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Friday, July 25, 2014

Morning/Early Afternoon Post + NOMS

Good morning, ladies & gents! What a day we have in store for us today. The houseguests will have their Nomination Ceremony and then the BOTB Comp later on. As far as nominations go, Frankie will be putting up Jocasta/Victoria and Zach to nominate Christine/Nicole.

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Currently on the live feeds...

9:33am BBT:
HOH Room
Team America
Derrick/Donny/Frankie discussed their plan to get Zach to blow up at the Nomination Ceremony today. Derrick says that Zach plans to make fun of Christine at the Nomination Ceremony by calling her a floater. He tells Frankie to go up to the HOH room and see if Zach is still planning on saying all of that stuff to Christine today at the Nomination Ceremony.

9:42am BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie goes up to the HOH room and asks him what his speech will be.
Zach: "Christine, if we pulled out the BB Dictionary and looked up the word floater, it'd be a picture of you holding hands with Jenn City. (You're) basically irrelevant."
Frankie: "Oh my God." (laughs)

Zach plans on calling Nicole a "fruitloop dingus".

Frankie's speech will be something to the effect of "You two have proven over and over that you handle being on the block well. This has been an emotional week for me and I didn't feel like taking on any additional burden. You're staying here."

10:16am BBT:
Time for the Nomination Ceremony!! :D Hopefully when the feeds come back, there's plenty of drama for us thanks for Zach's nomination speeches. ;) 

11:44am BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Nominated for Eviction are: 
Victoria/Jocasta per Frankie
Christine/Nicole per Zach

Frankie is telling Victoria that he tried to prep her for nominating her today and that she's a "warrior" and she's "got this".
11:48am BBT:
Storage Room

Frankie tells Nicole/Christine to win the BOTB Comp so he can stay HOH. They all talk about Zach's speech at the nomination ceremony.

Nicole: "I didn't know what to do! I just laughed!"
Amber joins.

Amber: "You have to win!"
Frankie said that if Zach stays HOH, they're all in danger. He tells them that they need to get Victoria to basically throw the BOTB Comp.

11:52am BBT:
Meanwhile, Jocasta/Victoria are talking in the Beehive Room. Jocasta is telling Vic to not throw the comp.
Victoria no longer trusts Frankie and now "looks at him differently as a game player". Vic is upset and crying here & there.

11:54am BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie asked Donny if he understood his noms. Donny does. Frankie said it was cowardly noms but "whatever".

Donny leaves.
Zach/Frankie talk.
Zach said that Christine told him (Z) that she's pissed he told Nicole to not trust her (C). Zach is happy that he's stirring up the house.

Zach: "I'm gonna tell Nicole to stop crying and stop being a freakin' baby."
Zach then starts to eat his cereal.

11:58am BBT:
Storage Room

Christine says her husband is "gonna be PISSED!" at Zach for nominating her and that he'll probably wanna "kick his ass" out of the house. (*Ironically, her hubby is pissed at her for always cuddling with up with Cody lately and stroking his arm. This is according to a tweet of his the other day.)

Christine said she doesn't wanna be in the jury house with Zach.

12:02pm BBT:
HOH Room
Zach said he did what was best for his game. He only had 5 people to pick from. Derrick said as long as he feels good about his noms, that's all that matters and do whatever is best for his game.

Zach: "If one of them win HOH next week and put me up, I'm not going home."
Derrick agrees.

Derrick: "You got the numbers."
Zach: "Donny came up here and said Thank You, blah blah blah..he thinks I'm not working with you but thinks there's still an alliance (of guys), so that's good for us that he doesn't think we're working together."

Zach: "Is Victoria crying?"
Derrick: "Victoria's always crying."
Zach: "I'm gonna go downstairs."
Derrick: "Wait a few minutes after I leave (the HOH room)."

Derrick leaves.
Zach leaves a minute later.

12:06pm BBT:
Most HG's are in the kitchen.
Zach is back upstairs.
Nicole said that she was humiliated on TV by Zach calling her a "Fruit loop dingus".

12:12pm BBT:
Beehive Room

Victrola is crying, saying she's so frustrated. Derrick is eating as Vic is talking/crying.
Derrick: "Did you think about calling the D.R.?"

Victoria: "Jocasta sucks at comps! She's not a good competitor in any of them!" (*#CompBeatVictoria lol)

Victoria: "I don't wanna be in front of Julie this week."
She continues to cry pretty hard.
Derrick: "Well. You go out there. Win. Take yourself off the block.."

12:55pm BBT:
HOH Room
Zach: "What up, Frankie?"
Frankie: "I'm falling in love with you, it's weird."
Zach: "Are you?"
Frankie: "Yea. A lil bit.
Zach: "I'm in love with you."
Frankie: "Like, a lil bit."
Zach: "I'm in love with you, without a doubt."

