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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Afternoon/Evening in the BB16 House

Hello, BB addicts! Today's been a slooowww moving day inside the BB house. Usually Tuesday/Wednesday's are, after the Veto Ceremony is done and the week is pretty much set in stone. Zach is still expected to leave on Thursday and I don't see that changing.

At 3:50pm BBT after being on an outdoor lockdown, the houseguests went back inside the house to find that BB gave them a Dart Board to play with.
Per the card that came with the Dart Board, the houseguests have to return the darts in 24 hours and then they'll get them back every week for another 24 hour period.

At 4:46pm BBT, Zach and Donny talked game for a little bit on the backyard couches.
Zach's giving Donny advice on how to survive in the game. 

Zach: "Next week, either you're going (to jury) or Victoria. Hopefully not. But if you survive next week, and Victoria goes, and it's only down to 6 people..if you could just pull Derrick/Cody to your side, you're golden!"

Donny: "I just don't think they'd.."
Zach: "And I think they would because they won't wanna compete against Caleb/Frankie (alone), you know what I mean?"
Donny: "Yea. They've proven to be winners in HOH's."
Zach: "Oh yea! Both of'em!"

Zach tells Donny that he just needs a little bit of luck on his side, which he hasn't gotten yet...that Donny has had to fight for every win so far.
Donny: "Boy I hope you're right, Zach."
Zach: "You just gotta believe, Donny."
Donny: "I believe! But it's a lil overwhelming."

Donny: "They're in there havin' a great time..."
Zach: "They don't even know Donny's in the house."
Donny: "They all come out here and sit on that couch if I'm sittin' on this one. When they take (HOH) pictures, they want me to take their pictures. It's sad, ain't it? We ain't in High School, we're grown ups. I'm a grown man."

Zach: "You know if you get to the end, you're winnin', so you better f**kin' get there, Donny." 
Donny: "I can't get there.."
Zach: "You can!"
Donny: "I mean, I'll try!..but it would be insurmountable."
Zach: "It's possible, though."
Donny: "They're gonna have to crack before we think they're gonna crack. They'll probably stick together until I'm gone...doesn't seem like it'd be fun to watch people gang up on somebody, would it?"
Zach: "You've been up on the block every week, throwing comps next to you.."
Donny: "It's sad."
Zach: "It's sad. But hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do."
Donny: "I can walk out with my head high."

Donny the says it be fun to watch the others turn on each other so that he could be there to watch it happen.

Donny then gives Zach advice on how he can stay this week. (*I love Zonny!)
Donny asks Zach after he (Donny) is gone, who's the next target...
Zach: "Frankie." (*Yep.)
Donny: "And if you or I are gone, who will protect them? Nobody. That may be a chance for you (to stay), Zach."
Zach: "What you're sayin' is to flip the votes?"
Donny: "Just paint him (Frankie) as the biggest it in the most sincere, manipulative way because Frankie's already paranoid...he has won half of the comps he's been in..he has played this game, physical, game wise..."

Donny tells him to not say anything until tomorrow night, tell them to "sleep on it" and "think about it".
Zach: "That's a good idea."

At 6:52pm BBT, Derrick/Frankie talked in the HOH room.
Frankie is neverous about getting backdoored in the game. Derrick is as well. Frankie says that he hopes he gets picked to play in veto this upcoming week.

Derrick: "All of 6 of us will play in veto.."
Frankie: "No, 1 person will be sitting out."
Derrick: "Jesus. Well if that happens.."
Frankie: " just throw up."

During this convo, Derrick mentioned that they can't keep bringing Victoria along because at Final 3, everyone is gonna wanna take her to the end for "an easy win". Frankie agreed. (*If you watched Sunday night's BB episode, then you saw Derrick say he doesn't want Donny to go. I'm guessing this is Derrick planting seeds to getting Victoria out over Donny.)

Derrick: "Honestly as a fan of the show, it wouldn't be good." (re: bringing Vic to the end)
Frankie thinks the fans are mad that Zach's going home this week.

8:55pm BBT:
Caleb/Derrick are shooting pool, as Donny is on the sidelines (he's doing laundry). Victoria is watching the boys play pool from a lounger in the backyard.

Inside the house, Frankie & Cody are doing dishes as Christine sits at the kitchen counter and watches.

**I'll be back tomorrow the Overnighter. (It'll be earlier than usual because I have to work tomorrow in the late morning.) Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!! (Pss they're only $9.99/month for the rest of the season! You can watch on your computer, ipad, or cell phone.)

Stay tuned...
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shana said...

I have noticed Donny's not in a lot of the HOH pic's, that is sad! Makes me want to go and that a picture with him! I think Donny might get favorite player. That would be great since the rest think they might well will get it.

Anonymous said...

I mean Zach has to try something I suppose cause I hate when people just lay over and die no matter the odds against them. But I don't see how on earth Donny's plan of appealing to Frankie who doesn't get to vote at all as there can't even be a tie this week makes any sense. I mean at best maybe Frankie can sway Caleb but even that is doubtful after how anti Zach this week made him. But even if he gets that it's only 2 votes along with Donny. And you know Derrick isn't voting out Cody and neither is Christine and there's no chance in hell Victoria is keeping Zach. So that's the ball game right there with those 3 rock solid votes.

