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Thursday, June 26, 2014

BB16: Premiere Night 2 (recap)

What another great episode tonight! Ok, so tonight we saw the remaining 8 houseguests enter the BB16 house and meet the other 8 houseguests. If you missed the episode, don't fret! I got ya covered. ;)

**Reminder: The live feeds go live TONIGHT at 10pm PT/1am ET!! If you still need the feeds, it takes just 5 mins to get up & running.

(covers you for the whole season, nothing to cancel!)

Premiere Night 2 Recap:
*Derrick lied to all HG's about his job. 
*Victoria/Frankie bonded quickly.
*Derrick/Brittany bonded over being parents.
*Zach is already rubbing people the wrong way.

Social Media Feedback:
*Zach, Caleb & Victoria got the worst feedback.
*Fans thought Zach was obnoxious/rude, Caleb is too cocky, and Victoria is too snobby.
*Not too many had favorites for the new batch of 8 houseguests, unlike last night.

HOH Comp Results:
The new batch of 8 HG's that entered the house on tonight's episode had to battle it out in the HOH comp. They had to hang onto a 'roaster' pole that turned around. BB sprayed them with BBQ sauce, which made things more difficult.

Victoria was 1st out. (She said she's "too pretty" for that comp.)
Brittany was 2nd out.
Jocasta was 3rd out.
Christine was 4th out.
Zach was 5th out. (Didn't want to win HOH, too much 'blood on his hands' if he did.)
Derrick was 6th out. (..on purpose. Proved he's stong, w/out getting 'blood on his hands' as HOH.)
Hayden was 7th out.

Which means...

HOH Twist Details:
Julie said that every week, 2 HOH's will be crowned. They will nominate 2 HG's for eviction. The HOH's noms (2/each=4 total) will battle it out in the "Battle of the Block" comp. Whichever nom wins, the HOH that nominated them will lose their HOH that week & becomes vulnerable for eviction like all the other HG's.

Team America:
This is basically just like "America's Player", but with 3 people as a "Team" to pull off tasks that America picks every week for them to complete. They will win $5,000. 

Joey was picked by America as the 1st of 3 houseguests to be "Team America". 

So there it is! A complete run down of tonight's BB episode! I'm getting excited for the feeds to turn on tonight at 10pm PT. CAN'T WAIT!!!! :D I will be doing an Overnighter but not until around 10am PT. After tomorrow, I'll have them up early in the morning like usual.

Enjoy the live feeds tonight, y'all!!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

I'm intrigued by the new HOH twist but I hope it doesnt result in everyone being afraid to nominate any strong players (for fear that since they're strong, they'll win and the HOH loses power).

AmiLrn said...

That was my first concern too Kim

Casey Hahn said...

Omg Caleb is so hot!!!

Anonymous said...

Well the Battle of the Block was obviously #2 on my list of 3 options I gave last night after part 1. I was shocked Frankie wasn't the 1st member of Team America but I'm thinking perhaps since voting happened before the show premiered most of his and his sister's fans didn't know about the vote yet. We'll see now that the voting was announced on the show if he's now the 2nd member of the Team.

Like last night with Paola I went into the ep expecting Victoria to be my least fav of the group and was once again proven right. I was also right about them both being the 1st out in their HOH comps. Even though they didn't appear to be the weakest physically in their groups just their personalities seemed to be that they would quit at the slightest hint of adversity rather than dig down and fight through anything. I get the feeling Jocasta could quickly become annoying on the show as well.

Caleb's attitude and style of play is going to put a huge target on his back. Perhaps he can manage to stick around for a little bit by winning comps and having a few people want to latch on to a strong player for protection but I definitely don't see him making Jury. Who knows if his 2 noms lose the BOTB Frankie may even BD him Week 1. Devin also seems to have not settled down yet with playing too hard too fast and wanting to make alliances with everyone.

While Zach definitely came across as a jerk I still at least have some hope that he can at least be an entertaining jerk for those watching the show and be sort of a love to hate or hate to love type character but we shall see as I need to give him more than 1 ep to judge. If I had to pick a guy and a girl from this half that I liked the most thus far I guess it would be Christine and Hayden although it's almost by default given the rest they came in with. Honorable mention to Brittany for the simple fact that my jaw also hit the ground as everyone else in the house did when I saw she had 3 kids and has that body.

It should be interesting to see how the new BOTB affects the noms. Will this eliminate weak players being able to skate by as each HOH will want to nom the weakest players in hopes that they'd lose the comp and they get to remain HOH and be safe for the weak? But then if you do that are you just wasting your HOH on someone weak or will you just try to depend on POV to be able to change 1 of the noms? Perhaps you could nom 2 middle of the road players so that they won't be beasts in the comp yet still not be a waste getting rid of? Or maybe a strategy could be to nom 1 strong player and 1 weak player in hopes that the weak player can drag the strong player down with them and the strong player can then be voted out? I think this will probably be a fluid and evolving situation as different people test out different techniques as it's a brand new concept no one has seen in action yet.


Anna J said...

I haven't seen the episode yet so I'm not sure if Julie explained this or not, but when is the BOTB taking place? They usually have nominations at the end of Sunday's show, so will the BOTB be on Wednesday's show? Or will they just move noms earlier and do it on Sunday? I'm very confused

J Meeker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...


I think you're right that there are ways to still nom/evict strong houseguests and I hope the HOHs realize that or we could have a slow start to this season. Although I guess that could help eliminate floaters early.

I like the idea of nominating one strong and one weak player so that the weak player drags the pair down enough that they lose. I'm intrigued to see what kinds of comps they use for the Battle of the Block.

I do think the twist is going to make the POV even more important than normal as that will be the safest way to get a strong player up on the block.

Anonymous said...

Are live feeds not being covered. Surprised to check here and see nothing while other blocks already have had the 4 nominees and the winner of the battle of the block comp. Apparently there still a veto too. I don't like this new format. Its way too confusing and hard to plan any strategy. It also seems to focus way more on comps vs the 'social experiment' which could be more interesting

Andy Tatnall said...

Brian, I agree that it'll be interesting to see how the HOH twist shakes out.

One thing I was thinking about is that early objections from viewers seem to stem from the fact that it will cause HOHes to refrain from going after strong targets, but in most years, don't fans scream for the weak players to go out first? What we've had in several seasons was an early bloodbath that left a large amount of floaters in the house late in the game; this twist may have been intentionally devised as a way to change this dynamic.

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