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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sat: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Zingbot Veto Comp Saturday to y'all! :D Last night, the houseguests picked Veto Comp players for today's Zingbot veto comp.

Playing for Veto are:
Derrick is hosting

This week all comes down to who wins veto today. Frankie has said that he will put up Victoria if he has to pick a renom, while Derrick really wants to save Victoria and is trying to get Zach up & out this week. I'm pretty sure the only person who wouldn't use the veto would be Donny if he wins it, which would leave Caleb/Cody up against each other for the week. (Victoria might not either, because then Derrick would be vulnerable to getting backdoored.)

Sidenote: Yesterday when I was blogging, I couldn't figure out why Christine kept saying "America hates me". Well apparently someone from production cheered for Donny as he won the BOB Comp yesterday. Christine thinks America hates her for throwing the comp to try to get Donny out this week. 

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Okie dokie, let me piece together the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below!! :D

9:46pm BBT:
HOH Room
Derrick is doing normal routine: pretend to be on board with the HOH's idea of getting so-and-so out, and then later on he'll talk about other possibilities (aka who he wants to go home). Derrick said that Victoria will go home this week.

Frankie: "I hope so."

Derrick then talked about how they need to pull off the Team America mission and if they do, they're walking out the door with the minimum of $32,000 (with the stipend + Team America money combined).

Frankie & Derrick then talked about their current T.A. mission. Derrick thinks it'll be better to snag all 8 items before the "neighborhood watch" starts. They plan on writing "Watch your stuff!" on the bathroom mirror after they snag their items and then it's easy.

Derrick: "The hardest part is gonna be writing that on the bathroom mirror (without getting caught)."

10:10pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Victoria is worried she could be the replacement nom (depending on veto) and if she is, she thinks she'll get evicted. Derrick tells her not to think like that and to win veto.

Victoria: "I know. It just sucks."

10:22pm BBT:
Zach and Victoria are listening to Beastmode Douchebag freestyle rap..if you can call it that. lol (If you want a good laugh this morning, flashback to this.)

10:40pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Victoria: "I just feel like an outsider. I don't know why."
Victoria said she feels like Christine is "one of the guys" and she (Vic) is the only "GIRL girl" left.

11:48pm BBT:
HOH Room

Derrick is crying in the HOH room. Victoria comes up.

Victoria: "You crying? You're so cute. I'm obsessed."
Victoria hugs Derrick.

Victoria: "Is it about your family?"
Derrick: "Yea."

Victoria keeps asking what's wrong, but Derrick says he can't talk about it. He assures her everything is okay and it's no big deal.

Derrick: "I've been so focused the entire time I've been here. It's amazing how one little thing can throw it off."
Victoria: "What happened?"
Derrick: "Can't say. Trust me, if I could tell you, I would."
Victoria: "Is that why you went to D.R.?"
Derrick: "No, I went in there for my D.R. (session). This is gonna be a tough week for us."

Victoria keeps asking if it's about him, her, or his family. He says no, it's "about the show" and he can't say. He says it's "minor" and not that big of a deal.
Derrick: "You gotta win that veto."
Derrick said that he has "no f**king clue" if Victoria would go up if she didn't, but doesn't want her to risk going up or himself going up.

12:02am BBT:
Derrick tells Victoria that everyone in the house, except for 2 people, will get evicted. He said there's a lot of luck involved & things outside their control that you just gotta hope works out in your favor.

12:10am BBT:
Derrick is giving Victoria hints that she may go home this week. He says that people will do what's best for their game and it's "not personal".
Victoria: "I feel like you know something."
Derrick: "I know we're not in the best position this week. I'm pissed about something else that has nothing to do with know what it is. But it's nothing about where your game is or anything like that. If Caleb wins, or Cody wins, they're taking themselves off the block. If Christine wins, she'd probably use it on Cody if she uses it. If Frankie would use it, he'd use it on Caleb. It's the same assumptions you're having, I'm having. If Donny wins..crap shoot. No clue what he'd do."

Derrick: "A majority of the people that could win the veto, would use it. Those are the facts."
Victoria: "Obviously I wouldn't use it, because you are still in jeopardy."
Derrick: "I could be, yea. But we'd have to talk (about you using it or not)."

Derrick said he's not in control of his fate this week. (Basically he's scared that he has no control and the opportunity to either get backdoored, lose Victoria or lose Cody are all real possibilities and there's nothing he can do about it.)

12:37am BBT:
Zach and Donny are talking about the BOB Comp.
Zach: "I wish I could've seen what was going on."
Donny: "I wish you could've seen it, too."

Donny is hinting about Christine throwing the comp.
Donny: "Breaks my heart. We don't have to talk about it. I wish you could play in the veto."
Zach: "Just win it for me."
Donny: "Think about it. Everybody that plays in it, will use it."

