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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BB16 Weds Night Episode

Good evening, everybody!! Tonight at 8pm ET/7pm CT, we get another BB16 episode. Yayyy for Diary Room sessions!! lol With this years cast, it's vital that we hear all of their Diary Room sessions to see where their minds are at in the game.

West Coasters, you can watch right along with us right here.

The blogs chat room open is open! (Right side of the blog, blue chat room button) so pop on in & say hello! After the show ends, I'll be returning my lil eyes back to the live feeds.

If you still don't have the feeds & wanna see what all the rave is about, you can try'em out for 2 days FREE!! Trust me, you'll love them!! :D

See y'all in the chat room!!

Team America's 1st Task is...
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Stay tuned...
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Drea said...

Omg, just watched the episode I finally found it on the old justin TV, Jamie just wanted to find out how Bella was doing? This was a great episode tonight wish I was better with the computer Zach just put himself in a hole?
Donny made a great host, I bet someone picks him up for a TV show he is the best! Love ya girl, Andrea

Shoba said...

OMG! I love this game!!!! Hello Jamie, James and Brian!

Jamie said...

She's doing much better today!! I just hope she continues to STAY better! Love you sweetheart!!

Jamie said...

Hi shoba!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shoba


Leah Pants said...

I couldn't find you at first! I'm so glad you're back! It took me some time to catch up but Devin reminds a lot of Amanda from last season (which was also my first season watching). At first I was disappointed with BB's decision to cast Frankie but now I looooove him. I really like Donny a lot too and I'm also disappointed that Joey/the all girl alliance got shot down so quickly 😩. I'm really glad you're back! Yay!

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