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Monday, June 30, 2014

BB16 Blog: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday to y'all! :D Okay, ok..I know it's Monday but let's all try to get through this together. lol ;)

I mentioned last night, the POV Ceremony was yesterday, which is off-schedule from previous BB seasons. (Typically they're on Monday's). Donny, Veto Winner, used it on himself to pull himself off the block & Joey was the renom as expected. As it stands, and has for days now, Joey will be going home this week. Since Joey is the 1st of 3 members in "Team America", it'll be interesting to see what BB does once she's out the door.

Okay, so last night something totally awkward happened on the feeds: Caleb professed his undying love for Amber and was rejected! It was a super duper awkward convo to watch, and I'll be sure to post it in the Overnighter this morning. (If you can't wait that long & you already have the feeds, then use the Flashback Feeds feature & go to 2:05am BBT.)

The Overnighter:

12:10am BBT:
Booze delivery!!
Looks like BB gave them 6 beers & 2 bottles of wine.

Today is Nicoles birthday, so the HG's surprised her with their version of "Happy Birthday" by clapping & saying "Hap-py Bith-day!" over & over again. (For copyright reasons, they can't sing Happy Birthday on the feeds.)

Hayden giving the birthday girl a lap dance...
2:05am BBT:
HOH Room

Caleb: "Basically...sounds cheesy, but..I haven't had this (kind of) conversation in like 4 yrs but umm..the ways I'm attracted to you is not because you're crazy have're not like a lot of people. You're different, much different, than a lot of people I've been interested in, ever."

Amber: "Thank you for the kind words."
Caleb: "Neither one of us want a showmance, but what I do know is that there's a certain way you look at me throughout the look at me a I wrong?"
Amber: "I don't look at anybody a lot!"

Caleb: "I just feel a vibe between us.."
Amber: 'This is to me."

Caleb continues and it just keeps getting more awkward.

Caleb: "There's a lot about you that I'm attracted to you (for). Hopefully when this is over, I can stay here, go out on a big dinner date..I dunno.."
Amber: "You're all giddy!"
Caleb: "I'm being honest in how I feel! I just wanna know a lot more about you than I already do."
Amber: "We're in a house..with nothing to do..but to get to know each other."
Caleb: "I feel like when we're in a room together, you walk away, so that other people don't see us together."
Amber: "I'm sorry..that I leave when you walk into the room."

This convo goes on for awhile. Basically, Caleb is saying he likes Amber, and she's saying "Oh that's nice". lol  It's a must see on the Flashback Feeds.

**That's it for the Overnighter! It was a pretty chill night in the BB house. Joey said she's not going to campaign because she feels like people don't wanna be bothered anymore. The only other thing worth mentioning is that Christine/Frankie talked about a Final 2 deal (Christine's idea), Frankie liked the idea. Frankie's game is on-point & I really see him going far in this game.

I'll be back with the morning/afternoon post once the HG's wake up!

Stay tuned...
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Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

I don't understand why Joey is the one taking the fall for the all-girls alliance when PowPow (who is also on the block) is actually the one who organized it.

Nicole Chenault said...

Can't sing happy birthday? Well that's just the craziest thing. So is it illegal to sing it at a party and post it on youtube? hahaha...

Love your blog, can't watch without it - and you managed to get me to get the live feeds this year for the flashbacks, haha!! Thanks for all you do!!!

Kathleen DesRosiers said...

i agree... she even said it to Pow Pow, and no one corrected her... Could she have said something before Pow Pow did that wasn't on the show?

krstn423 said...

I just watch the Caleb/Amber conversation and I don't think awkward even accurately describes it. I was so uncomfortable for both of them. I wanted to yell at Amber to run and I wanted to yell at Caleb to stop talking.


That was a big Heisman. Its amazing what people can cook up in their heads. Hide the cutlery.

Skeeter Bug said...

Am I the only one who thinks that some kind of showmance between Nicole and Hayden could be cute? Not just because of the lap dance, LOL! He's kind of detached from the guys, and she's kind of detached from the girls (other than Christine), and they both just have simple, sweet, dorky personalities. I'd like to see if anything can develop there :)

Gross said...

Ahhhh I love big brother!!

Caleb is cray...and I loved watching every second of that awkwardness....

Anonymous said...

The girls know that it was Pao Pao that started the alliance but there's 2 girls on the block and all the guys want Joey out. I'm sure none of the girls want to be public enemy number one so they are probably going to vote Joey out.

I wish Cody was able to convince Frankie to keep Joey because I know Cody said he liked Joey. Frankie doesn't want to budge though.

I don't think Hayden and Nicole are going to be a thing. She's already said to Christine that he isn't interested in him. Nicole might avoid a showmance because when she was telling Victoria and Christine about how good Cody cuddles, she jokingly told Victoria to go for it ( with cody). I also think Hayden's personality doesn't attract Nicole.

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