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Monday, June 30, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House

Good afternoon, y'all!! The feeds have been very chill today, but definitely some stuff that are noteworthy that I wanted to post about so that we're all caught up with what's going on!

This afternoon on the live feeds...

*Cody told Christine to watch out for Frankie because he's in with everyone.
*Frankie was asked (by Devin) why his family moved to LA.
He said because his sister wanted to go to college out there & she is in musical theater.

*Christine told Joey to talk to the boys in charge to stay safe this week (Devin/Caleb).
When asked for her vote, Christine said she doesn't know what everyone else is doing & that it's bad to go against the house and make enemies. She gave her advice to offer people deals (like being safe for a few weeks).

*At 12:55pm BBT, Joey talked to caleb about staying this week. she thinks he could have a big influence over how others vote, so she told him that she is better at comps than Pow Pow and could protect him. He said he can't help her because then he'd have to help Paola, too. She said she understands and it makes sense.

*The HG's are having a prom tonight. (**This could get interesting. lol)
(So far, these are the planned prom dates: Caleb/Amber, Victoria/Frankie, Joey/Brittany, Cody/Christine, both Zach & Hayden want to take Nicole.)

*Cody doesn't want to take Nicole to their BB prom because he thinks of her as a sister.

*Paola told Caleb to ask Amber, he did, she said yes but now is mad because she really wanted to go with Derrick. (**This is only gonna fuel his obsession with her, especially after she rejected him last night. lol)

*Amber said that she wants a Final 2 with Christine and wants Caleb 1st out of the bomb squad but Brittany out as soon as possible. Amber said her ideal Final 3 would include Frankie along with her & Christine.  Both Amber/Christine want Donny & Nicole to stay for a long time. (*Yayy!! Love Donny!!) They both love him & feel he deserves to be in the house.

So that's the afternoon in a nutshell! Joey is still going home, the HG's are going to be holding a BB prom, Caleb is still madly in love with Amber & in denial, and new bonds are being solidified. Good stuff! lol Alight, I'm outta here for the night but I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! See ya then! :D Enjoy the live feeds tonight!! (**They're only $26.99 for the WHOLE SEASON, nothing to cancel, plus you get all the post-BB16 interviews!)

UPDATED @ 9:20pm ET:
Wil just tweeted that the 1st episode of the BB16 Saga is up! :D It's hilarious!!

Stay tuned...
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Casey Hahn said...

That's so stupid of amber if she doesn't like him then why didn't she say no??? Anyway Caleb is so hot!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling it's going to be another season of I'm not going against the house. COME ON HOUSE GUESTS GROW SOME ALREADY!!

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