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Friday, August 29, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! Hope your Friday is going well and y'all have a great weekend ahead! Today is the Nominations Ceremony and Caleb is planning on putting up Christine VS Nicole, with Victoria as Plan B via backdoor option. In other news, the Have Not's have already been picked.

Have Nots: 
(Derrick volunteered last night)

12:47pm BBT:
The Have Not's Food for the week is "Mushrooms & Snot Roast". (It's a combo of meat products, mushrooms and garlic.)
Derrick volunteers..
Caleb asks if anyone else wants to volunteer & everyone goes silent.

Frankie: "You sure it says (you have to pick) 2?"
Caleb: "It says 2...any takers on Snot Roast?" (laughing)
Derrick: "Wanna pick a number and tell me in my ear?"
Frankie: "What about skittles?"
*awkward silence*
Caleb: "This sucks so bad!" (laughing)
Derrick: "They're all like 'don't pick me'."

Caleb says they've all done it the same amount of times. Christine points to Frankie because Frankie's only been on slop once the whole season.
More silence.
Frankie: "Caleb you're the HOH, whatever you decide, we'll respect it."
Caleb: "It's so hard. I don't want anyone to be mad at me!" (*the slogan for BB16 lol)
Derrick: "Whatcha thinkin'? What's your 'rationale'?" (*lol love how still slips in that alliance name.)

Nicole's trying not to make eye contact with Caleb..
Caleb: "Nicole."
Nicole: "Ok."
Derrick: "Nicole, don't worry. We'll make some cool mushroom things."

Nicole: "I just didn't want 2 weeks in a row but it's okay."

Nicole goes outside and immediately starts crying.

Nicole: "Just send me home! I understand it's a game but you don't put someone on slop for 2 weeks when you have other options! Frankie's only been on slop once."

Nicole says it's frustrating that she's going up on the block and she's gonna have to win veto every single week.

Meanwhile, back inside..

12:57pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Frankie: "She was in the jury house for a week, she had amazing food cooked for her, she cuddled with Hayden, I don't give a sh*t! Shut up. And for the record, I can't do it. That (Have Nots) room is too cold. I know I've done it less than everyone else. But it doesn't matter. I'm not volunteering. This isn't Big Best Friend, this is Big Brother. And I can't do it."

1:10pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Derrick is trying to calm Nicole down. Nicole said she was weak last week and she's gonna be even worse this week. Derrick tells her that it's because she didn't eat enough last week and he's gonna make sure she eats enough this week.

Derrick: "We'll slice up some mushrooms..we got garlic too!"
Nicole: "True."

Derrick said to try to win veto and if she doesn't win, to do what she's done every week (fight to stay).
Derrick: "Not everyone is against you. And if I'm not on the block next to you, we'll do what we can."

Derrick leaves.
Nicole talks to herself some more. She says if it's a prizes/punishments, maybe she should take all the prizes since she's 'going home anyway'.

Nicole: "I don't fit in with these people. Except Derrick."

2:00pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Frankie: "Is (Nicole) mad?"
Derrick: "She's upset."
Frankie: "God. She better not come cryin' to me. I'll punch her in the face."

2:24pm BBT:
HOH Room

Caleb wants to nominate Christine VS Nicole. Nicole is the target. Victoria is the backdoor option if Nicole wins veto. Derrick suggests that all 4 boys are in the room together when Caleb tells Christine she's going up as a pawn in hopes of Victoria not playing for Veto. Derrick thinks by having them all in the room when Caleb tells her, it won't look bad and hopes she won't get mad when she sees that it's a "collective decision" amongst all of them.

3:17pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Running out of houseguests to hate, Christine turns to the fish in the HOH bathroom (which Frankie has named).

Christine: "I hate you, John-Eric. Nobody likes you."

3:22pm BBT:
Time for the Nominations Ceremony!'ll be Nicole/Christine.

4:27pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

Nominated for Eviction:

Houseguests are doing their normal post-ceremony cooking & eating food.