They then talk game.
Frankie: "So this is gonna go perfectly."
Zach: "Yea. Unless Caleb wins the veto. Because if Amber wins..just one of those 2 can't win it."

Zach: "Dude we're backdooring Amber. Everyone wants her gone."
Frankie: "If we pick houseguest choice (at Veto), we should pick each other."
Zach: "Oh, yeah! For sure!"
Frankie: "So, me, you, Cody, Donny..(to play for Veto)."

Frankie said that the HG's they don't want to play in Veto are: Christine/Nicole/Jocasta/Victoria/Caleb/Amber.

**Bloggy break! I'll be back with a new top post in a little bit! :D

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

My memory is fading - I had to look up Jenn City - had no clue what he was talking about! LOL
well, at least they aren't putting up donny!

Chris Provost said...

Hopefully they can back door Caleb or Amber. I will laugh if Nicole and Christine win the BOB! Jocasta will be sick again. Victoria will be a comp beast lol

Jamie said...

#CompBeastVictoria lol

Anonymous said...

Good ole Zach. He was literally TA's only hope to accomplish their task and it wasn't even hard at all LOL. They could probably double down and get him to go off on someone at both ceremonies. When many were hating on Zach early in the season as being a jerk I said I had hopes of him at least being an entertaining jerk and I believe he's proved and will continue to prove me right. He really is great casting for this show and our best chance to shake stuff up and start providing some real entertainment with this rather bland bunch. If you looked up loose cannon in the BB dictionary there'd be a picture of Zach lighting fires with like Rachel Reilly. I just hope it doesn't lead to a quick exit to follow for him.


Chris Provost said...

Brian, I completely agree. I believe after his reign of HOH they will hate him so much that they will keep him to go against in final 2 because he will always be a target and no one would vote for him. He cracks me up cause you never know what he is going to do.

Anonymous said...

The 1 thing I'm not sure about with the Team America task is that it said they needed to get 2 HG to get into an argument at a ceremony. So even if Zach goes off on Christine and Nicole in his nom speech but they just both sit there and take it and don't go right back at him then that to me would be a fail on accomplishing that task. I mean getting Zach to attack someone is the easy part it's the getting someone to go right back at him that will prove the most difficult with this group and why I thought they may fail for the 1st time. And I don't really think Christine and Nicole are great options as I see them more the type to just run off and complain and cry to others about what Zach said rather than go right back at him. That's why I thought last night Victoria may have been a better option as she seems to have a little more of a fiery personality. Hopefully this can lead to them having to try again and get Zach to go off on someone at the POV ceremony too. And the dream scenario would have to be Zach backdooring Caleb. How hilarious would it be Zach calling out Caleb in front of everyone on the whole creepy stalker of Amber situation? And I could definitely see "beast mode cowboy" going right back at Zach after that.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps I'm wrong as I don't know Zach's familiarity with the history of the show but I'm wondering if that may be his strategy and what he is hoping for. However they should be careful what they wish for because the HG felt that same way with Dr Will and Evel Dick to keep them around because people wouldn't vote for them in the end but both of them won the game.


Susie said...

How aboout another guy floater, what has Hayden done?

Anonymous said...

To me this sounds like a fail for TA. Their task was to get 2 HG to get into an argument at a ceremony. So I don't think getting a guy to zing a couple girls in his nom speech and have them laugh and run off and cry should qualify. Although they were allowed to count Amber as a huge physical competitor so maybe they just love giving away $5K for nothing an will count this 1 too.


Jessica Tucci said...

Hahaha check out this article on Question 4 applies to BB and Caleb.

BBFan9891 said...

What have Zach and Derrick really done? Each lucked into their hohs but haven't won any other comps

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jen said...

That is my ideal scenario. Zach says something about how Caleb is making a fool of himself because Amber wants Cody and beast mode cowboy goes a little nuts. Great feeds and mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Zankie is everything! <3

Dereck Rogers said...

Omgggg the Zrankie feels hahaha like I can't even they are so cute

Anonymous said...


How did Zach luck into his HOH? It was a trivia type comp and he answered quickly and correctly to defeat his opponents. I could see if he was never picked to play and/or stood there as his opponent answered wrong but that didn't happen.

I also don't see how Derrick lucked into his HOH. Yes the comp he won required an element of luck as most if not all of the skill comps do but it's not like he closed his eyes and just smacked the ball down any which way. He aimed for a certain area and hit his target. Derrick has also done some pretty nice work manipulating people behind the scenes to achieve outcomes he wanted.



Despite all the latest chaos, I still think Derrick is running the house.

Micheala Sears said...

*starts crying, fanning eyes*

ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod my life is complete Nayden and Zankie *squeal, throws hands up* officially my favorite season of BB ever

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