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Saturday, July 19, 2014

BB16 Afternoon Post + Veto Comp Spoiler

At 1:30pm BBT, the feeds switched to Jeff's season highlights which means we have the Veto Comp underway!!

Playing for Veto are:
(Frankie is the host)

As we learned in the Afternoon Post, if Brittany doesn't win veto, she's going home. If Brittany wins veto, Donny will be going up & out. :( With Brittany's constant complaining and her "I have 3 kids and deserve to be here more than other people without kids" rants, I wouldn't shed a tear if she left. lol

Okie dokie, as soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the Veto Comp spoiler below! And as long as my feeds don't totally freeze up on me again, I'll be live blogging for the next couple of hours. *crosses fingers*

(Updated: My feeds have been flawless the past 45 mins on quad cam! Yay! So if you see me posting only quad cam pics, it's because I'm too scared to switch cams and risk having my feeds freeze on me again. lol)

3:58pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Veto Comp Winner is:

*Nicole won some kind of unitard (a "germatard") to wear for the week.
*Caleb won $5k
*Zach won a trip for 2 to Germany
*Cody has to kick himself in the butt 10 times every time BB sounds a horn for 24 hrs
*Brittany has to kick "2400 goals" (??)

Brittany is looking rather depressed.
Amber: "You okay?"

Derrick: "Zach and Caleb got the best prizes!"
**Caleb won either $5k or $10k (heard both figures), Zach won a trip for 2 to Germany.
Caleb: "Germany is just not one of those places I ever wanted to go to."

Brittany wishes she would've gotten the money because at least she would be leaving with some cash.

HG's are all over the place talking about the comp. Zach plans on giving the trip to his parents unless he finds a girl to go with him.

**Sidenote: In case you're wondering who will go home this week, it's Brittany. Victoria sealed Brit's fate by winning the veto.

4:08pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Brittany: "I'm going home."
Brittany thinks Donny will be the replacement nom once Victoria comes off the block, though she's sure "they" (the boys) will make sure she goes home over him.

Victoria goes in and asks if she's mad that she took Veto. Brittany said she's happy for her and she would've done the same thing. Brit is hoping for a BB miracle.

Brittany: "Come on, Julie (Chen)."
Jocasta: "Expect the Unexpected!"

Jocasta then starts singing praises for a miracle.
BB: "Please stop signing!" (lol)

4:17pm BBT:HOH Room

Cody got a punishment for the next 24 hrs!
Frankie can't play in Veto next week!

Cody: "For the next 24 hours, I have to run downstairs and kick myself in the ass 10 times."
Caleb: "Whenever BB (make the sound), he has to go downstairs and do it."

4:18pm BBT:
Storage Room
Derrick: "Brittany HAS to go. We can't get rid of Caleb this week. Next week? He won $5k, he can go home." 
Hayden: "But if Donny goes up, he'll come after us."

4:24pm BBT:
Hayden suggest putting up Zach.

Derrick: "Zach will go home. He's a vote for us. It's gotta be Donny...we don't have any other choice...Christine? No, she won't wanna go up..we gotta get Brittany out, she's already said she's coming after the guys. We'll piss off Donny but.."
Hayden: "We can do damage control with him."
Derrick: "Yea."

4:28pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're talking about who to renom & get out this week.

Frankie: "If Caleb goes up, he'll pull a Devin. He'll go ballistic. If Brittany stays and wins HOH, she will FOR A FACT put up Zach and probably you (Cody)..."

4:31pm BBT:
Derrick enters.
Derrick: "If you put up Donny, you HAVE to tell him he will not go home."

Derrick is pushing for Donny to go up and not Caleb..not this week. (Basically the same convo he just had with Hayden.) Derrick is telling Cody that Brit "has to go home" this week but to talk to Donny before the veto ceremony.

Cody: "(Donny) is gonna wonder why I'm not putting up Caleb."

4:37pm BBT:
Christine comes in and they ask what she thinks about the renom. She says Donny. Cody mentions that Donny will ask why isn't Caleb going up. Cody is gonna say that he wants to but Caleb isn't gunning for him. all the guys like him (Donny) and it will ensure that Brittany goes.

Derrick: "The way you said it the last time..he's the one that guarantees that Brittany goes home."
Frankie: "Don't tell (Donny) tonight, tell him right before the veto meeting."

4:41pm BBT:
Cody: "I wanna put up Caleb SO BAD but..(Brit would stay)."
Derrick thinks if Brittany leaves, Amber will "go back to them" because she will "have nobody".

4:43pm BBT:

Cody: "By me putting up Donny, I'm putting a f**king target on my back."

Nicole enters.

4:54pm BBT:
Zach is talking about how Brittany has to kick "2400 goals".
Zach: "I'm gonna laugh every time Brittany misses a goal."

5:02pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Amber sucks it's a "sucky situation".
Amber: "If Donny is up there, I'm voting for Brittany to stay. Donny is saying stuff and stirring up stuff. He'll make comments like this morning, that Brittany's told me."
Caleb: "Just be ready for the repercussion if you don't vote with the house. That's not a threat, frankly I could care less who goes."
Amber: "I'm playing by myself."
Caleb: "I just want you to be ready for the repercussion."
Amber: "Brittany is promising people that wanna go far in the game something, but Donny doesn't do anything for my game. Just like all the guys are doing...after talking to Brittany, I dunno..I trust her."
Caleb: "If you vote to keep Brittany, you're gonna go home next."
Amber: "All you guys are gonna turn on me, that's what I have to remember. I'd at least make it further (with Brittany staying) than without her."

