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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Veto Comp Results + Aftermath

Happy Saturday afternoon, BB addicts!! It's finally time for the Veto Comp! Yayyy!! I think I'm more anxious about this Veto Comp than that houseguests. haha ;) In case you missed it earlier:

Veto Players are:
Cody is hosting
(Jocasta is out due to sickness)

At 2:28pm BBT, the live feeds switched to season highlights with Jeff which means the Veto Comp is underway!! w00t w00t!! (Expect the feeds to be down 1-3 hours.)

While we wait, you can always check out to see what kind of deals are going on! I feakin' loooove Ebates!! I just found about them under a year ago and been using them whenever I shop online. You get cash back for shopping online. Simple as that. What more can a gal ask for?! lol

Okie dokie, I'll be back with the Veto Comp winner spoiler as soon as the feeds come back! :D

4:20pm BBT:

Winner of the Veto is:

4:20pm BBT:Rock Bedroom

Donny is worried that he'll be looked at as a good competitor because of him winning comps. 
Derrick says Devin is going home this week and for Jocasta to come off the block. (It'll be Devin/Caleb on the block.)
Derrick: "You're taking Jocasta off the block. She's an ally of yours."
Donny: "She's a FRIEND of mine."

Meanwhile, in the living room..

Frankie/Cody/Caleb/Hayden are modeling off their bodies while talking in a brittish accent. (*What the heck?! lol) It's a "Muscle Competition"!

Zach is hosting their playful comp.
VERY FUNNY!!! Worth the look on the flashback feeds!!

 Cody showing off some leg.
 Caleb showing off his thighs.
 Frankie "twerking".
 Cody showing off his buttocks.
 Hayden is in awe of Caleb's butt. lol
If you wanna see a pic of Hayden's bare bottom, ya gotta look on my Twitter timeline. ;)

 **Okay y'all, I'm outta here for the day! :D Enjoy the fantastically fun live feeds!!! (Don't have them? They're FREE for 2 days to see what I see every single day!)

Stay tuned...
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northalabama said...

wasn't it porche in bb13 that had a knee injury and couldn't compete in a pov comp? it worked out for her that season.

if devin wins this week will really get interesting. caleb would probably use it on himself like derrick wants. i don't think hayden would refuse to use the veto like he hinted, but that would really make a twisted week, too.

Paul Cochran said...

Shouldn't there be one more veto competitor. Since Jocasta is out do only Donny and Derrick draw a chip from the bag?

michelaine said...

Oh good lawd! That was pretty! Lol

Jamie said...


Casey Hahn said...

Omg there are some hot guys this season lol.

Jen P said...

The pic of Hayden looking at Cody's butt is priceless....and yeah, totally heading to twitter!

Dereck Rogers said...

Hot diddly damn they are sexyyyy lmao nice work with the blog jamie!

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