*I'll be back later on tonight with a Afternoon Part 2 post! :D

Stay tuned...
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Brenda Reed said...

While it isn't "Big Best Friend", it isn't "The Frankie Show" either... Ugh Frankie and his narcissism… I can’t handle it much longer! He is really becoming such a 2-year-old BRAT!

DeniseG said...

Disliking Frankie more every day; why is he so rude?

Catie Williamson said...

Frankie's self entitlement is disgusting.

Brenda Reed said...

@DeniseG - why are any of them so rude? I don't get it. Frankie saying he'll punch Nicole in the face?!?! Christine and others being so hateful towards others who don't do anything to them? IT'S A GAME! They act like 6th graders! Derrick is the only one I have not heard bashing someone else just because they aren't part of his alliance. Derrick talks to other people, he never comments (at least not that I've read or heard) when other HGs are doing the bashing. Lie all you want, backstab all you want, but you can still show some kindness towards the ones you are twisting the knife into! Jeez these people don't know how to be human!

The Real Sports Line said...

I hate that Nicole is crying she takes everything so personally. It is a game they are all there to win the money. She needs to buck up and play her heart out with no regrets she may have the last laugh expect the unexpected.

Lauren Sisco said...

Have to agree Frankie is a troll

Anonymous said...

With Derrick spending the whole week in the Have Not Room with Nicole and already knowing his feelings on wanting to get rid of Christine ASAP I could definitely see him making a play to evict Christine this week instead of Nicole. I think he's already planting seeds with the others. I think Derrick would definitely feel safer if Nicole won HOH next week instead of Christine right now. I'm not sure how hard he'll push it though cause I imagine Frankie will be deadset against it. So I'm not sure if he'll be willing to potentially fray his relationship with Frankie who's won more HOHs then those 2 girls combined. His best case scenario might be hoping Nicole wins POV as it'd be a much easier sell to ditch Christine over Victoria. Worst case scenario he has a whole week to work Nicole's jury vote even more.


KathyM said...

Did Frankie really win alot of HoH..I mean would he have won w/out BoB? At first I liked the twist but then it the BoB was the deciding factor in HoH, making it not a real "win". I hope Derrick works magic for Nicole and she should take prizes so she can walk out that door with more than her stipend. If Derrick or Frankie walks away with the half mil and 20,000., I bet there will be some bitter HG's.

Ste ven said...

C'mon Allison Grodner, I dare you to show the real Frankie to America in the last 24 hours, he's given you plenty of ammunition for Sundays episode. Maybe them if he watched it back, he'll learn why America doesnt love him

Anonymous said...

I love Frankie. I don't get why everyone hates him. He lies, so does everyone. Derrick has lied 10x more than Frankie, he just wasn't caught. I agree with Frankie, he's not there to make friends. I'd put my target on slop as many times as I could. Nicole has proven she doesn't do well on slop. The fact that she cried over everything is ridiculous to me. She sat there and cried to Derrick that it wasn't fair she had to be on slop and that they don't have the buy back so the person can turn around and leave. That she doesn't deserve to be in the block. Are you joking? Being a buy back is a target on your back. It's a CHANCE to get back in the game. It's up to you to win comps and keep yourself there. No one is going to do you any favors. Maybe I'm just heartless but I think Frankie and Derrick have played the best games this season and deserve final 2. I think Derrick should win in that scenario. I understand Frankie's personality isn't for everyone but as far as game play he's been phenomenal.

Ste ven said...

What sucks I s so far thats what live feed & blog readers know. The CBS viewer doesnt

Anonymous said...

He still won the actual comps to become one of the HOH

Ste ven said...

Derrick is smarter & more mature. He's also working on jury votes & not making enemies. Its hard to believe Frankie is a 31 year old man (vs some of the others in their early 20s). I'm sure he's privileged and narcissistic in real life & his sisters bigger fame since he's been in the house will make it worse. I always try to cut HG a little slack cuz none of us know what it's like to be isolated like that for months. You lose sense of reality & the game becomes your life

Anonymous said...

