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Friday, June 27, 2014

Morning/Afternoon in the BB16 House

Good morning/afternoon, BB addicts! As I mentioned in the The Overnighter (Quickie), today is the Veto Comp. The players have already been picked:

Veto Comp Players:
Caleb (HOH), Paola (Nom), Donny (Nom), Victoria, Cody, Zach

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When you get the Season Pass, that will cover you the whole season with nothing to cancel, also you'll be able to watch all the post-BB16 goodies (interviews, etc) way past the finale date! Totally worth it!!!

Ok, let's just dive right on into the Morning/Afternoon post, shall we?

Currently on the live feeds...

The HG's woke up at around 10am BBT this morning. For the most part, they've just been eating breakfast, getting ready for the day.

11:04am BBT:
HOH Room
Devin is pushing for Donny to stay & for Joey to go because she tried to make an all-girls alliance. Devin & Caleb think that Donny is "a genius" and would come out of the woodwork and beat all of them. (**Are you kidding me?? lol) Devin wants to backdoor Joey, Caleb/Frankie don't think that's a good idea.

11:14am BBT:
The boys are still talking in the HOH room. (The HG's think that Donny is a possibly a professor or something more than just a groundskeeper. They think he's more smart than he lets on.) Frankie warned Devin that 'the girls' are saying that Devin is playing too hard, too fast. Devin said he misses his kid.

11:24am BBT:
Frankie gets called to the D.R.
Caleb is talking to Devin & Amber in the HOH room about hunting. Caleb is talking about killing & then eating a squirrel.

11:30am BBT:
Living Room
The 3 of them are talking about playing the Veto Comp today. Victoria leaves.

Zach mentions how cool it is that one of them will be "half million dollars richer" and both Zach/Derrick think that Frankie will become famous after BB16 is over. Zach leaves to go brush his teeth.

11:32am BBT:
Back in the HOH room, Caleb is still talking about hunting & guns to Amber/Devin. Amber leaves to get something to eat.

Devin/Caleb talk.
Caleb said that if Donny wins veto, he will congratulate him and then have to put up Joey. 

11:37am BBT:
Frankie has rejoined Caleb/Devin in the HOH room. Caleb said that they (Frankie/Devin) are his "main dudes" in their alliance and that the "other 2" (??) are just there.

11:50am BBT:
Caleb is telling Frankie/Devin about a physical fight he was in. Just guy talk. Frankie chimes in with his own fight story so that he can "feel cool" like them. lol

Devin/Caleb leave the HOH room.
Zach/Frankie have a quick meeting in the HOH bathroom.

Frankie tells Zach he "defused" Devin and he's okay now. They talk about how either Donny or Joey will leave this week, depending on if Donny wins veto or not.

Frankie: "We don't need Amber, let her vote how she wants, she loves Donny. So f**k it. Let her vote the way she wants. We don't need her (vote)."

Zach: "We'll take it week to week & just go from there, ya know? We'll take it week to week."

**Sidenote: Frankie/Zach have a F2 deal with each other, as I mentioned yesterday. Also, Frankie's game seems to be very similar to Andy's game last year; great social game & talks with everyone, calms people down, etc.

12:00pm BBT:
Frankie/Zach are still talking in the HOH room.
Frankie said he's been doing "damage control" and "defusing Devin". 

Frankie said if he was watching the show, he'd think that Devin was crazy.
Zach: "(Devin) just needs to breathe. We (Zach/Frankie) are gonna carry each other to the end."

Zach said he's gonna win veto today.

12:06pm BBT:
Donny is getting a snack in the storage room, as Jocasta is ironing clothes. Donny leaves a minute later.

12:07pm BBT:

Joey is blow drying her hair in the bathroom & Brittany is telling her how her daughter is going to love Joey because of her blue hair.

Most of the other HG's are in the kitchen area, talking about various jobs.

 **Thanks to BB fan Sue M. on the blogs facebook group, we know now that there's an 8-person alliance called "The Bomb Squad", which includes Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Zack, Cody, Derick, Amber & Christine. Also, thanks to Joey for exposing it, the girls alliance is now done & so is the Crazy 8's alliance. (**Is your head spinning yet? lol)

12:19pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Frankie doing what he calls "damage control" with Victoria (after nominating her and then him losing his HOH). Before leaving the lounge room, he hugs & kisses her & says "I love you!". They're on good terms.

12:37pm BBT:
 Most HG's are in the living room and/or roaming between the kitchen & living room, waiting for the veto comp to start.
Frankie & Christine have a quick chat. Frankie tells her that Donny will go this week, even if they don't have Amber's vote.

12:51pm BBT:
Feeds switch to fishies..then to..Jeff's interview with Hayden?? lol Whhhhhat? I'm guessing his pre-season interviews are the replacement for feeds trivia during comps.

So with that being said...Time for the Veto Comp!!!!! :D I'll start a new post!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

My head isn't spinning at all learning of the demise of the Crazy 8s and El Cuatro alliances as I knew they were doomed from the start. There was no way I was going to bother paying attention to alliances made with only half the HGs in the house. And they were most likely expecting the other half to be Vets on top while we knew it wouldn't be.


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