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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BB16 Premiere Night: Part 1 is TONIGHT!!!

Happy BB16 Premiere Night, Part 1!! :D It's here, it's here!! It's finally here!! I am sooo excited for tonight, that I barely slept last night! haha ;)

Okay, so last night the BB backyard pics were finally released (a lil late this season). Here they are:

Yesterday, I tweeted out the video of the 1 min HOH comp teaser with 8 of the 16 HG's, so if you haven't yet checked it out, check it out.

Tonight, the BB16 premiere starts at 8pm ET/7pm CT, and I will be opening up the chat room here on the blog 30 mins prior to the show starting. So make sure to bring your snackies & drink(s) of choices!

Now remember, there were two premiere nights this season (tonight & tomorrow night), which also means that the live feeds will be starting tomorrow night after the premiere ends.

Speaking of the feeds...

At some point today, the live feeds Early Bird Special will be going bye-bye! Nobody was given a specific time (though I heard via rumor "3pm ET") of when the special will end. So it's definitely best to go snag up the deal now to ensure you get the best deal!!

(one-time fee, nothing to cancel, covers you for the whole season! just click the link.)

(The feeds are available to the USA, Canada & Australia this year.)

I want to thank all of y'all for your amazing support by getting the feeds through me this season! Thank you so much!!

Alright, my BB addicts family, that's it for now!! Only hours to go, now!!! I'll see y'all back here tonight with a new top post entitled "BB16 Premeiere Party". See you tonight right here on the blog!!!

***Yes I will have the link to watch it online.***

w000t! *does premiere night dance*

Stay tuned...
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Buhnessuh said...

I am so excited for tonight! Will you be doing the live streams of the episodes on here like you did last year?

Lolli said...

I'm so excited! Thanks in advance for all you do every season!

Buhnessuh said...

Awesome, thanks for everything Jamie! :)

Jamie said...

acutally hold on, i gotta find another link, that was a bad link..

Emperor Joshua Spisak said...


Stephanie Kitchens said...

Is there a way to watch the show live on your phone? I kind of remember last year that you would post a link on your site for people who weren't able to tune in on their TV. My 2 year old watches TV to fall asleep and 8pm is the time he's usually watching but I do not want to miss tonight's episode! I guess if I have too he will have to watch Barney on my phone lol

Rebekah Koenig said...

This link may work. It has a counter that is counting down at the correct time. I don't know though, I've never live streamed before.

Jamie, I have been reading your blog for the past few years, sitting silently behind my keyboard. Hopefully this year I'll participate more. Thank you for all of the amazing work you do with this blog year after year!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are always so funny as the 'old' guy always keeps his shirt on. I think having Frankie on is SO UNFAIR. Besides his own large social media following, he has a sister with 16 million twitter followers tweeting on his behalf. You have America voting for special powers etc and theres no doubt that he's going to get them. Its even more obvious and manipulative than Rachel's sister. Ratings were up last night so maybe the strategy worked. Grodner & Company never cares about fairness so this will be just the beginning of producer manipulation. They will make sure he doesnt get evicted too soon. It is funny of them to think an 8 alliance or even a 4 girl alliance will work...I wish we had fewer stereotypical contestants ; it feels the same every season. And have more than 1 token gay each year so that they can have showman's too (except for the ex season)...If its a social experiment, why not flip things and have the straights or the whites feel like the minorities?

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