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Thursday, August 28, 2014

HOH Endurance Comp

A minute after the live show ended, the live feeds came back on! If you wanna watch tonight's endurance comp, you can watch it by getting your 2 day free trial of the live feeds!!!

7:05pm BBT:

7:08pm BBT:

7:14pm BBT:
Nobody really talking, lots of heavy breathing.

7:22pm BBT:
Seems like Nicole/Frankie/Caleb are pretty close.

Derrick: "This is the dream, Nicole."
Lots of heavy breathing, very little talking.

7:25pm BBT:
Frankie & Nicole's snowmen..
Frankie seems to be slightly in the lead over Nicole.

7:29pm BBT:
Derrick just fell...
 Frankie...Nicole...Christine's snowmen.
Looks like Christine is doing well, too.

7:46pm BBT:
Christine is in the lead.
 Victoria should really start trying for her $5k snowman, she's not winning this comp. lol

7:48pm BBT:

Derrick is going for the $5k!

8:03pm BBT:
Derrick just fell again.
Caleb: "Old man ain't doin' so well in this comp."
Cody: "He's gonna be sore tomorrow!"

Derrick said he's going for the $5k reward & 5,000 "holla's" because he was so behind in his HOH snowman.

8:06pm BBT:
In the lead is Christine, followed by Frankie, then Nicole.

8:10pm BBT:

Nicole: "Eww there's a dead cricket!"
Cody: "Good job, everybody."

Derrick is still filling up his smaller snowman. 

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8:38pm BBT:
Hard to tell who's in the lead. Camera's not really giving a good angel. Looks like it's between Christine/Frankie, though.

Christine: "Sorry for all my cursing, mother. But this is hard."

8:47pm BBT:
Caleb is talking to himself.
Caleb: "No pain, no pain. Push through it. Be safe this week. No pain. Come on, beast mode."

Looks like it'll be a fight between Frankie/Christine (they're really close), and Caleb. 

8:51pm BBT:
Christine just fell HARD!!

Christine: "That knocked the wind outta me!"
They all say their hips and backs hurt.

8:54pm BBT:

Derrick: "I'm gonna need a medic on standby! Oxygen, ace bandages, ice packs..."
Frankie: "A double hip replacement!"

8:58pm BBT:
Caleb: "You're almost there, D!" (*For $5k snowman.)
Derrick: "Hey, Heath!" (production)
Feeds cut.

Feeds back a few seconds later.
Derrick's almost done for his $5k snowman.
Caleb: "Come on, D! Get that $5,000 for that baby!"

9:05pm BBT:
Frankie: "Derrick, just get the f**king ball!"
Cody: "It's completely sticking out.."
Frankie: "I know!"
Feeds cut. (Production talking to Derrick, I'm sure.)

Feeds back.
Derrick got the ball!
All HG's cheer. His first "Holla" comes over the loudspeaker.
Guy: "Holla at your boy!"

Derrick says he volunteers to be a Have Not this week.

9:24pm BBT:


Caleb said his knee is killing him.

**If you wanna watch the post-comp aftermath, get your 2 day live feeds trial!! I'll see y'all back here in the morning with The Overnighter! :D And don't forget to follow me over at Twttter, I'll be hanging out over there tonight until I go to bed.

Stay tuned...
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Ashaw20 said...

I purchased the season pass of the feeds at the start of the season and just went to log on and it's trying to charge me for the monthly pass!!! Who do I contact to get the feeds I paid for?!? Of course it's the night we FINALLY got endurance!

C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

They should've kept Donny instead. He wouldn't of won this one.

courtchis said...

Hey guys! I was travelling up north when the live show was going on and am a little confused what the punishment is for filling up the small snowman?

Also shout out to Jamie: thank you for doing all you do!
- Courtney

Alison said...

Are Victorias pants ripping? Camera person keeps zooming in. I actually feel bad for her.

Donna Morey said...

go Nicole!!

Christi said...

Ug not christine

Stephanie Kitchens said...

No Derrick! Don't go for the money... It's a bb curse...

Amy D said...

You can do it Nicole!!

Rachel said...

I'm sure if bird face wins she'll let the guys control her hoh and waste it on Vic and nic. I do think it's way over due for Vic to be gone but c'mon let's see something new happen! I doubt she'll do any ballsy..the only ballsy thing she will do involves Cody's.

Super sad Donny is gone that was a sad goodbye. Now that I kno Derrick squashed it I hope he goes home. Pig

Anonymous said...


Derrick will somehow have them all thanking him for going for the $5K and taking that temptation away from them


Anonymous said...

I think BB was trolling us into thinking HOH was a battle between Christine and Frankie by not showing Caleb's bowl for almost the entire comp. They made me squirm but I called Caleb winning by the time the live show went off the air.


Nicole Mouawad said...

Brian you're a genius. Love ALL your comments. I always look for them. You and Jamie are so good !!!

Rachel said...

Another predictable week. Ugh!!!!
Bye cbs

Andrea Santangelo said...

Rachel, the only person left who isn't in the alliance is Nicole (Victoria doesn't count. She's basically an annoying non-entity). That means there was only a 1 in 5 chance a detonator wouldn't win (again, Victoria doesn't count). It also means the alliance has to start feeding on itself, if not right away, then immediately after. And Thursday is double eviction and Caleb won't be eligible to compete. I think this could be really exciting!

I hope Derrick wins! I feel pretty sure he could convince Caleb not to put him up but the real danger is if Frankie realizes what a threat he is.

Also, those videos from home were so sweet and touching!

Anonymous said...

Give Derrick the 500 + what 20-30k Extra. At least they realize Donny is well liked & kudos to America for letting F know we all do t love him or wanna give him Apple pie. Don't expect Caleb to shake things up or get F out. Home stretch as we'll be down to 5 next week. Not even gonna be a huge fight ... The seasons pretty much over. I just hope F ain't on the F2. (whh does his sister always wear those little cat ears

Anonymous said...

Nah... He's on nobody's radar plus the pimping of the baby, esp after seeing her, works like a charm. I misunderstood. I thought the winner of hoh would also get punishment. That would have been better. But here was yet another example of the same exact challenge BB does year after year after year. No originality when it comes to challenges

Ste ven said...

Nothing to see here for the rest of the season and given the same challenges and found evictions, buyback etc, bb17 will be more of the same. You'd think after a year, they'd be able to come up with new challenges and stop repeating the same challenges every week. Boring & predictable

Christina said...

The moment I turned my feeds off - Frankie "I am a superstar. This is the life I have chosen. That's why I'm hated" Another BB free week for me. With Caleb and Skankie in charge, I will literally pull my hair out!!

That Slingshot Life said...

Agreed Rachel

MirrG said...

I guess Caleb didn't slow down the entire time- Cody said he thought he'd actually sped up at one point. Caleb said he was doing his military drills and thinks he jacked up his knee (they had to carry him to the shower).

Ashley said...

There was a time when they had shown Caleb's container that made it obvious that he would win unless he fell and broke something. It was easier to tell on live feeds when they can't show totally different time periods for comparison. I agree with Brian, he started out looking so much better at it than the rest. Wondering who he will put up, Christine and Nicole or Vic?


Anonymous said...


Noms will be Nicole/Christine because they don't trust Christine to not try to make a move and use POV on Nicole if she won it and she wasn't on the block. I think they'll tell Christine she's just the pawn and didn't want to put Victoria up and guarantee she plays POV since she's so weak and it's all about keeping Nicole from winning it.


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