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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy TGI-Friday to y'all!! As we learned last night, Caleb won HOH for the week in the endurance comp. He learned the trick of taking the fake snow from the bottom of his water and using that to fill up his bowl faster. (Nicole also learned that trick and told Christine that during the comp.) Speaking of Nicole/Christine, those will be the noms this week. Nicole is the target this week. Today is the Nomination Ceremony, tomorrow will be the Veto Comp.

Caleb hurt his knee pretty bad in the HOH comp last night and at first, couldn't walk without assistance. He even mentioned possibly needing crutches at one point. He's not sure if he'll be able to play in the Veto Comp tomorrow if it's a physical one.

Also last night, Frankie finally got the hint that America loves Donny. They all noticed that Donny's cheer was by far the loudest for any houseguests yet this season. With that being said, Frankie doesn't understand why Donny is so loved because he 'didn't do anything in the game' and figures it must be a secret that only America knows. (I think it's hilarious that Donny, a non-actor, gets a guest appearance on a soap opera while Frankie's BB play idea got shot down by America. lol Karma, ladies & gents.)

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below! :D

10:59pm BBT:
Most HG's
Frankie is talking to Derrick about Donny.
Frankie: "They're obsessed with him. Like I don't think I even have a f**king shot at America's Player."
Derrick: "Naw, naw, naw."
Frankie: "Like, I really don't. They're obsessed with him. 
Derrick: "Donny never said what his background was.."
Frankie: "I don't know! It's unbelievable! He's gotta be somebody! They're OBSESSED with him & he did f**kin' SH*T in this game! WHAT DID HE DO!?! WHAT.DID.HE.DO!"
Derrick: "Saved himself 4 times."
Caleb: "He told us tonight his IQ is 127."
Derrick: "Yea.."

Frankie said he hopes for a mental comp next week. (Everyone is banged up from the endurance comp last night.)
Nicole: "No!"

11:00pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Derrick is talking to America.

Derrick: "Sorry we let you guys down. I dunno even what to say. (We) got the message loud and clear. Tried our best and..our best wasn't good enough. So I accept it. I appreciate who did vote for us, and onto the next mission. Hope you guys forgive us."

11:33pm BBT:
Dining Room Table
Christine is doing what she loves to do the most..bashing houseguests. She tries to talk badly about Nicole to Frankie but shockingly, Frankie didn't join her bashing and instead, he praised Nicole for acclaimating herself back in the game so quickly. Talk then turns to Donny.

Christine: "Ughh thank God. It'll be nice to wake up in the morning now and not deal with him!"

11:42pm BBT:
Christine is saying that even thought she likes Nicole as a person, she'd vote her out but she'll be friends with her while she's in the house. Cody is telling Christine to be careful because Frankie thinks the girls are going to stick together and he's gonna try to use that against her.

12:36am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Frankie: "Superfans don't give a sh*t who my sister is. They don't. MY fans and HER fans care. But it doesn't make up the majority of people who watch the show. At all!"
Derrick/Christine: "Nope."
Frankie: "We won't find out until Finale Night if I'm a shoe-in for Fan Fav."
Derrick: "It's gonna be (Frankie) or Donny. After hearing (Donny's) applause?..that was unbelievable."
Christine: "You guys, I can't tell the difference (in applause), am I crazy??"
Derrick: "Ooo that was huge."
Frankie: "Zach's was pretty big."
Derrick: "Zach's was big, Donny's was bigger."
Frankie: "I think so, too."
Christine: "Really??"
Derrick: "It was a roar!"

They start talking about alliances that made it far and mention the Brigade.
Christine: "Yea but they sucked!"

Derrick starts talking about BB Canada and how the 1st 5 that entered the house joined an alliance together without knowing each other. Derrick then gets another "Holla!" over the loudspeaker. (*That's gonna get old fast. lol)

12:47am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
They're talking about their flopped Team America mission (BB play).
Frankie: "I'm sure they edited it was all about the fact that we didn't (save Donny)..he's very loved.
Derrick: "How many missions do you think we accomplished?"
Frankie: "Four." (ed: pretty sure its 3.)

Frankie said they can use this failed mission as motivation.
Frankie: "There was nothing else I could think of, honestly.  I thought it was the best idea for the situation. But just think about..a man in drag is not a popular concept with the world."
Derrick: "OK."
Frankie: "A lot of America is not ready to see a man in drag." (*The mission failed because it sucked, not because we're not ready for a man in drag, Frankie.)

Frankie: "And this is an American family show..."
Derrick: "And the fact that we were bashing other houseguests probably didn't help."
Frankie: "Yea!"

