'd have a new competition called "Battle of the Block"...I'm assuming that the 2 HoH's will compete and the winner remains HoH while the other one joins the rest of the houseguests and can be a replacement nom after veto....could get interesting!! Love this blog every summer! Keep it up! - Kevin

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Glad you're back this year! I always look forward to your comments! This will be a fun season!

Anonymous said...

Alliances already, like they'll really last! I think Frankie came out to fast and playing too hard. Yes I know who his sister is, but the players don't and they're already suspecting of him. Maybe we won't see Frankie around much longer, even though I think he will make for a very interesting show! Pow-Pow...seriously what kind of name is that..sounds like a small dog name who's feisty but not a lot of bite! I think that Donnie and Nicole are completely the underdogs by everyone, but I have a feeling they'll be just fine! Devon well he may have that smile but in BB he doesn't have a very good game so far.
Really excited for this season, I'm hoping for a lot of drama!!

Andy Tatnall said...

Enough with the alliance names, already. People in the last couple of seasons seem to start lots of little alliances they have no intention of sticking to, just to come up with silly names for them.

Razldazlrr said...

well, and so it begins! Funny how everyone got the vibe on Pow Pow right away! LOL
The beach pics below are pretty goofy - thinking there are a few nice looking knuckleheads in this group!

thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

Devin seems to be making the classic BB mistake of playing too hard too early. In only the 1st ep he's already spearheaded the forming of 2 alliances a massive half the house 1 and a 2 person. Especially for a guy who will already be viewed as a huge physical threat this could definitely come back to bite him quickly if he doesn't cool it.

My 2 favs by far in this half of the house were Donny and Nicole who were the 2 I thought I would like from this group judging by those Q&As on the blog.


Jennifer Winchel said...

So far I really like all the contestants, but I think Paola is going to drive me crazy with the way she talks...hahaha

Nicole said...

Nicole and Donny are definitely my favorites as well. I can't wait to see how the two HOH battle of the block goes down and I agree with Brian that is how I was thinking it would have to work for the last week or so.

Ashley Tullie said...

Me too Stephanie! Brian's comments are always so insightful! Looking forward to an awesome season!

Angie J. said...

Really not a fan of Paola so far. Nicole definitely seems to have the Jordan-esque naivety about her. Could be one to watch. Really love Frankie and Joey's personalities. Is going to be an interesting season!

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