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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

~**BB16 Live Premiere Party!!!**~

It's time, BB addicts!!!!!!! :D At 8pm ET/7pm CT tonight, we will be watching the BB16 premiere night, Part 1. (Tomorrow night will be Part 2).

If you have time, then tune in right now to watch Jeff's BB Kickoff Party! He has a few guests lined up tonight. IT'S FREE!! Just click the pic to go...
(clicking on the pic will take you right to the live event!)

Live Feeds:
The live feeds are still on sale for 20% off!!! But hurry, because the sale will be ending very tonight!! (No specific time has been given to me, so seriously just go & get them while ya can!) 

Speaking of the feeds...
Just as a reminder, the live feeds will not go live tonight..that will happen tomorrow night after the Part 2 premiere airing.  

I will be opening up the chat room right here on the blog 30 mins before tonight's premiere! (Look for the blue "Chat" button on the right-side of the blog). Hope to see y'all there! 

I know a lot of you guys & gals are asking me if I have a link to watch tonights show & I did have a link, but it turned out to be a bad link. I have last seasons link to watch BB online, but I'm not sure if that's still a good link or not. Keep checking this post as I keep looking for a good link for y'all.

UPDATED @ 7:58pm ET: Try this link to watch tonight. 

Okay guys & gals, that's it! 
Let's get this party started!!!!!

Stay tuned...
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JimA. said...

Ready to go! I only have an android and dont think the feeds would work well on it, also there is no right side for a chat button. :)

Jamie said...

its the blue "CHAT ROOM" button hun :)

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Thank you for posting the link! I clicked on it and an waiting until 8 to see if it works. I can't wait, only 5 more minutes!

JimA. said...

The only blue button I have is the Publish button, its just different on a smartphone I guess.

Suzie Thomson said...

I love Donny!!!

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