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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Night Live Eviction: 2 New HOH's

Here we goooo, BB addicts!! :D It's time for another exciting live eviction episode! Who will stay? Who will go? It still looks good for Zach to stay, meaning Pao Pao will most likely be the one walking out the door tonight. I can't say that I'll miss her because she sucks at comps (she'll even tell you that lol) and she's been on the block both weeks now. Get her out & kick things up a notch.

Also on tonight's show, we will finally be able to see the Veto Ceremony huge blow-up!! Can't wait to see all the dramaaa! ;)

By the end of tonight's show, we will have 1 houseguest evicted and 2 new HOH's. It's gonna be an great night!!! Of course, all the awesomeness happens on the live feeds after the show, so if you still need to get them...

Alrighty, let's do this!
West Coasters, you can watch here.

**If you're not by a computer or TV, don't worry-I got ya covered. I'll be blogging spoilers LIVE right here on the blog!

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

9:26pm ET:
Pao: "Devin you have 5 personalities and they all SUCK!" (*lol whoa!)

Votes To Evict:
*Jocasta votes to evict...Zach
*Brittany votes to evict...Pao
*Derrick votes to evict...Pao
*Donny votes to evict...Zach
*Caleb votes to evict...Pao
*Amber votes to evict...Pao
*Hayden votes to evict...Pao
*Cody votes to evict...Pao
*Frankie votes to evict...Pao
*Nicole votes to evict...Pao
*Christine votes to evict...Pao
*Victoria votes to evict...Pao

Evicted from the BB House is:
Pao is rooting for her "best friend, Donny" in the game. (*Aww!)

Pao cries during Donny's goodbye message.
Donny: "You were my best friend in the house. I love you."

HOH Comp Time!!
(It's the comp they practiced for last night.)

1st HOH is:

2nd HOH is:

WOW!! What an episode!! :D With Derrick & Nicole as the 2 HOH's, anything can happen this week. Turn on your live feeds, guys & gals!! Don't have them yet? Join us BB addicts in seeing the real Big Brother..uncensored! Comes with a 2 day FREE trial!!!

Stay tuned...
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James said...

Although Devin stands a good chance of going home next week, I actually hope he stays awhile longer. Even though he is a complete nut case, he is TOTAL Reality Gold. This has been one of the most interesting weeks on BB in years all thanks to Devin ;)

James D

Jamie said...

haha agreed!! It's been interesting, to say the least! :P

Toast said...

Haha. That was a good line from Pao!

Jake said...

Edit your "votes to evict" list to remove all the extra Jocasta's :-)

Jamie said...

DOH!! Thanks Jake!!! FIXED! :D

Gross said...

Devin is absolutely CRAZY but he has to stay!!!!!!!!!!

I predict Caleb, Amber on block by Nicole.....

Derrick might put devin up.....but no clue on his thoughts..... He's such a good player.... It'll be interesting.

Ahhhhh love this season.....for sure.

It's refreshing to not have so many disgusting personal hate speech going on (like last year).

How is Miss Bella???? Spoiling her with some yummy treats maybe?? Or a new toy?


Jamie said...

I agree with your noms predications, though I'm not sure if Derrick will nom Devin out the gate, he may do a backdoor thing. It'll be interesting for sure!!

Miss Bella is doing better, despite her puking 3 times earlier today. She's had more of appetite, more energy, even went for a walk and she was pulling me the whole time lol

We took her toy shopping yesterday, she picked out a white polar bear that sounds like a duck LOL :P Whatever makes my girl happy!

JimA. said...

Thats good news about Bella, pulling you shows real strength.

Christina said...

Awesome Blog - as always. Gotta say, I'm glad Pao is gone, she was super annoying.

I'm not a Devin hater because I think he makes things interesting in the house. He's in his own world and watching him you get the sense he believes in each action he takes. He's got a quick trigger but he does make for some great scratch your head moments :)

Jeremy said...

My prediction: Four sacrificial noms so Devin has no chance of coming off the block. After battle of the block, hope rests on Devin not being selected for POV comp. If all goes as planned, whoever wins POV will give the HoH the ability to put up Devin as a replacement and out the door he goes. It all rests on the PoV comp. and him not being selected to play or, if he does, him not winning it.

RCW504 said...

This is my take on this. Looking at BBAD, Derrick is lying for 1. 2 if he really didn't like Devin and wasn't in the alliance why was he in the hoh room last week. 3. I would keep Dev around because who would vote for him to win. He is trying to play the game and not float like others in the house. I would vote Caleb out r Amber because neither 1 is that good without the other. Derrick is pulling a Devin by trying to tell Nicole with who to put up. Not liking Derrick right now. He's not thinking game. It not the house game it's YOUR game. IDK.

Jessica said...

I feel like all of the players this year are genuinely good people. Most of them seem to be making decisions based on strategy rather than personal reasons. It makes it more fun to watch and strategize with them.

Razldazlrr said...

Jeremy -
that sounds like the smartest plan - I'm thinking most of the people would be good with it.

Maybe Pow isn't as bad as we think since Donny likes her LOL.

So far, these competitions for HOH have been lame. I don't like the 2 HOH so I also hope that doesn't go on much longer.

Scott Fortune said...

Why send Devin home? The house hates him so he won't get any votes. No matter what he does the majority of the house will never trust him. Can you imagine sitting next to him in the end, can we say easy win. The most dangerous person is donny bc everyone loves him! He is my favorite and just a good person and in the big brother house that makes you dangerous.

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