They'd be smart to evict F exactly because he can win all comps but Caleb won't do it. All of the sudden, they're worried about Victoria winning comps? You'd think they'd want her playing veto

Anonymous said...

Well D deserves it.. f got the extra 20K cuz his sister told her 17 million twitter followers to vote for him. The HG have a right to feel bitter. It flat out was an unfair advantage

Kevin Robbins said...

Is it just me or ever since Frankie told the house who is sister is...he's been acting like he is 100 times better than everybody else? I hope they get him out STAT!!!!

Anonymous said...


They don't want Victoria playing POV because she can't win not because they're afraid she will win. They want the strongest players possible competing to keep the noms the same. And really that's just what they are telling Christine anyway to give a fake reason why she was put up. In actuality they were afraid that if she wasn't on the block and won POV she'd use it to save Nicole. But they weren't going to tell her that.


Angela said...

I don't think most people hate frankie for lying, they hate him because he's an ego maniac that bashes people's character! Same as Christine

Diego Tamayo said...

I'm pretty sure that if Victoria won veto (most likely not going to happen) derrick will push her to use it on Nicole an try to get Frankie or Christine out. It would be the best move

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Not many share your opinions but that's what makes this game and all the blogs fun is the difference in opinions. I personally do not like Frankie. At times he can be funny but he is very self centered. I don't really like that quality in a person. I don't think Americas hate on Frankie has anything to do with his lying.

Dawn Matusz said...

Frankie says "It's Big Brother" an awful lot & to tie around & say "I just can't" about doing something that Big Brother is known for just shows how much of spoiled beat he's become. He disgusts me. Zero class.

Razldazlrr said...

I think we are finally seeing the TRUE Frankie - an obnoxious and selfish egotistical brat!

Anonymous said...


I'd think so too, under the radar of course. He'll tell all the guys he told her not to but she went rogue and Nicole must've gotten to her. He gets what he wants and Christine goes home and if Frankie wins HOH his targets will be set on putting up Nicole/Victoria and if Nicole wins HOH she'd put up Frankie/Caleb. Of course the odds of Victoria winning anything are so very slim it's barely worth discussing.


Alea Marie said...

Exactly why pretty much almost all the BB super fans hate Frankie.
He's proven to be a mean spirited, hateful, rude little bitch!
Has NOTHING to do with him lying and ALL to do with the kind of person he really is and encompasses...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the majority of America doesn't like Frankie because he's flamboyantly gay, if we're being honest. Not many people would openly admit that though so they come up with other reasons.

Anonymous said...

Couple ,interesting" reads on Frankie's sister Ariana and how the diva personality obviously runs in the family:


enb said...

And Franklin wonders why America dislike him, he's an egotistical jerk, oh it's to cold, well put some clothes on captain. And Devin created a monster when he included Christine in the B squad, she thinks she's the best thing since slice bread. I really hope she leaves this week

Amy D said...

Actually Derrick is guilty of the same things. He told them he wanted to "f'ing slap the m & ms right out of his (Donnies) hand that bitch"

Kern's Kreations said...

Gigi I totally (respectfully) disagree with you. Frankie has won some but comps yes but to call his game play phenomenal is more than a little but of a stretch. He's made enemies out of the entire jury thus far, has not made any big move, in fact hasn't done anything that Derrick hasn't set in motion to get done (like everyone else), has blown TA on more than one occasion, and has rubbed everyone in his alliance the wrong way. He is only kept because he can win comps and Derrick knows that he will do whatever is best for the alliance, i.e. Whatever is best for Derrick.
He's loud and was somewhat lovable in the beginning but I don't think he's an exceptional player at all.

Frups N said...

Frankie annoys me so much my head hurts.

My problem with Nic (who I'm rooting for btw) is that she just doesn't get it.

-She's surprised she's on the block...why? She knows about the alliance and she's not in it.

-She's surprised she's a HN...why?