Derrick: " 'overwhelming no'." 
Frankie: "I thought wrong. I thought this was a gift, because of well (Team America) has been doing and because I'm building schools in Africa!...with the money!..but no, it wasn't."

Derrick starts talking game. He tells Frankie to stick to Caleb this week because Christine is gonna be up Caleb's ass to put up Victoria.

1:31am BBT:
HOH Revel Time

He got an army hat and his flag from Baghdad. Caleb's letter from home was from his brother, Jake.

2:50am BBT:
Cody (alone)
Frankie passes through and talks to Cody for a few minutes about the HOH comp before heading back up to the HOH room.

Cody: "God I can't stand him."

3:30am BBT:
HOH Room
Nicole is campaigning to Caleb to stay this week. She's telling him to get someone out of the house that won't work with him and that Nicole would work with him.

Nicole: "I wanna work with you. I would never work against you. I've been watching this game since I was 8 yrs old. This is the time in the game when you make big moves. Otherwise, you're just waiting for them to take you out. It's whatever is best for your game.."

This convo is kinda pointless because Caleb's putting Nicole VS Christine, with Nicole as the target. He's putting Christine up next to her so that if Christine wins veto, she can't use it to take Nicole down. Nicole mentioned during this convo how Derrick/Cody betrayed her/Hayden in their 4 person alliance.

4:10am BBT:
HOH Room
Caleb is filling in the guys with his talk with Nicole and how she threw Derrick/Cody/Christine under the bus to him. Derrick mentions that obviously Nicole still doesn't think they (the guys) don't talk to each other.

Meanwhile, downstairs..

4:15am BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Nicole is talking to herself, saying how she's gonna have to win veto every week to stay. 

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Today is the Nomination Ceremony where Caleb will put up Nicole/Christine. If Nicole doesn't win veto tomorrow, she's a goner. Simple as that. As of 8:39am BBT, all HG's are sleeping and bedroom lights are still off.

Last night, Derrick mentioned how the "Holla's" will come at night & in the mornings. I wonder if after awhile, the houseguests will get sick of it. Assuming that Derrick would stay the remaining 30 days in the house, it'd be 166 "holla's" per day (5,000 / 30 days). That's gonna get old after a bit, I'd imagine. Derrick's punishment is also the houses punishment since the voices come on over the loudspeaker.

I'll be back later on with the Afternoon post, so check back then! :)

Stay tuned...
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Steve Robbins said...

"Like I don't think I even have a f**king shot at America's Player."

Yep, you're kind of scum, Frankie.

Lauren Sisco said...

Frankie went from my gave to the absolute worst. I sure hope Nicole wins veto!

Liz said...

Frankie thinks way too highly of himself. He doesn't seem to value the virtue of humility, which Donny showed so consistently throughout his game. I hope Donny does win AFP to show him that being humble and being a genuinely nice person is more well received than being full of one's self like Frankie is.

Tania said...

Tried your best? Hopefully he's talking about the play cause he sure was not trying to save Donny. I will admit that he's played a good social game. And I'm sure he didn't want to split the votes cause then he'd have to pick a side. But I don't like how he tries to play us too in his DR sessions and talking to the camera.

PS love the blog!

Kern's Kreations said...

Uhhhh Frankie, I would consider myself a super fan and you are correct. However, I don't think the casual fans care either. You're kind of a tool.

lmcniven said...

Jamie, I didn't watch last nights show. Are the "Holla's" literally just someone saying holla over the speaker or what? Can you explain please? :) thanks!

sunny said...

Calib as HOH OMG. I hope at the end Julie shows that clip where he's saying he can "read" people and that Donny has to be ex military, probably intelligence since even when he's not thinking he is.
And then she asks him how he was never ever to read there was a cop right under his stalker nose.
Frankie is finally getting a clue hip hip hooray!!!

Ste ven said...

Ariana Grande was too busy with her promotional tour (guess you're not watching live feeds as much as you say) and didn't tweet her followers to vote. If she had, it probably would have gone approved. I do wonder if core BB fans just hate Frankie, his attitude and ego. Definitely seems to be the case on blogs. Donny is just a nice, kind man and its refreshing that that gets a seal of approval. Sorry Caleb but donny probably is the lead to fave player unless Ariana tweets her 17 million followers to vote for her brother. That would be yet another stab in the back to the other HG about how unfair his casting was to them.

Anonymous said...

Can Frankie get more unlikable? Is team America over since donny is out. If DR had told them that, it could have affected their decision. I can guarantee you 100% of F $ is not going to schools. He did the show to boost his profile and hopefully get an entertainment career. I wish BB would air the comments above on the broadcast so he didn't get such a positive edit. It shows a lot about his real personality. But the odds are slim to mine. If you're really serious about the schools, ask your millionaire sister for 50K

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd air his egotistical comments on Sundays show. The edits always further producers narrative but don't reflect what actually goes on in the house

Anonymous said...

