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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Morning Post +Veto Comp Players Picked

Happy Saturday, BB addicts! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! At 11:14am BBT, the live feeds switched to Jeff's season highlights, which means it's time to pick the Veto Comp players!!

11:38am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Playing for Veto are:
Host: Amber

**This is bad news for Amber. If Frankie is sticking with Operation: Backdoor Amber, then she'll be a goner this week.

Frankie is giddy to play in Veto (his 1st) and probably because Amber or Caleb weren't picked to play in the comp as well. 
Zach: "That draw was perfect."
Frankie: "It's gonna be an awesome showdown!"

11:50am BBT:
Lots of chit chatting going on. No game talk. HG's excited for the Veto Comp.

**I'll be back with the Afternoon Post in a little bit! :D

Stay tuned...
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Stephanie Kitchens said...

I was really hoping Amber got picked. I hope Frankie chickens out and keeps the nominations the same in fear of Caleb's backlash.

KNicole said...

Poor Amber is going to get screwed over because of Caleb. I'm actually quite disturbed the "men" in this house have targeted her due to calebs unhealthy obsession particularly when she has done nothing to lead him on.

Alea Marie said...

Ugh, this season is drivin me CRAY CRAY.
I'm almost over it already.
I too am sooo sick of the guys running everything...
When will a girl finally win & become the sole HOH?
Time for a woman to shake things up...

Alea Marie said...

I'm just about over this season already.
I'm sooo done with the "boys" runnin the show.
It's high time a woman becomes & stays the sole HOH & shake things up.
Time for the "boys" to sweat a little.

Alea Marie said...

I don't think that Franky is going about this plan to "back door" Amber.
He should "back door" Caleb FIRST & THEN "back door" Amber. All he is doing by getting Amber out before Caleb is putting a big O target on his back by Caleb & really pissing him off.
If he got Caleb out before Amber she wouldn't think the wisest & probably feel in debted to Franky for doing it. I'm just not sure getting Amber out (especially in the manner in which he's doing it) will benefit Franky at all...

BeeBelle said...

I still think it's possible that an Amber at risk is what it will take to motivate a new alliance of Amber/Nicole/Christine/Donny. I wouldn't count her out yet.

Jonathan said...

Let's be real though, Amber hasn't done anything really to put a stop to Caleb's obsession either. Plus she has stated several times she lets it go to keep him on her side basically. She should be very aware of who is running the house and as unfortunate as it may be she will probably get blindsided.

Susie said...

If the guys are not chicken I want Caleb to go so Amber has peace and maybe can relax and get to "know" Cody
Caleb has a major ego problem or worse.

Anonymous said...


They are not at all targeting Amber because of Caleb's obsession with her. As a matter of fact Caleb's obsession with her may be the only thing that can save her this week as if he is dead set against it I seriously doubt Frankie has the guts to go against him and backdoor her. They are targeting Amber because they believe most likely correctly that she would put 2 of those guys up if she won HOH.


Karen-Ron Gamble said...

This is by far the most boring BB season ever, hopefully it'll get better after they start chipping away at the 11 person alliance...rofl. Why is everybody n this house jus lettin Caled bully & harass Amber. Someone shud tel him it's not romantic to get me out of trouble if u put me into He shud get therapy when he get home. If it's this bad & he know he's onair imagine n his real life. :( I wish they wud livin things up & get rid of Caleb instead of Amber then we might actually get a showmance with Cody who is apparently scared of crazy I'll start watching again n a month.

Tony Akinremi said...

Not sure why Amber being punished for Caleb obsession with her. There no winning with the nutty beast cowboy.

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