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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday: Recap Quickie

Good afternoon & Happy Live Show Day!! There's no Overnighter today (first time this season, hopefully the last) because (1) had to work from 8am-1pm & (2) came home to dog puke on the carpet. Oddly enough, she's feeling better other than the puking thing (I'm thinking it's her antibiotics, it's a possible side effect). Thank you to those who have asked how she's doing in the comment section, on the blogs Facebook group & on Twitter. :)

Okay, so last night the HG's had a practice comp given to them by BB:
10:00pm BBT:
Cam 2
They each took turns practicing.

In game related news, it looks like Zach will stay and Pao Pao will indeed go home tonight. How the votes will fall, that'll be interesting to see. (I believe Donny & Jocasta will be voting for Pao to stay, and I *think* everyone else will vote her out, making it a 10-2 vote, possibly. We'll find out tonight!)

I will have the link for West Coasters to watch (check 10 mins prior to the show) & I'll have the blog's chat room open as well!

See y'all tonight at 9pm ET for the live eviction show!! :D

**Look for a NEW post an hour before the show!!**

Stay tuned...
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Abby Soley said...

Oh my, so good to hear from you! I kept checking like every half hour for the overnighter and started to get really worries for your pup! Glad she's okay :)

Toast said...

I was beginning to worry about you and Bella since there were no new posts or entries. Glad to hear that Bella is on the mend. Give her a scratch behind the ears from all of us!

Jamie said...

so sorry to keep y'all waiting! If you've been with me for years, you know this is SO not normal..I'm usually on point during BB season but the past 2 weeks with Bella being sick, it's been a nightmare.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so darn patient and understanding! Means the world to me!!! <3 :D

Barbara said...

Been reading your blog for years. This is my first comment. Like many others, I was very concerned the last few days. I was worried about Bella.

Jamie said...

Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for being with me all these years! Hope to see you comment more often!

michelaine said...

You have a Facebook group? And twitter? How do I find you there? Never enough BB chat!

Jamie said...

Yep! Sure do! :D

Facebook Group:


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