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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BB16 Blog: The Overnighter

Gooood morning & Happy Tuesday, BB addicts!! This morning I have great news to share with y' dog, Bella, is going to be just fine! The doc called first thing this morning & said it is non-cancerous, it's a bacterial infection and is on antibiotics for the next 14 days. Yayyy!!!! It's been a very emotional morning (in a good way, obviously) and I made a lot of phone calls to friends and family that were anxious to hear the results. So that's why I'm having such a late start today. Thank you to all of you that left sweet comments in the past few days, I really appreciated all of your support & kind words! Bella appreciates them, too!

Okay, so last night, nothing much happened in the BB16 house..not that I expected anything to happen. Truth be told, the HG's are in a stuck phase right now..Joey is going home, she knows it, her campaigning has failed, and there's nothing to do until Thursday. So until Thursday night, unless some unexpected drama pops up out left field, I don't expect too much to go down. Ahhhh..the honeymoon phase of BB. Gotta love it. ;) lol

Let me gather up anything noteworthy from last night & I'll post it below!

**You can watch everything I post below by using the Flashback Feeds feature.

10:50pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Nicole went into the Rock Bedroom and started crying because she's missing home. Cody & Amber gave her a hug. They all had a nice bonding session. Derrick said it's weird that his wife knows the other HG's better than he does (by watching the feeds). A little bit later, Christine/Frankie/Zach talked in the lounge room about funny it is that other HG's are crying & it's only week 1.

10:52am BBT:
Lounge Room

Meanwhile, Frankie's polishing his already stellar social game with Victoria. Frankie talked about how Joey can "offer anything she wants" for his vote for her to stay, but it doesn't matter. She's gone this week.

12:05am BBT:
Christine warned Derrick that other HG's think he's close to Caleb/Devin, the biggest targets in the house, so to be aware of that so that he doesn't become a target himself. Derrick thinks that their alliance of 8 (The Bomb Squad) isn't going to work. They're worried that Cody could become a target since Devin/Cody don't get along. They (Derrick/Christine) said they'll have to stop that from happening if Cody is ever in danger of going home, they want him around. Derrick said if their alliance goes after Christine, he'll try to stop them and tell them not to. He said that the alliance break apart at some point...

Christine: "..It's just a matter of when."

12:57am BBT:
Hot Tub
When I joined this convo, Caleb was telling Devin how some dates that will come & go while he's in the house (of his brothers that he's lost in the military) will be hard for him but he'll be okay. He then teared up.
Devin told Caleb that while he can't fully relate, he will be there for him if he needs someone.
He then tries to cheer him up..

Devin: "If I could sing a song for you, I would. Hell, I just might...*singing* 'Smile, even though your heart is breaking..'..."

A minute later, he starts singing again..
Devin: "You've got a friend in meeee..."

Around 1:13am BBT in their convo, Devin tells Caleb that Amber isn't the one for him and that she was talking badly about him & how he only cares about himself, and how he (Devin) had to tell her to stop. Devin also said that Amber said people need to stop talking to her about Caleb because she's not interested in him.

At around 3am BBT in the HOH room, Caleb tells Devin that he feels like he wasted his time perusing Amber since she's not interested in him.

3:35am BBT:
Pool Table
They did some Devin bashing (called him an idiot) and how they don't trust him & that he talks game 24/7.

Zach: "(Devin) is an idiot, dude."
They go on & on about how much they bash Devin in their DR sessions.

Cody mentions that Caleb's cockiness (how Caleb is saying he's going to win the game, etc) is getting on his nerves. This is a good convo to watch on the Flashback Feeds

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I'll be back with a Morning/Early Afternoon post as soon as the HG's get up & going for the day!

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

oh yea Bella! I had goldens that lived to 12 and almost 15 - they are close to my heart - 11 year old lab now. So glad she is OK!!! We love our poochies!

Jamie said...

Thanks Raz! :D I'd be so happy if I had her 12-15 yrs, how awesome that would be. I have a client who has a 17 yr golden retriever..poor guy has trouble walking though. We do indeed love our doggies!!

Emily Smolinsky said...

Hi! Love your blog. I think the banner up top can be updated with the current noms.

Emily Smolinsky said...

Sorry if I sent this a bunch of times, whoops (:

Razldazlrr said...

doggies - yep - mine have always taken cosequin and one took arthritis meds as he got older. It probably shortened his length of life but greatly increased the quality. He was running at the lake the week before he died. (ok - mine also went to the dog chiro and had some water therapy - LOL)

ok - so they are Devin bashing - makes sense - I think he's an idiot too LOL.
Doesn't it seem like Derrick could go far in the game if he ups his social a little bit? It seems like he would have the ability to read people and "act" from being an undercover cop.

Lolli said...

So happy that your sweet furbaby is okay!!!

Ashaw20 said...

Yay for Bella!! I've been thinking about her! Nothing better than good news from the vet :) Darn goose poop!

Angela Foster said...

Yay, glad your dog is okay! She's so cute! :)

#1: Devin gets on my nerves.. shocker. I think he should go home. Too much game talk TOO fast. It's not even a full week yet.

#2: I think Derrick WOULD go far in this game because he seems like a laid back chill guy, but could use some of his detective skills to help out him & his alliances.

#3: I don't think the bomb squad will last long at all since half the house is involved. The stupidist thing I've seen..

Jamie, I'm so glad for your blog! I followed last seasons as well and it's sooo informative :) I wanted to get live feeds but fiance said no and when would I have time to watch. So I'm glad for your blog to help me out with my BB addiction... :)

Angela Foster said...

Oh and Ps....I'm sad that Joey is going. She's super cool!

JimA. said...

Glad to hear Bella is going to be ok. :)

UnionGrl said...

Glad about your pup. My sister's young Golden did have cancer but came through the chemo great so it is survivable.

Yeah, I'm with the get-rid-of Devin group. He is a rattling, bouncing loose cannon and will blow someone's head off -maybe his own!

I'm PO-ed that my cable doesn't carry TVGN. Bad Uverse, bad!

HurlyBurly said...

Congrats on the good news!

Tony Akinremi said...

Congrats on good news about Bella.

As to too much game talk I think this kinda proves my point about these people. Most are fans they knew the so well their happy to be there and play. Some just need to up their social game or stop talk about game of a minute.

I like Derrick he seems to be feeling out the HG's. Christine and Frankie seem total smart about the game.

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