-She's surprised she's the target, and she cries "what did i do wrong to get picked on." Come on girl, this isn't summer camp.

-She went to Caleb and told him everything and threw people under the bus AFTER she knew he tried to FLIP THE HOUSE and get her out.Donny/Derrick/Cody/Hayden told her how close Caleb and Frankie are. Did she really think Caleb wouldn't tell Frankie and his crew?

She is likable and good at comps, but a TERRIBLE game player.

Jake said...

I'm openly (and flamboyantly!) gay and I really really dislike Frankie. Because a person can be gay and still be a huge jerk...

shana said...

I'm gonna need somebody in this house to grow a pair and do some big moves, which not one person has done! Yes D is the puppet master but still plays it safe and hasn't done anything big. They all say I gotta think/do what's best for me but then they don't think/do what's best for them they just do what easiest. So lame and they call themselves superfans if they really were they would know we are board out of our minds!! It also gets under my skin that D and F thought saving Donny wasn't worth it but the god awful play was!

Candace Rikard said...

Jamie, can you please help. I didn't have the money to cover my feed monthly payment. This afternoon I deposited money to my bank but now CBS won't proccess the payment. Anyway to call a human at CBS to have them proceeds with the payment now?? Thanks for any assistance.

Christi said...

I would think Frankie would worry about his career. He relies on people liking him. He is awful and i loved him before. Not a nice person. Beyond game that is expected.

slnc said...

Frankie is horrid...he needs to find the nearest bridge and twirl his little ass off! Lol
I can't stand him now, he thinks he is the greatest person alive...he's so outta order! And looking @ christine right now on bbad she is terrrible to look at, eating that damn banana! Ugh.....enough of her already...geesh!

Elizabeth Berry said...

Awesomely said Jake!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. He's won every comp he's needed to. He's not there because they want him there, he's there because he's kept himself there. Derrick of course is the best player in there but after that it's Frankie. He hasn't been any meaner than any of the other guys. They have all said horrible things about each other and the girls. Christine has talked horribly about everyone in there except cody. Zach talked HORRIBLY to and about the girls and people LOVE him. If you sit in live feed chats you can see all the homophobic bashing that happens on Frankie. So again I'm gonna go back to my original statement that the real reason many, many people dislike him is because he is openly, and unapologetically gay.

Jamie said...

Candace, call CBS at 877-211-4367 :) If you need any more help, click "Email the Blogger" on the blog (left-side towards the top, under front door pic)

Alea Marie said...

Nope not at all the reason Frankie is sooooo disliked by soooo MANY!!!
Frankie being gay has NOTHING to do with his likeability or lack of as far as BB fans go.
Frankie earned every bit of hostility heading his way & again has nothing to do with him being gay and no one said it did....

Alea Marie said...

I agree Jake!!!
Has ZERO to do with Frankie being flamboyantly gay annnd who ever said that it did????

Gilbert said...

Derrick is one of the best players ever..and is the only one left that truly earned the money...he chose to align himself with people that will do the dirty work and protect him at the same time..very smart..have to say though zach and donny are 100% class acts would love for them to return in a future season...and finally if victoria won the whole thing i would not be shocked one bit...just saying

Shoba said...

@ why are you assuming that people like do not like hime because he's gay? I assume if he was black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or another you'd probably use that excuse as well? I have not heard any of the of other guys (currently in the house) threaten to 'punch her in her face'. If that's the kind of person you support, that's on you. However, if I ever saw my son (gay or straight) on national tv being such a low life I'd be so ashamed and we'd have a serious talk about how he was brought up. This house does not change your personality, but enhances it. He has no excuse for being a Class A asshol**.

Ps he is a horrible example for the gay community. Impo

Ashley said...

@Gigi: I doubt that the main reason people dislike Frankie is because he is openly gay. That is so common anymore that most anyone knows and loves someone who is gay. Frankie is not a gay stereotype. I have said many times that gay people are happy, fun-loving, and jovial people. Frankie is outrageously mean and so full himself that he is intolerable to even look at.

