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Friday, June 27, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House (Veto Comp Results)

Happy Friday afternoon, BB addicts!! :D If this is your first visit to the blog today, then you got a lot of catching up to do! I suggest reading The Overnighter (Quickie Version) first, followed by the Morning/Afternoon Post.

If you're having trouble keeping up with all these alliances, then you can thank @89razorskate20 on Twitter for this awesome alliances chart he put up less than an hour ago! 

At 12:51pm BBT, the live feeds went off (well..actually they switched to Jeff's pre-season interview highlights), which means that the HG's are playing their Veto Comp!! :D

Veto Comp Players are:
Caleb/Pow Pow/Donny/Victoria/Cody/Zach
Jocasta is hosting.

Basically, if Donny doesn't win veto, he's going home. :( If Donny wins veto, Joey will go up & home. Now of course, anything can change between now & the POV ceremony, so we'll see!

As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the spoiler below & start the afternoon post! :D

4:16pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

Sounds like it was a spelling comp.
HG's keep congratulating Donny on his win. He's walking around with a big smile!

4:28pm BBT:
Donny tells Devin how he won the comp...

..and then goes to the table to sit down & eat his sandwich. 
4:30pm BBT:
Caleb is telling Brittany that he's weighing options on who to put up.

Caleb mentions Joey because she started an all girl alliance.

Caleb: "I don't have a reason to put anyone else up...I have a reason to put (Joey) up."

**Sidenote: Brittany confirmed that her & Victoria are indeed safe for the week because they were already nominated this week (per Frankie's HOH).

Brittany is telling Caleb that if he puts up Joey, the girls are keeping her & getting Pow Pow out.

4:40pm BBT:
Caleb told Brittany that he's gonna ask everyone who they think should go up and "go with the house vote".

Caleb: "I just want the house to know I did what's the best decision (for everyone)."

They hug & leave the lounge.

4:41pm BBT:
Caleb asks Amber to talk. They enter the lounge.
Caleb is asking Amber who she thinks he should put up, girl or guy wise. Amber says Joey. Says she thinks Joey would put her up if she could. Guy wise, she says Hayden.

Caleb asks Amber if it was between Pow Pow & Joey, which girl would she vote out. She said she'd vote out Joey.

Caleb: "I'm just gonna go with the house vote."

Amber keeps pushing for Joey's demise. 
Amber: "I really think Joey still has a girl alliance."

Frankie enters. A minute later, Amber leave.

Caleb: "I'm gonna do what the house wants, which is basically my alliance."
Frankie: "Yea, that works."

4:58pm BBT:
Storage Room

Caleb tells Cody he's putting up Joey, but going around and making people think he's going with the house vote, while their alliance of 8 have the votes to get Joey out. Caleb also likes the idea of Joey going up because he "has a reason" (girls alliance thing) to put her up. 

**Guys, the night is just getting started so turn on those live feeds!! :D I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter. Until then, have a great Friday night!!!

UPDATED @ 5:25pm BBT:
Since my last post, Victoria has cried to Frankie about her extensions falling out & it's making her feel insecure because in the past, her hair started falling out & she's "known for her hair". Frankie reassured her that she's "gorgeous".

And after Joey & Caleb talked in the lounge room, Joey pretty much knows she's going up on the block and cried to Jocasta.
Tears all around tonight!
Wanna watch? Ya gotta have the feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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JimA. said...

Joey and Donny are just terrible noms, I wouldnt have guessed them the first week there are so many others that need to go before them.

Anonymous said...

I wish they were going with Paola going home. She is not my favorite person so far.

Gross said...

Donny isn't even a threat physically.....sighhhh......

I smell a lotta sips of Cool-aid...this year.

Anonymous said...


The 4 initial noms were definitely due to the new format of the game. With Frankie and Caleb having limited knowledge of how this would work they both obviously tried to play it safe with their noms with weaker players as to hope their pair lost the BOTB so they could remain HOH and safe. I'm a little unsure as to why Joey is the target as the renom if POV is used though other than the girls alliance thing. But I suppose this early in the game with so little to go on it doesn't take much to become a target.


Anonymous said...

They think Donny is a secret genius when as we've seen from the DR the guy is having trouble just remembering 15 other people's names LOL. The odds are clearly against Donny winning POV but hopefully the comp will involve lawn care and/or making cricket sounds as I'd like for him to stay. Although with Joey being the secondary target I don't think BB will do Donny any favors or else this Team America twist could go the way of The Saboteur (shudder).

PS I would've went with Frach for the F2 deal instead of Zrankie which doesn't quite roll off the tongue


JimA. said...

I suppose but I like Joey and Paola or Victoria would be my first choices to go.

JimA. said...

Is Brittany the mother of three and do the HGs know about Team America? I think I know the answers but just checking.

JimA. said...


Shelley OBrien said...

POW POW, Victoria, Zack & Jocista , need too go. I sure hope Donny is saved.

Gross said...

I LOL'd so hard --- lawn care and crickets!

Lindsey Mercer said...

Okay, did I miss something? Reading over the last fee posts and see Frankie nomed Victoria. I thought they hit it off on the episode so what happened?

Also, I hope Donny doesn't go! I can already tell his diary sessions will be a highlight!

Kaycee14 said...

Caleb chose the 1st male & 1st female to drop out of group 1's comp as his noms, and Frankie choose the first 2 people to drop out of group 2s comp as his noms. I guess that was a way of picking noms w/o making it seem personal.

Anonymous said...


Yes Brittany is the mother of 3 kids. I don't believe anyone but Joey knows about Team America at this point unless she's told someone or if BB has told the 2nd member yet


Anonymous said...


Thanks for that bit of info I hadn't heard that before. Of course it was also a good way of coming up with a reason to pick weaker players in hopes of your pair of noms losing the BOTB and you remaining HOH and safe LOL


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Donny won POV an will get to stick around some more. Although I imagine winning a spelling contest will only further fuel those who think he's a secret genius LOL. Now let's see if BB will work any of their DR magic to save Joey and keep their Team America twist from crashing and burning ala The Saboteur.


Gross said...

U think Joey will tell the house about team America if she realizes she's going home? That's be funny.

Joe Phillips said...

Least favorite so far: jacosta, Brittany, Nicole, derrick, Victoria.
Don't get me wrong, others much more annoying but I'm a viewer looking to be entertained.

Be much different if I was in there. Brittany for her slop cooking abilities alone would be going nowhere.

My odds are on Frankie winning. Only thing standing in his way is being able to convince ppl he is not a threat. He's athletic, social, positive, and he listens too.

Just started watching two years ago. Found this blog last year. Never posted... But thank you Jamie and Brian!

JimA. said...

Thx Brian.

JimA. said...

Thats what I was thinking will BB intervene. Strange Americas fav is the first one they want to go.

Lindsey Mercer said...

Thank you @kaycee I definitely missed that part!

Tony Akinremi said...

I would like Joey to stay especially if she's part of Team America. How did Caleb find out about the all girl alliance? And wasn't Pow-Pow the mastermind of that. I guess another season showing that women can't work well together.

I guess the bro/Showmance of frach is sort of interesting. But it seems forced. For they're sake they better hope the other HG's don't figure out their secret alliance thru their action with each other.

Also totally figured that Donny was putting on a sort act. The is smarter than he wants us/HG's to know.

Jamie thanks for the blog again and well wishes to your Bella.

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