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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Call for Early Bird Special + BB16 Saga (UPDATED!!!)

**scroll down for update!**

Happy *1 Day* until premiere night!! :D w00t w00t!!! Tomorrow night, we will see the 1st (of 2) premiere nights of BB16. On Thursday night, will be part 2. After Thursday's show, that's when the feeds will finally kick on.

Speaking of feeds...

If you're a procrastinator, like myself lol, then this is for you: The early bird special will be ending tomorrow night (no specific time has been issued that I could find), so definitely get the feeds on sale while ya can!!

(no coupon code needed, just click the link)

Thank you for supporting me this year by getting the feeds through me, I couldn't be here without y'alls support!!! :D

In other news...

I am soooo happy to report that Wil Heuser will be doing another season of BB Saga, entitled "BB16 Saga"! Yayyy!!! I freakin' LOVED his videos last year, they were hilarious!! He tweeted the BB16 Saga promo video yesterday, check it out:

That's it for now, ladies & gents! Tomorrow is premiere night & yes, I will have the chat room open here on the blog for the 1st time this season. CAN'T WAIT!!!! :D

CBS released this video of the 1st HOH comp!! It's only a minute long but man oh man, does it get me excited for this season!!!! :D

Anyone else notice there's only 8 competing in this HOH comp? Looks like it will be Team vs Team afterall!

Stay tuned...
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daryl42 said...

Love that. .. ain't nobody got time for 2 L s

Anonymous said...

I remember in the press release they said we'd meet half the HGs on night 1 and the other half on night 2. I originally thought that meant they'd just be splitting the background features with half airing 1 night and the 2nd half the next. However perhaps we won't even see that 2nd group enter the house till night 2. I'm not sure this necessarily means they are playing in teams. I think it has to do with the 2 HOHs twist. I'd bet they split the HGs in half with 8 playing for 1 HOH and 8 playing for the 2nd HOH. And they probably won't even know there's a 2nd group and 2nd HOH till they then bring them together and reveal the twists.


Anonymous said...

I love Wil's vids and I'm so glad he's back for another season. Here's to hoping this year they can just be a nice cherry on top unlike last season when they became something I looked forward to almost as much if not more than the actual episodes.


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