He only wins votes if his sister tweets her fans to vote. They dont watch the show. If a fraction of

Angela said...

I KNOW!!!!! I can't WAIT to see reactions when everyone finally finds out the truth on finale night. Um Caleb- no you have no people reading skills.

Steve Robbins said...

Part of me believes that Ariana's not 100% happy with Frankie's BS (otherwise, she probably WOULD have had her fans vote "yes"), and that hope is what I'm holding on to when it comes to AFP. Frankie will reflect poorly on her, even if she's not playing. I know it certainly shades my opinion of her, and I'm only tangentially aware of what she does.

On a side note, related to TA: I know Donny wouldn't do this, because of his personal ethics, but how funny would've it been as he left the house, he casually calls out: "Good luck with the rest of the Team America missions!"

Oh man, the damage control...

Angela Anderson said...

Frankie, BLAH BLAH BLAH. he seriously use to be such a likable guy and now he's just SCUM. Like how lower can you get?? Donny was a PERSON in this game, no his game wasn't as good as others but he didn't let who he really was get away. THAT'S why America will vote for Donny. and I swear If Frankie wins BB OR AFP I will SCREAM!!

So frustrated you guys.. I know you feel it too.

Susie said...

Frankie's ego may come from the family being millionaires, his famous sister so that he thinks he is somebody, he acts so feminine all the time, squealing like a girl, jumping around like a child. Look how he acted with Kathy Griffith, like look at me..............I am done watching bc of Donnie being gone but will read Jamie's blog. I am from MI and so is Nicole but they are against her.

Ray McKinnon said...

First time commentor!

I agree, Frankie went from being one of my faves (behind Donnie--his girlfriend, is a member at the church where I work!) to my absolute LEAST favorite. The guy is SO pompous, out-of-touch, and, well, mean!

Alea Marie said...

Ohh I agree with you!
I seriously doubt that Frankie is on this show & playing this game JUST for money to build those schools he speaks of. Now, maybe some money will go toward that should he win, but not all of it will...
I also agree that he's on this show to further his career & to hopefully be noticed for acting gigs...
Now, with that being said i think it's hysterical that (so far) the ONLY acting gig someone has landed after being noticed on this show is Donny & sooo NOT Frankie!!
Yup you're absolutely right Frankie, you have NO chance at being Americas favorite player because you're NOT, Donny is and he will no doubt win that $25k as a result.
Now, if there was an America's most obnoxious & annoying player then you would in doubt get that vote for sure.
I would LOVE to be a fly on Frankie's wall when he gets out, watches the show, sees just how much of an assclown he really was, & hears just how America/BB super fans REALLY think of him.
I would LOVE to hear & see what he says about that & how he reacts to that.

Alea Marie said...

Annnd NO Caleb you're NOT Gods gift to women either.
We hate you, ya creep!!
Now step away from every pretty woman you meet & run along...

bbwatcher said...

I do think team America is still in play because Joey was the original first member of TA and after she left it still continued... so yeah?

Kaski444 said...

If Donny did that, he would loose all the TA missions money earned so far. Those were the rules. Whoever spills forfeits all the money

Angela said...

I don't think I've ever liked and respected a player more than Derrick. Watching the way he works makes the game very interesting to me. Go Derrick go!!

Alea Marie said...

No he doesn't.
I'm doubtful that Frankie even knows what the word "humility" is let alone the definition of it.
I love how he is now trying to turn Donny's cheers from the crowd, the fact that their mission (which was ALL Frankie's idea), and the fact that Julie stated an "overwhelming" no, into something about America not being ready for a guy dressed in drag!
Ohhhh PUH LEEZE Frankie!
Really? I mean, seriously?
You cannot be THAT blind & ignorant...
The reason the mission failed had NOTHING to do with you in drag you pompous ass.
It had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that YOUR idea & follow through with it SUCKED!!!
Soo just deal with it & stop being such a little cry baby about it and attempting to turn your loss into something it's NOT!!!
Sooo sick & tired of being
sick & tired of FRANKIE!!!
When will he be evicted already?
OMG it would be AWESOME if Nicole wins veto, pulls herself off, & Christine goes home THEN hopefully see Frankie out the door on double eviction night with Victoria so that it forces the remaining house guests to turn on each other.
That or should Nicole not win veto, then I sure hope that it will be Frankie & Christine evicted in the double eviction...
Ohhh Lawd, suh weet justice prevail....please please...

stephanie Manchester said...

