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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BB16 Blog: Afternoon Post

Good afternoon, everybody! Okay, so this morning during the Overnighter I totally missed something huge! I didn't notice it until I was taking off to go to work (just got home) so I couldn't fix it sooner. I saw this on Twitter and my mouth dropped!

There's a convo between Brittany/Cody this morning at 6:28am BBT in the backyard that I really need to cover. Take a look...

**Everything posted below, you can watch by using the Flashback feature on the Live Feeds! ($26.99 for the whole season, nothing to cancel, includes endurance comps & post-season interviews, etc.)

6:28am BBT:
Brittany: "I think Zach & Frankie are gonna have a showmance."
Cody: "You know what? And I will tell you this, but PLEASE don't say anything! I swear to God, I'll know it was you!..because I have not told anyone this, I have kept this in, but (Zach) came up to me when we were at the photo thing..."
Brittany: "Zach did?"
Cody: "Zach did. And he was like 'Bro..bro, I wanna f**k Frankie!'"
Brittany: "Oh my God!"
Cody: "I was like (laughing) WHAT?!"
Brittany: "At the photo thing, he walked up to Frankie and was like staring at him up & down and he was all 'You're making my d**k hard, you're tuning me on'. Me and the girls were like.."
Cody: "I hadn't spoke to Zach yet, this was Day 2 we did the photo shoot so me & Zach didn't really talk Day 1.."

Cody begins to tell Brittany again about Zach being wanting Frankie. Cody went on to say that he wasn't sure if maybe Zach hadn't come out as "bi or something", as he said. Brittany thinks that Zach is "open" to being with a man. Cody agrees & adds that maybe Zach is "confused".

**How I missed this convo, I have no idea. lol Pretty juicy stuff! Maybe we'll see a Zach & Frankie showmance this season. lol They'd be sooo cute together, don't ya think!?

Moving on..

Let's see what's been going on in the BB house & do some live blogging of the feeds!! :D

9:45am BBT:
Frankie told Christine that last night while talking to the boys, Derrick expressed how he doesn't like what Caleb's been doing in the alliance. Later on, Caleb talked to Frankie about making the Bomb Squad Alliance smaller by cutting Amber/Devin out. Christine started laughing because when Derrick/Cody/herself are together, they say 'us to the end', but when it's Zach/Cody/herself, they say the same thing. Christine said she's going to try to get into their heads so that they don't want to take each other (Derrick/Cody) to the end. Frankie mentioned that he could destroy their relationship by telling Derrick that Zach actually wants to take him (Frankie) to the end.

Definitely a convo worth looking at on the Flashback Feeds. Start at 9:45am BBT.

1:18pm BBT:

Frankie said they have to get rid of Devin. Derrick said not know. Frankie agrees but thinks he'll be 'the next Joey'. Frankie then got up & left the room. (Zach/Derrick whispter-talk but I couldn't make out one word of it.)

A few mins later..
Derrick: "Watch, Devin will win HOH this week."

1:20pm BBT:
Backyard/Pool Area
Brittany was scared of a big bug (Nicole said it was a Japanese bug) when it flew close to her. She started running & screaming.

Nicole: "Ew it's on your seat.."
Brittany quickly put a towel over it.

Brittany: "What now?"
Nicole: "Eww it's moving like a mouse! What's your plan with that?" (*lol)
Brittany: "I don't know! I don't have one yet!"
Nicole: "Look at it move!"

Brittany: "Donny's coming to save him."

Donny reached under the towel, grabbed it, and walked away with it to let it go.
Brittany & Nicole: "Thank you, Donny!"

3:28pm BBT:
Caleb is pouting about Amber..again.

Caleb: "I guess I'm not her type. So..I'll just do my thing and not worry about going that route."
Nicole: "Yea. It's better. If things were meant to happen, they'd happen."
Caleb: "I guess last night she said she wishes people would stop making comments about her & I because she doesn't like me like that & that I'm only all about myself, I'm not....She hasn't had the time to get to know me. She doesn't know me."

3:37pm BBT:
Caleb continues to complain about Amber. This time, to Frankie. Lucky him. lol

Caleb: "She must have forgot that I added her to my alliance. I have 7 people to keep me safe & (she's) gonna go behind my back and say all that stuff? Stuff that's not even true. I've been nothing but nice to that girl."

**Sidenote: Caleb is now on Part 2 of 5 in the Grieving Process. Part 1 is denial. Part 2 is anger. So wait for him to go through Part 3: Bargaining & Part 4: Depression before he finally Part 5: Accepts Amber's rejection. lol)

4:18pm BBT:

Zach is complaining about Christine talking game and how she safe & doesn't need to talk game.

Derrick: "Don't be surprised if Caleb says Amber should go home next week."
Zach doesn't think that will happen.

Zach: "Keep our mouths shut, and eyes open." (In regards to Christine talking game.)
Derrick: "If Devin doesn't win HOH, there's a good chance he's going home next week. Hopefully he doesn't win POV."
Zach: "Just backdoor him. No reason to even put him up. He knows everyone hates him...but until (he gets evicted), I'm gonna continue sucking his d**k." (in other words, sucking up to him)

Stay tuned...
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Tony Akinremi said...

The fact that Zach states about Devin I'll continue sucking his d--k until hes evicted. Now we all know which side of the fence he's on.

Cullen Sanders said...

^I thought the same exact thing lol

Annie said...

Caleb is having a meltdown over Amber. He has no idea how weird he looks talking about it non-stop the way he has the last 24 hours.

Cullen Sanders said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carrie said...

Caleb is this year's Gina Marie... Never saw that one coming!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I'm so glad you posted the Convo between Cody and Britt earlier! I read it on another website and I was like WHAT?!? They didn't even go into much detail and made it seem like no big deal. I'm like I gotta know more about this??

Tigerfly said...

I am so happy to hear that your doggie, Bella is going to be ok. I said a prayer for her, as I'm sure many have. Pets are our babies and when they are sick, it breaks our hearts. I am so happy for the great news you got!!

And thank you for being so dedicated to keeping this blog. You are amazing!!

Tigerfly said...

I would love to see Frankie and Zach together. I love the way they cuddle. I really didn't expect to like Zach, but I was wrong. I love him in this game and Frankie has been a stand-out fav for me since his first interview with Jeff.

Jamie said...

Thank you for the prayers! Both Bella & I appreciate it! :D

Tigerfly said...

Hey Jamie, you don't need to post this comment, I'm trying to make a donation to your blog and having never done it before I just want to make sure it gets to you and I'm doing it correctly. When I click on the donation button, it takes me to a paypal page with this yahoo address Is that correct? I don't want to send an email to that account cause I could easily seeing someone saying "you want to give me money? Sure I'm Jamie, I'll be whoever you want me to be" You can email me or just post in your comments that is the correct page to donate to you on. Thanks:)

Jamie said...

Yep, that's me! I didn't see an email Addy to email you, so I figured I'd just reply here. lol thank you for checking first though!!

Tigerfly said...

Coolio - Thanks for all you do!!

C.Montes said...

Hahahaaha I totally saw that coming with Zach and Frankie.
Btw, thank you Jamie for all you do with this blog. I get so busy with the baby (or I guess shes a toddler now) that I would be so behind without this blog. Btw your doggie is such a cutie. Glad she's ok.


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