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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Veto Day!! Frankie is this weeks sole HOH and nominated for eviction are Victoria/Jocasta. This weeks target still seems to be Amber, but with Frankie as HOH, who knows what will happen. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jocasta or Victoria go this week, depending on the veto outcome. (If you've heard conversations with Frankie/Zach around Caleb, they tell him they're gunning for Victoria so that he doesn't freak out about the plan to backdoor Amber.)

As I posted last night, Derrick's grandfather passed away and he was notified about it last night on the live feeds.

Last night, nothing monumental happened, but definitely some things worth mentioning in the Overnighter.
Alrighty, let's get to it!!

6:17pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Victoria did a ton of freaking out yesterday and was crying about how "frustrated" she is with always going up on the block and scared of going home. Hayden told her to stop freaking out, otherwise she could make herself a target, while right now she is not. He warned her that everyone in the house see's her as a mess right now with all her crying/freaking out, which is gonna make her a target if she doesn't calm down.

9:45pm BBT:
Most HG's

The prank wars continue. Hayden tried to throw water on Victoria, then they called a truce. Right after that, Victoria dumped her bottle out on Hayden..
Some of it got in the hot tub & on Hayden's mic pack.
Hayden then chased Victoria as Caleb came behind her and dumped water on her.

She was not happy.
Jocasta: (to Caleb) "That girl has a lot of growing up to do."

10:07pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
After learning of his grandfathers passing, Derrick went to lay down. Victoria decided it was the perfect time to game talk with him. (*face palm*)

She ranted about how she's nervous to play in the Veto Comp, she hates the BOTB/dual HOH's twist, etc. Derrick told her that the twist is going away soon with jury starting real soon.

Derrick: "Rachel went up on the block a lot and she won."
Victoria: "She did?"

Victoria mentions how Nicole "gets so jealous" of her with Hayden, who is like "a brother" to her. Derrick doesn't think Nicole gets jealous of Vic with Hayden.

Victoria: "Yea, she gets jealous."

Victoria: "I don't know what to do to help you..what to say..." (re: his grandfathers passing)
Derrick: "I'm not gonna pretend it didn't happen, but I'm not gonna focus on it either."
Derrick said he's gonna focus on the game. 

Victoria: "I want a double long as I'm not the one going home."

Victoria mentioned about Zach's Nomination Ceremony speeches (where he called Christine a floater and Nicole a "fruit loop dingus"). Derrick did damage control by saying Zach was just putting on a show, he didn't mean any of it. (**Earlier in the night, Frankie did some damage control with Christine. He said he was gonna do an intervention with Christine/Zach to patch things up.)

10:23pm BBT:
Victoria is still going on & on about "not wanting to go home".

Victoria: "I don't get it, there's so many other big targets in this house."

Derrick is trying to explain the way the game is played & why targets aren't nominated at first because they can come off the block & gun after the person who put them up.

10:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frankie is telling Zach his plan for the week:
*He's backdooring Amber (as long as she doesn't win veto).
*If Amber wins Veto, and takes Jocasta off the block, he'll put up Donny against Victoria.
*Victoria will go home at that point.

Frankie: "Donny wouldn't go home. I just don't wanna do it to him!" (re: putting him on the block again)
Zach: "Yea. Would Donny be the only option (as a replacement nom)?"
Frankie: "Yea.."

Frankie said that he's not backdooring Caleb because he'd never put him (F) up, but Amber & Jocasta would for sure. Frankie's plan, if Amber or Caleb don't win the Veto, is to tell Caleb the truth that Amber doesn't care about Caleb so that he's okay with her going up & out.

They then talk about Christine. Zach doesn't wanna patch things up with her, but Frankie tells him they have to for their game because if she won HOH during a double eviction, they could go up as her noms.

11:20pm BBT:
They continue to talk. Frankie is trying to get Zach to start a fight at the Veto Ceremony by saying he knows she tried to get him backdoored. (*Team America's mission to get 2 people to fight.)

12:01am BBT:
Time for Nicole to shun the germatard! Nicole plans on giving Hayden a playful strip tease as she takes off her unitard.

Nicole: "This is gonna be so awkward."
Hayden: "This is gonna be the best time of my week!"
Nicole: "Be prepard to be awkward."
Hayden: "Oh, I'm ready!"
Amber is directing Nicole on what to do/how to move. Hayden is loving it! lol
Hayden: "OHHH YEAA!!!"

1:29am BBT:

Victoria is doing some Amber bashing/hating. She's mad that she was the only girl not nominated this week.

2:10am BBT:
Hayden did some damage control with Zach's speech. He said that Zach was "just being Zach" and it was just a joke.

Nicole: "I got BLASTED on TV and I see you (Hayden) laughin'."
Hayden: "It was so over the top, I couldn't hold it in!"

They talk about what they would do if they won the veto this week.
Amber: "The only person I would save (if I won veto) is Jocasta, but if Frankie wanted me to keep the noms the same, I'd respect his wishes."

Meanwhile, inside the house...

Cody/Derrick are talking about what's best for their game.

Derrick: "(Amber) is gonna blow everything up before she leaves and that's what scares me about sending her home."
Cody: "Mm hmm."

They think it'd be better to send Amber out during jury because she'd be a jury vote for Cody & Derrick if they got to the end.

2:58am BBT:

Amber: "If I go up, then it's like, ok everyone's trying to get me out for a reason."
Cody: "F**k that, I wouldn't vote against you."
Amber: "I know I'd have Nicole, Christine and your votes. I don't know where Caleb's head is at."
Cody: "I dunno either. He's so hot & cold with you. He feels like he's done a lot for you and.."

Amber said that sometimes she doesn't wanna talk game when Caleb wants to and then he gets mad.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! The houseguests just had their wakeup call at 8:55am BBT this morning. Right now, Victoria/Amber/Donny/Frankie are the only ones up (or at least, on cam at the moment.)

9:03am BBT:
Frankie is super excited that he gets to play in his 1st Veto Comp and tells Victoria she's a "vet" at playing Veto. lol :P

I'm gonna go make some breakfast & then I'll be back with the Morning/Early Afternoon post! :D Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! (Pssss..the feeds are now only $9.99/month & comes with a 2 day FREE trial! Try'em out!!)

Stay tuned...
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Chris Provost said...

I wish Zach would have stayed as HOH. I figured Frankie would be to scared to put up Caleb.

Unknown said...

Does Frankie think that anything he says is going to convince Caleb that Amber doesn't care about him?! Amber has told him over and over that she isn't interested.... Caleb even stopped speaking to her for about a day and then convinced himself he still could change her mind! lol They need to get Caleb out now. These guys are so focused on getting the "girls" out of the game, its clouding their judgement. If it happens, get ready for Gina Marie part 2!! (barf)
- ChristinaK

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing by the fact that they are trying to get Zach to attack someone again at the POV ceremony that BB rightfully didn't count his HOH speech since neither girl went back at him. Perhaps if he rubs it in and goes at Amber after she's put up as the renom there'd be a much better chance of her returning fire. They should've known there was no way Christine and especially Nicole would've gone back him during the HOH ceremony like that.


Tony Akinremi said...

Backdooring Amber is a joke. Go after Caleb or Hayden.

Karen-Ron Gamble said...

Gayest BB everrrr.... And I mean that literally, Frankie is running the show. Andy season 2. The gays are showing BB how it's done!!! Very interesting how he has stopped his game from gettin blown up 3x a day for the past 3 days! WOW FRANKIE!!!

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