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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Overnighter

Welcome to the 1st Overnighter of about 90 for this BB16 season!! :D I appologize for the late start, but I had to work this morning and I stayed up late last night to watch the live feeds come on.

When they first came on at 10pm PT (midnight, my time), this is what I saw..

Once they realized what time it was, and that the feeds turned on, they all got up & started dancing. lol

**Let me go gather up the Overnighter & then I'll start posting it. It might take awhile, but I wanted to let y'all know that yes I am here & yes I will be blogging all day! :D I also have to make a quick run down the street to go get a mouse pad..mine disappeared somehow from last season..I'm still confused on how that happened! lol :P But I need one desperately in order to take screenshots all day.

The Overnighter: Quickie Edition 
*Pow Pow & Donny are nominated
*Donny seems to be the target this week (**Nooooo!!! :( )
*Caleb is HOH
*Frankie had nom'ed Victoria & Brittany
*Brit & Victoria beat Pow Pow & Donny in the Battle of the Block comp, which means that Frankie's HOH was then voided out, leaving Caleb to the sole HOH this week.
*Zach & Frankie are in an alliance together (real or fake? Yet to be seen.)
*They both plan on having their own side alliances
*Zach has one w/ Cody/Derrick/Devin, no mention of any side alliances yet for Frankie.
*Hayden seems to be getting lovey dovey with Nicole.
*HG's talked about how Devin is "losing it" in the house, lots of ups & downs. Frankie thinks Devin might be bipolar.
*Joey & Hayden streaked in the house last night.
*Devin thinks Amber really likes Caleb, said they're "inseparable" in the house.
*Today is the Veto Comp

Playing in the Veto Comp are:
Caleb/Pow Pow/Donny/Victoria/Cody/Zach
(I believe Jocasta is the host, if I heard right last night)

*If Donny wins veto, then Caleb will put up Joey & she'll get voted out.
*Devin said around 4am BBT this morning that he wants Donny to win veto so that Joey gets "backdoored".
*Amber told Devin that Donny "deserves to be there", doesn't want him to go either.
*The HG's have already had their Have-Not's Comp:

The Have Not's for the Week are:
(Cody said he volunteered to be a Have Not)

**Okay, I'm gonna stop the Overnighter quickie here, now that I have all the facts down. My question in all of this is, if Donny wins veto & comes off the block, and Joey goes up & out (per Caleb's wishes), what happens to Team America? lol (She was voted the 1st of 3 HG's to be "Team America" last night). That'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

The HG's just woke up at 10am BBT (1pm ET), so I'm gonna hurry up & get to Office Max to buy a mousepad really quick. When I get back, I'll start the Afternoon post!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Nicole Mouawad said...

Hey Jamie, I have a question maybe you know the answer to. So since Brit and Victoria beat pow pow and Donny in the battle of the block, do all 4 of them remain on the block and have to play veto? Is brit playing in the veto too? Thanks!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Was it said why the house wants Joey to get back doored if possible? I saw her streak last night lol. I bet TVGN was thrilled that the first episode had nudity already. Anyway, all I heard was they think Joey spear headed the all girls alliance which I guess was found out? Too much going on right now lol

Anonymous said...


By winning the BOTB comp Brit and Victoria removed themselves from the block by taking Frankie out as HOH who had nom'd them. All 3 then went back into the pool of all the other HGs to be drawn to play for POV and Victoria was the only 1 of the 3 to be picked.


hummingbrd said...

Good morning Jamie ,Yay BB16 ~ Funny my husband planned a secret :( trip on Wednesday night & I am just now getting home ( I could have killed him) But it was sweet. I was okay (secretly without him knowing) because I knew Your AWESOME BLOG would catch me up along with on demand for the Wed&Thurs shows I missed . Thank u dearly for all the information & catching me up I feel like I didn't miss a thing! I had to tell the hubby NO MORE SURPRISES ON BB16 DAYS LOL ! Have a great weekend. #BB16

Nicole Mouawad said...

Thank you Brian!!!!

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