@Brian: OMG, I went to the websites that you posted above. Frankie and Ariana are like two peas in a pod, so alike in their self-absorbed love for themselves. I would imagine that both will lose their fan base in due time with their pompous attitudes toward their "fans".


Kern's Kreations said...

That is such a cop out answer in today's society.
And I will return to my original point. You are comparing his game play with a lot if ither people who were simply okay in this game. I'll give Frankie that he is a decent maybe even good player. But you called his gameplay phenomenal and that is a gross overstatement. His game is far from phenomenal.

Adi Bouskila said...

Gigi I agree with you 100%!!!

slnc said...

Some ppl might not like frankie because he's gay...BUT MOST PPL DON’T LIKE HIM BECAUSE HE IS NARCCASISTIC! If it ain't about frankie, then it ain't about shit...according to the book of frank-a-licous :/

slnc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sidney Huber said...

Gigi, no one gives two craps that Frankie is gay. The only one talking about that is you

michelaine said...


My problem with Frankie has nothing to do with his sexuality. My brother is openly, unapologetically, gay, and I love him unconditionally. I would not like him, however if he was the despicable, spoiled, princess diva with entitlement issues that Frankie is. He thinks he's more of a princess than Victoria.

Anonymous said...

You're incredibly naive if you believe that most people in America love and accept gay people. Just last year America had a meltdown because Miss America wasn't a white blonde girl. It's not socially acceptable to be racist or prejudice anymore. The only thing that's really changed is the openness in which people share their hatred.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the only one who's talking about him being gay. If you sit in the live feeds and read the chat you would be amazed at the comments and homophobic bashing. You talk about the horrible horrible things Frankie says, but everyone in there has said horrible things. Derrick said he was going to slap Donny, Hayden said he was gonna throw amber off the stairs, Zach verbally attacked the girls daily. Big Brother is a game but it's also a social and psychological experiment. It's meant to test you physically and mentally. It's second to enhance you inner character but also to see how it changes you. How it brings things out in you that you never knew you had. I root for Frankie because I enjoy his spirit and his joy and passion for life. He makes me laugh. I've followed him for years now and while some of his behavior in the house has not been the best I would not go as far to judge him as a person outside the house. None of us can begin to imagine what it's like being in that house. It's important when leaving comments about houseguests that you remember that they are still human beings and that you don't actually know them.

Ashley said...

Gigi, if the comment about naivete is in reference to my comment, I am by no means naïve. I am completely aware of the controversy regarding gays. I did not say that most people in America love and accept gay people. I said that most people in America know and love some "one" who is gay. There is a difference in how we worded it. You can know and love someone who is gay and not necessarily accept all gay people.

My comment was not to criticize your post, but rather to say that his sexual preference is not what makes everyone dislike him. It is his need to be the main focus at all times, his nastiness (as some others are as well), and his selfishness. He always has to sleep in the HOH room, he CAN'T sleep in the cold Have Not Room but everyone else should be able to handle it? Everything should revolve around Frankie or he isn't content.

I agree others have said nasty things in the house also. It is only human for us sitting in our homes watching the live feeds to be irritated or disappointed with anyone who is nasty. This is where we can vent some of our frustrations and everyone will not always feel the same about everyone. We all see different things in the same individual that we may or may not like.


Dorian MacGregor said...

In the disclaimer it states that racist or slanderous comments will not be tolerated. By you insinuating that the fans dislike of Frankie is due to his homosexuality is perpetuating the problem!! If someone behaves in an unflattering manner-people judge the behavior - not his sexuality, race or nationality.

Anonymous said...

Umm I didn't make any racist or slanderous comments sir. The comments are on approval. If I made comments against the rules it would not have been approved. My comments are based on the fact that I use the cbs chat rooms on the live feeds and see the abundance of hate comments from people, all about his sexuality.

James Adams said...

Frankie use to be our favorite players, but now we can't stand him.

James Adams said...

I can't stand Frankie! I don't want him to win the game. He is a jerk.

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