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Friday, July 25, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House + BOTB Comp Results

Happy Friday afternoon, y'all!! :D Earlier today, the BB16 houseguests had their Nominations Ceremony. In case you missed it, the nominations are: Victoria/Jocasta per Frankie and Christine/Nicole per Zach. This weeks target is Amber via backdoor.

At 2:32pm BBT, the live feeds switched to fishies & then to Jeff's seasons highlights, which means that the Battle of the Block Comp is underway!! w00t!!

Speaking of the feeds, today is the *last day* to get the live feeds season pass!! If you've been putting it off, then this is your last call! There's nothing to cancel at the end of the season, you get 24/7 access to the house cams, you get to watch all the endurance comps on the feeds, flashback feeds to see what you missed (I'll provide the dates/times for ya!), chat & so much more!!!

4:22pm BBT:
BOTB Comp is over!!

Christine/Nicole Won!!
(Zach is dethroned. Frankie is HOH.)
Nicole: " went by so quick, I don't even remember what happened!"

Victoria is showering.
Zach/Amber are in the HOH room.

4:27pm BBT:
Christine/Nicole are talking about the BOTB Comp in the bathroom.
Frankie just got done pooing. lol
Frankie: "Yayy I'm HOH for the week!"

Amber: "You guys were BEASTS! You two together were beasts. I don't think I could've done it."
Nicole: "The 2 big guys would've had problems climbing up."
Amber: "I would've been all over the place."

4:34pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie: "Now we have 2 weak players playing veto."

Frankie said that if Donny wins veto, he'll "definitely" use it on Jocasta. Frankie just doesn't want the backdoor (of Amber) to look obvious. 

Zach is showering.
Frankie: "I'm getting in there after you're done."
Zach: "I'll be out in a minute."
Frankie: "Are you gonna Jack Shack it?" (*lol)
Zach: "Yea."

Frankie closes the bathroom door.

4:39pm BBT:
Living Room
Jocasta/Donny/Nicole/Hayden are all talking about the BOTB Comp.

Nicole: "We did every other one and then went by sizes."
(The comp had something to do with cake.)

4:41pm BBT:
Caleb/Frankie are lounging in the 2nd HOH room.
Frankie said that he was crying happy tears. Caleb tells him to give him a shoutout on his HOH blog and mention his twitter handle with hashtag #BeastModeCowboy.

4:50pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Victoria is crying again. She's "frustrated" (still) and doesn't know what Frankie plans on doing as far as who he (F) wants to go home this week.

***Okie dokie, it's dinner time for this blogging gal! I may or may not be back with another post later on tonight. (I'll be watching the feeds all night, so I'll let y'all know if anything major happens.)

Today is the *last day* get the live feeds season pass!! Snag it up while ya still can!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Jamie McCleary said...

What happened to backing Caleb?

kayla neal said...

I really hope some of these people, like Donny and Jocasta, last long enough to shake up the house. I fear total domination of the current house rulers until the end. If that were to happen, I would like BB 15 even more than this season. I think for next year a solution would be to get some better girls because this bunch of females is rather bleak. Though, at this point I'm pulling for an all stars season.

Anonymous said...

@Jamie McCleary

If you want any chance of Caleb being backdoored you should be rooting for Victoria and Jocasta to win BOB and keep Zach as HOH. He's the only 1 of the 2 who would potentially make that move as he's been behind making a move against Caleb the last 2 weeks when it's been brought up for discussion while Frankie and Derrick have squashed it both times. The biggest move Frankie would make would be backdooring Amber if you can even call that a big move.


Paul Hill said...

That's a terrible screen cap of Christine. Good job! ;)

Jamie said...

haha thanks Paul! :P

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Poor Amber.

~*Jen*~ said...

Did #CompBeastVictoria pull a no-show? LOL!

Jamie said...

i guess not! lol

Anonymous said...


Amber is so excited Frankie is HOH and even wanted Victoria to throw BOB to make it happen and his plan all along is to backdoor her. She would've been better off if Zach was HOH cause I think there's a good chance he would've backdoored Caleb if he could've and Frankie and Derrick didn't talk him out of it.


Anonymous said...

since jocasta was hurt during the bob, wonder if she'll be able to play in the pov comp tomorrow?

Kristin Wilson said...

Ok so I have only been watching since last season, which sucks because I am obsessed with this show. But wtf is up with the dudes always running everything?!! It drives me up the wall that they're constantly only putting all females up. It just looks extremely sexist to me!!! So has it been like this always?? From the beginning of Big Brother time?

Anonymous said...

The reason men usually end up running the house is because women tend to not work well together. Every season the boys always come together and get along and have each other's back. They pick off the girls and then turn on eachothers. Girl can't get along long enough to do anything meaningful. As you saw at the beginning of the season Joey tried to get the girls together and all the girls turned her down even though they knew already all the boys in the house were together and gunning for them. As you already know she was the first one voted out.

Anonymous said...

Awww more sad news, Derricks grandfather has now passed away as well. He received a letter and has decided to stay. Frankie asked the diary room if he could take over derricks slop for the week but Derrick declined the offer.

Kristin Wilson said...

Makes sense Gigi, girls are so catty. So sad about Derrick and Frankie's grandpas. That has got to be so hard to stay in the house during this time.


Guys form teams and learn teamwork at a very young age for better or worse and girls don't. Guys are naturally buds and girls are naturally rivals. Generally speaking, IMHO.

Tony Akinremi said...

Would've been nice if Zach was HoH. He would've shaking up the house. Now that Frankie is HoH does he have to accomplish the TA challenge.

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