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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday: The Overnighter

Happy Saturday, BB addicts!! :D I've been up for awhile now trying to piece together what all went down last night. A lot of stuff happened in the BB16 house and sh*t pretty much hit the fan. Instead of doing a classic Overnighter & getting everyone confused, I'm going to do a summary with screencaps. This will be easier to follow. After the Overnighter, I'm going to immediately start the Morning/Afternoon post and do some live feed blogging.

Okie dokie, let's dive right on in!!
As I posted in yesterday's Overnighter, Devin made a deal with Paola before the Battle of the Block comp. He told her to throw it, and he'd keep her safe this week & next week. According to some HG's, Paola obviously threw the comp yesterday. Devin wants Brittany out "for personal reasons", while pretty much the whole house would rather keep Brittany and send Paola packing. If possible (depending on the veto comp outcome), Devin would like to pull Paola off the block & replace her with Victoria.

Cody/Zach/Christine want to send Paola (or Victoria home if Pao wins veto), because they feel that Caleb & Devin are using Paola to get put on the block & throw comps so they can send whomever they want packing.

Cody/Zach told Brittany how everyone except for Caleb & Devin want her to stay, but that they will have to 'go with the house' (aka Caleb/Devin who are running the house) so that they don't become targets. They told her to win veto so that she can stay, which is what they want. (Yesterday, Cody/Zach/Christine talked about bringing in Brittany into their alliance).

Yesterday, BB gave the houseguests a 4th of the July party, complete with booze, pizza, and later on they got to watch fireworks on the living room TV.

Speaking of the 4th of July, Caleb was crying yesterday saying that it was a hard day for him because it reminded him of friends in the military he lost.
Like everyone else that was watching all of this on the feeds last night, I was sympathetic to Caleb and felt for him. But then Caleb told Frankie to hold a house meeting to let everyone know to be careful of what they say to him because it's a sensitive day for him. Frankie did end up telling the HG's what Caleb said. It was clearly an attention-seeking thing (maybe for Amber? for his own ego? Who knows.) Christine went up to the HOH room to give him a hug and Amber did talk to him & even gave him a hug..which Caleb then went around describing the hug & even mentioned how long the hug was. Oy vey. *face palm*

In other news, Cody was seen being pissed off on the feeds last night because apparently Caleb borrowed one of Cody's shirts and didn't wash it, just threw it on a pile of his clothes & how sick he is of Caleb in general. (He's been venting his frustrations about Caleb for a couple days now.)
I definitely foresee a blowup between Cody & Caleb in the near future. Cody keeps biting his tongue a lot with Caleb, but like anyone else, you can only do that for so long before you explode. Time will tell.

Devin quit the bomb squad last night (3:10am BBT)...
after Caleb mentioned to Devin how Amber & Christine (the 2 girls in the Bomb Squad) were saying that Devin is "intimidating" & they're scared to talk to him. Devin didn't take this very well & became pretty agitated. Caleb told Devin how Amber/Christine don't want Brittany to go this week but will still vote with their alliance.

Devin then waved over Christine to ask her if she's scared to talk to him. Christine laughs it off and says no, saying that she always feels nervous being around people. Devin then asked her if she's okay with Brittany going home this week and she said she doesn't care either way. By 3:19am BBT, a frustrated Devin tells Caleb that the "alliance is over" & then walked away mad. 

The rest of the alliance (7 of them) will continue on without Devin. The Bomb Squad is scared Devin will out the alliance, but they'll deny it if he does. (Derrick is worried that Hayden/Jocasta overheard about the Bomb Squad alliance & that it's "over" because the patio was open at the time). Frankie told Caleb to not provoke Devin anymore so there's less damage done to their alliance.

Zach and Cody talked about how they're more scared of Caleb then Devin in their alliance. Frankie said that Devin said he won't expose the alliance & that he knows he'll be a target next week. (This was at 3:41am BBT). Zach/Derrick now say it doesn't matter who goes home (Brittany/Pao) because they only wanted Brittany to get reeled in with them to get Devin out next week, but he'll be a huge target regardless. (They think Brittany will stay this week & Pao will most likely go home.) Cody & Zach agreed to throw the next HOH to Caleb so that he can send Devin home. Zach/Cody/Christine want to win veto to keep noms the same and keep Brittany.

At 4:47am BBT, Frankie & Christine were talking in the Beehive Room about Cody possibly being gay.

Frankie told Christine how it "all makes sense" that Cody would be gay and how Jocasta "used to be a lesbian" (Frankie said she's pretty open about her past) and hinted that her "gaydar" isn't broke, implying that Cody could be gay. Whether or not he is, who knows. All I know is that he is one good looking dude! ;) lol

**And that's it for the Overnighter! I know it's a lot to take in, so hopefully I was able to cover everything without getting anyone lost. I'll be starting the Morning/Afternoon post very shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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Tony Akinremi said...

That's like four gays in the house. That's not a bad thing.
The gayest season ever!

Tony Akinremi said...

As to Devin quitting the bomb squad that just figures. The guys a mess. I hate when people throw HoH competitions. I get wanting others to do the dirty work but having Caleb ego grow any bigger. Ugh!

Gross said...

Thanks for this awesome update....I got bored watching Caleb and amber talk in the hammock....when Caleb started talking about how some black guy who spoke in tongues cured him of his paralysis as a kid.....

Anyway....regarding devin....if they just antagonize him he will get uh self evicted.....

And Cody is not gay. C'mon!

Dereck Rogers said...

Can we pleaseeeeee have a gay or lesbian showmance lmao it would be so awesome haha

Jamie said...

I concur!! :D lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaimie! I'm back again. I'm having a problem with my archives. I wanted to watch last nights thing at 9pm between Devin and Brittany but it won't let me go to that time. Other times are fine but I can't seem to get it to flashback. Suggestions?


Jamie said...

yes, dont look at the days of the week just the DATES. they're off. :)

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