I'm unpopular, because I love Frankie. I think he brings flavor to an otherwise boring cast. I think he is loud and obnoxious, but he is also fierce and weird and not afraid to put it out there for the world to critisize. I think tje show would be a snoozer without him.

Rachel said...

I hope BB makes the nxt TA missions hard like getn a big player out! They'll of course fail cuz they have no balls! I hope they don't win anymore. They don't deserve it! They turned on Donny long ago and it's their fault he's gone! Traitors!!

Fk u frankie you are the biggest attention whore bb has ever seen!! I can't wait til you're evicted and hear the BOO's when you walk out. You're pathetic! You're an ugly person and do not deserve to win. America LOVES Donny get over it!! You did that last mission in pure selfishness trying to get more exposure for your tool box self. You looked like you took your poo out of the toilet and put make up on it to make it look better!
Kick rocks Frankie! You are hated like Shelly lol lol

Love you Donny!! We will be using all our votes for Donny to win Americas Fav Player! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Razldazlrr said...

LIke I said - Derrick is a good player against these contestants, who are mainly clueless (except Donny). I would love to see Derrick against some of the past strong players, like a Dan or a Rachel, etc.

You had to figure the noms will be Christine and Nicole or Victoria. BORING. I wish Nicole would have won to shake it up a little bit.

And Frankie - he's finally getting a clue. If someone was serious about being such a good person to donate, they don't talk about it all the time like him to try to gain kudos with the audience. If he wins America's favorite - it's rigged and people will go nuts!

NerdfighterDeb said...

Christine said the Brigade sucked?!?! And she calls herself a superfan? The Brigade was easily one of the best and smartest alliances in BB history. They were awesome!

Micheala Sears said...

"A lot of America is not ready to see a man in drag."

......Rupual's Drag Race 7 seasons all I gotta say :)

Lala said...

Derrick could have VERY EASILY kept DONNY (and pulled the strings to make that happen with the house)... all they needed was 3 votes... if DERRICK, FRANKIE and CALEB were on board for keeping Donny... they could've voted... and then brought VICTORIA over to "their side" and "cut CODY loose" from the alliance... using the excuse that CODY was going against the majority (who wanted to KEEP Donny)... LOVED LOVED LOVED how JULIE "called out" Frankie to give the TA codeword and THEN shot him down (letting him know TA had FAILED)...

At this point I am pulling for DERRICK to win... he HAS worked the hardest... but everyone's "game" is a strategy... even the "floaters" (which there hasn't been IMO this season)... Donny chose to use the OBSERVING STARTEGY...

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope DONNY wins AFP... I'm not worried about Donny... I think he'll fair even BETTER than whoever WINS BB... but I did HATE to see him go!!!!!

Anonymous said...

At Micheala

Uncle Miltie come to mind. I thought do we really have to go through men in drag throughout theater history? Not a bright man.


slnc said...

Agree he thinks we are all stupid. ..nah derrick only the ppl in the house!

Tony Akinremi said...

Frankie has fans. Just not as many fans that he had when he started. He became a tool. He's not going to send money to Africa, just BS.

TA should be over. If they are split up that should end it. We saw that two members actively scemed to get out the third. That should automatically end it and all missions.

The Real Sports Line said...

Well someone from their pack is going home it's going to be a double eviction week. We will start to see the order of their demise soon. Waiting with anticipation!

Ashley said...

Frankie is not afraid to put it out there for America to criticize? I believe this is his true personality and he believes that America will all love him FOR his personality. From the start, he wasn't a favorite of mine because he came across as a show off and in your face. He's always been very loud and obnoxious, always having to be the center of attention. His screeching really grates on my nerves and I always turn to another camera if he isn't talking strategy.

He says the super fans don't give a sh*t who his sister is and HIS fans and HER fans care. Well, buddy, your sister is not the one playing the game so why should we care who his sister is. I agree that he is a bad reflection on her and if he can't win America's Favorite based on his own merit, he doesn't deserve to win.

Jamie's update from 11:00pm BBT shows Derrick talking to the camera saying onto the next mission so he has the idea that TA is still in session?

I hope Nicole wins POV and turns around and wins HOH for the DE just so she can get out one of the guys. I would just love to see at least one of them go before all the rest are eliminated.


Paul Mahaney said...

Hey Frankie, here is a small sample of successful male cross-dressing movies:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Mrs. Doubtfire
The Birdcage
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
White Chicks
The problem with your play was 2-fold:
It was an improve not a scripted play.
It had no impact on the game because you only bashed people not currently in the house.

Becky Hebert said...

Alea, I couldnt have said it any better than you. SPOT ON! Please someone put a Spankie on Frankie and send him on his way!

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