Jocasta & Brittany join the Fire Bedroom


Donny/Derrick/Hayden are laying on the floor by the door with Cody's sock monkey that he got in his HOH basket this week.
5:16pm BBT:
Storage Room

Zach said that he wants to make it to jury or to final 2, either way BB is a "3 month thing" for him. He said the 6th week starts jury, and this is week 4, so as long as he survives next week, he's in.

Victoria starts doing what she does best: complaining. She still doesn't understand why Cody would put her up on the block "when others haven't been on the block yet". (*Figure out, Princess. It's because you're irrelevant to this game.)

Zach: "But you were safe, by a landslide (against Brittany). He put you up because he KNEW you'd be safe." (*..and he didn't care if you weren't because you're expendable. lol)
Victoria: "I'm here to fight. Today was pure wasn't math, we didn't have to count anything, it was luck!

5:24pm BBT:

Victoria: "The fact that I like to look pretty and I like to dress up, doesn't mean i don't deserve not to be here."

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! :D I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter. Until then, enjoy the feeds!! (Pssst..they come with a 2 day FREE trial!)

Stay tuned...
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C.Montes said...

Quick question Jamie? What caused everyone to want to nominate Brittany? Like what caused Devin to gun after her in the first place? And why did they use the word threat when talking about her? I know she won a BOB comp but uh so did Victoria and she's pretty useless. I just don't understand why they're so scared of Brittany lol


Jamie said...

I don't remember why Devin started gunning for her (that's when i was dealing with miss bella being sick) but the guys want her out because they don't trust her.

basically, anyone not in their alliance, they'll just make up a reason and go with it. the core of it though is because they're not in their huge alliance and therefore, must go to protect themselves.

ashley said...

Any idea what Victoria did to get in trouble in the DR? Zach implied she broke a game rule. I'm so curious as to what it was and why they can't talk about it!

Jamie said...

I've seen speculations/rumors on why but since she can't talk about it, nobody knows why. (Zach knows, but he can't talk about it either).

Victoria broke some kind of rule and was yelled at for it. (What rule that was, nobody knows). SHe did say on the feeds that she wants to apologize to "Matt" in the DR and doesn't want him to lose his job. That's all I know as far as facts go.

C.Montes said...

Seems like we'll have another Jordan/ Natalie or Andy/ginamarie finale. Lol thanks Jamie (btw does anyone remember Porsche?) lol


Jamie said...

omg Porche...haha yes. I remember every week going "who is that girl? she only sleeps and eats" (she gained so much weight in that house, but she lost it all now. very skinny these days.)

She only came out of the woodwork at the very the last week of BB. lol :P Victoria reminds me a lot of her.

C.Montes said...

Hah that's what I was thinking earlier this season. That either Paola or Victoria will sleep all season and then win 2 important comps and walk away with 50000. Btw when finale airs if I hear someone talk about how laying low (aka sleeping and eating) was their strategy I will throw something at the tv. Lol
Maybe theyre trying something new this year with making the lazy people have nots so they don't have another Porsche this year. Haha


Jamie said...

might not be a bad idea! lol #NoMorePorches

April McGuire said...

I remember on BBAD the other night, Victoria mentioned she had called her doctor in the diary room after taking an allergy pill. I can't remember who she was telling this to, but she said something about how her doctor told her everyone was watching her and how she was doing "so good" on the show. Maybe that's why she's in trouble?

ashley said...

Now that you mention that I do remember hearing something like that too and thought it was strange

Paul M. said...

Devin started gunning for Brittany because she called him and Frankie out.
When Devin called a house meeting to apologize to Donny for having him nominated in the 1st week, Devin said that he and Caleb decided on all week 1 nominations.
Brittany correctly concluded that Frankie lied about the "1st 2 to fall" reason given during the nomination ceremony and Devin got pissy that his own apology ended up showing him as a manipulator. So Devin made it personal that he failed in gameplay and was called out on it.

Ryee said...

YAAAAY VICTORIA WON! I'm actually happy one of the nominees won! Im hoping Cody will replace her with Caleb. and Donny/Jo/Britt/Vic stick together and take down everyone else!

Ryee said...

BTW Jamie your blog is so punk rock and you are so awesome for all your dedication! Also, thanks for the advice about the BB viewer I love it so much!!

Anonymous said...

How did they figure out in advance that it would be a comp with rewards. I dont understand these folk s' strategy... For your own game, shouldn't you want to keep the (perceived) weaker like a Victoria & get rid of someone you think is a competitor or deserves it. Hate to say it, but maybe we're seeing why Brit husband left. Also points why I hate BB casting people that didnt apply to BB and know nothing about the game

Anonymous said...

The thing is by 'laying low' you avoid a target on your back. If you win comps, people start to fear you. If you are Hoh, esp early on, you nominate people who then immediately hate you & you become a target.

Candace Rikard said...

I was def thinking the GM/Andy ending too....i totally get that

Kathleen D. said...

If Frankie was only hosting, why can't he play in the next pov comp?

Jamie said...

Kathleen, it was a punishment he got from the veto comp. Brittany has to kick 2400 goals, and Cody has to kick himself 10 times whenever BB sounds a horn for the next 24 hrs.

Kathleen D. said...

I didn't realize hosts could get punishments? I guess this is where my confusion is... because Frankie didn't play in it. Right?

Michelle said...

I wonder why he has a punishment if he was a host and not playing?

Gross said...

If will and boogie were in the house.... They would have silently thrown the Britney could win she would go hard targeting the powerless HOH. I love how those guys kept people in the keep the target off them. Hahahaha. Not this herd mentality crap we've seen for the past few seasons.

Amanda Scheiber said...

I think it might be from being dethroned from HOH

Jamie said...

i heard Frankie say that he "can't play in veto next week" and then saw on my twitter timeline that others were saying the same thing (that he can't play in veto)

It's gotta be a misunderstanding somewhere because yea, he didn't play.

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