The only thing I can think of is that Donny wants Zach to plant those seeds so that Frankie wants to work with Donny after Zach is evicted. He is also very concerned with Zach not mentioning Donny's name when he talks to Frankie. Like he doesn't want him to know these ideas came from Donny so that Frankie will think it was all his idea he came up with that he needs to work with Donny.


Thebez said...

Christine is disgusting and untrustworthy. Feel bad for Tim. Donny is awesome truly a great person to bad the house doesn't reward honesty and integrity. Derrick flawless under the radar game. A Donny Derrick final would be a tough vote.

Ashley said...

@ Brian: It looks to me like Donny is planting the idea in Zach's head to try to get it into Derrick's head that Donny is a lesser threat than Frankie so Derrick should go after Frankie before him.

And, it might work since Derrick has said that Victoria should go before Donny and per Jamie's update that Derrick said Sunday that he doesn't want Donny to go. I would think he wants to work with Donny.

I am confused. Why does Derrick tell Frankie that everyone would want to take Victoria to the end as an easy win so she should go. Why would he want her to go then? I could understand if he thinks that she might vote for with the others but he's had her in his back pocket all along. I can't wrap my head around that one. Help!

It would be very interesting to see Derrick and Donny F2. I do think Derrick is also all about the fans. He would probably be ecstatic if he could win over a tougher competitor and not an easy win.


Ashley said...

Oh, and no way for Zach to be saved. Absolutely believe that Cody will stay per Derrick, Victoria, and Christine.


Ashley said...

I got it backwards in that Donny wants Zach to plant it in Frankie's head to keep Donny.

But, conversely, he could also convince Derrick or Cody the same thing because soon they will also be the targets. They will need the extra vote from Victoria or Donny.

Caleb and Christine are wild cards, going with the numbers. Whatever will they do when they have to make up their own mind?

Caleb just seems to me to always be out in space, not thinking much, except how he will always be giving his speech to someone. He spends more time practicing how he will say something to someone. As far as making decisions, nada.


Anonymous said...


I think Derrick told Frankie that because we are getting late in the game here and virtually everyone that's left has been working together and with so few people now if the target isn't on someone else there's a good chance it's on you. I don't think that's what Derrick would do if he won but it's something he'd be fine with others doing if it kept him safe. And Frankie has shown a consistent ability to win HOHs.

Now obviously Frankie can't play in this 1 so let's say someone like Caleb or Cody win and they are finally able to get rid of Donny. Then the next week Frankie is HOH again. Who is there left for him to target? Derrick obviously sees Caleb and Christine as closer to Frankie then they are to him so they might be off the table for Frankie to put up. That leaves Derrick, Cody and Victoria (since he doesn't know for sure about the returning player). And of those 3 he'd definitely want the target on Victoria. And just this past week Frankie backdoored Zach due in large part to not wanting to waste his HOH getting rid of Victoria. So Derrick wants to make it seem like less of a waste in case the scenario arrises again down the line.


Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...


Derrick doesn't plan to take Victoria to the final 2. I believe he even said in the DR that if he go to final 3 with Vic and Cody, he'd take Cody to the end. Cody is his main loyalty in this game.

I think he also knows that, especially if someone else takes her out, Victoria would vote for Derrick to win in the end over anyone else.

Christina said...

@Nancy :)
(Brian, correct me if I am wrong) The reason why they wouldn't want to take Victoria to the final three is that unless you win the final HOH, you would be dumped in the end. Lets say its Cody, Derrick and Victoria at the end. Cody wins the final HOH, hes going to take Victoria because there is no way he could win against Derrick. Switch any of the names and its still the same, everyone would take Victoria at the end.

Christina said...

Totally agree with you about Caleb Ashley. It also really bothers me how he is always saying "That will make great TV!" Mind you, I could go on and on about Caleb, he is exactly the type of person I detest, lol. About a month ago, someone compiled a list on all of the things Caleb claimed to be and do, it was hilarious (and LONG)! lol

Tony Akinremi said...

I said before I'd be happy if Derrick or Donny won. I feel that derricks an upright guy and would want somebody next to him that has worked as hard as him to be there. I know that doesn't always happen but I hope it happens this season.

Anonymous said...


That is true that Victoria would be an easy win for anyone in F2 so it'd be very tempting for someone to take her if given the choice. The only way I could see you wouldn't is if you felt supremely confident you had it wrapped up in the bag no matter which person you choose. Like in your scenario for example lets say Derrick gets the choice then he could take Cody feeling he'd still smoke him in F2 and he deserved the F2 and $50K more than Victoria.

However the biggest issue with getting rid of Victoria is that everyone wants someone else to do it because they don't want to waste their HOH especially this late in the game getting rid of such a weak player. That's part of what happened this week with Frankie choosing to go after Zach instead of Victoria once Donnie was safe. Right now the only 1 I see who'll definitely be willing to target Victoria is Caleb because he's wanted her out forever and the way he plays the game is all about loyalty and quite frankly he's not bright enough strategy wise in the game to examine all his other better options. Especially since all his other "teammates" who are much more strategic will be cheering him on pushing him to finally get rid of Victoria mostly to save themselves and keep him from doing the smarter thing and going after them.


Anonymous said...


I could definitely see those 2 doing that as well. But it's also a lot easier to feel that way when you'd smoke anyone in the F2 as is the case with Donny. And Derrick would smoke anyone but Donny who's odds of getting there are extremely low. So it's simpler for someone to "do the right thing" for who deserves to be there more when you're winning the $500K either way.


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