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Monday, June 30, 2014

Morning in the BB16 House

Happy Monday morning/afternoon, BB addicts! The houseguests were woken up by BB at 9:30am BBT this morning. As I type this, not everybody is up yet it seems.

Today, I'm ready to see the awkwardness between Amber and Caleb after he told her last night (in an extremely awkward convo in the HOH room: 2:05am BBT), that he likes her. Her response? She doesn't feel nearly the same as she does. Will Caleb's obsession with Amber progress? Will he think she's playing hard to get? Or will he finally just let it go. Time will tell!

Okie dokie, let's dive on into the Morning post, shall we!?

Currently on the live feeds...

10:20am BBT:
Quad Cam
A look around the BB16 house...

 Sleepy HG's...
10:28am BBT:
Christine is reading the bible in the hammock.

10:30am BBT:
Donny is walking around the backyard, cleaning it up.
Victoria comes out to do her laundry.
10:37am BBT:
Donny waves to us live feeders.
Donny: "Mornin' y'all!"

**Hi Donny! I just love him. :)

10:43am BBT:

Donny is working out on the elliptical, Victoria is eating in the hammock with Christine. They're talking about Devin eating all the food in the house, including all the cereal. Christine says that Devin reminds her of a bully from 6th grade.

10:52am BBT:

Brittany just joined the girls in the hammock.

11:03am BBT:
Still lots of sleepy HG's!

**Since the HG's are all up yet & nothing of importance is really happening, I'm gonna take a bloggy break until the Early Afternoon post begins. Stick around for a new top post in a little bit! :D

Stay tuned...
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1 comment:

Razldazlrr said...

I agree - seems like Devin is the bully from 6th grade. I'm guessing he does eat lots of the food - that would be so annoying!

They would be smart to keep Donny around - he's probably one of the few picking up.

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