Donny: "It's a rough feelin', feeling alone."
Zach: "Can't even imagine."
Donny: "But if you have this person alone..and this person alone.. and this person alone..and this person alone (he's moving items on the kitchen island & pushes them together), then whatta ya got?" (alliance)
Zach: "Preach it, Donny!"
Donny: "Well, it's between me and you Zach."

A couple minutes later, they go into the bathroom to brush their teeth.
Zach asks Donny if he has his vote, if he gets put up on the block. Donny says absolutely, even if it goes against the house vote. Donny said he's worried about talking to Zach because he doesn't want to tell others what they talk about. Zach said he knows he (Z) is the 1st one to go in their alliance. Donny agrees. Donny then hints to an alliance with Zach.

Donny: "You need to think about who you got here that can help ya. And you've seen I can help ya if I can."
Zach: "Yea. You're a beast."
Donny: "I'm not a beast, but I'll help ya if I can. (Your alliance) has got their people. I wish you could play in the veto. But don't say nothin'."

Zach says he won't. (*Later on in the night, Zach gets questioned by Derrick if Donny said anything and Zach lied and said no. So Zach kept his word to Donny.)
Donny: "I have no one. I can't keep doing it by myself."
Zach: "Yea."
Victoria passes through.

1:05am BBT:
HOH Room
Talk is about the BOB Comp. Cody said he was so frustrated.
Zach: "That was weird when someone said "Go Donny!"
Derrick: "Don't say that, you're gonna get (in trouble with BB). I already did."

Derrick: "Listen, we're a house of 6 people VS 1 person."
Derrick saying that people are rooting for Donny only because he's the underdog.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! Today is the Veto Comp and I'm expecting the houseguests to get woken up by Zingbot like he's done in the past. As soon as that happens, or the HG's wake up, I'll post the Morning (or Afternoon, depending on when they wake up lol) post. As of 8:54am BBT this morning, all HG's are sleeping.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


I'm not too sure at all Victoria would use POV because then Frankie's only options for renom would be to put up Derrick or Zach and I'd strongly lean towards Frankie keeping Zach safe over Derrick. So Derrick would have to be extremely confident that he did a grade A sell job to Frankie to put Zach up and most likely out before he allows Victoria to use POV. I mean if it's just to keep Cody safe they most likely have the votes to do that already with Derrick, Victoria and Christine. So the only reason for Derrick to have Victoria use POV would be to get rid of Zach which I don't think Frankie will do.


Jamie said...

yea i just edited that about 5 mins ago (after my coffee kicked in and realize that Derrick would be vulnerable to getting BD'ed).

That'd put Derick in a tough spot if Vic won veto because does he (a)have vic keep the noms the same and have the possiblity of his best ally going home? or (b) risk himself. or (c) get the house against caleb to make sure him/cody are both safe this week.

it'd be a sticky spot to be in. for the 1st time in the game, Derrick's plans might not work out the way he wants them too. lol

C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

Beast mode douchebag? Hahahaaha omg I just died.

sissy92101 said...

Caleb is so funny I love it.

Anonymous said...

I think I came up with Derrick's next great game move if Victoria winds up on the block next to Caleb. Derrick would need to convince everyone that they need to evict Caleb to beat Hayden in the endurance comp to get back into the house. He'd say if we evict Victoria we are basically giving Hayden a free pass back into the game "competing" against those 3 weak girls in an endurance comp. And it's in all our best interest to keep Donny alone and not give him a strong ally especially as how difficult it's been to get him out as it is.

And here's the real kicker that could just completely put it over the top. With how great Derrick has been combined with Caleb's ego and willingness to do crazy things thus far I think Derrick can even get Caleb to be at least cool with it if not all out gung-ho Lawon style. Derrick can say we need the king to protect his castle once again from the intruders. If we vote out Victoria then we are gonna have to deal with getting both Donny and Hayden out with both of them coming after us as well. But if we send you out there you know damn straight there ain't nobody beating Beast Mode Cowboy in an endurance comp. Then we just get a redo of this past week with everyone trying to get Donny out.

And in actuality this really might be the best strategy for them to employ cause if they evict Victoria it almost certainly would be Hayden coming back into the house and if not then Nicole which they don't want either. That is as long as they're sure it won't turn Caleb against them and teaming with Donny if he comes back.

Obviously it's not the best play for Caleb but I do think he'd stand a great chance of coming back into the game as he dominated the only other endurance comp he was in. Now he's not half as good as he thinks he is because he thinks he's the greatest man who ever lived LOL. But that bloated ego plays in their favor of getting him to be at least ok with it. A big key could be timing and not pitching it too early at least to Caleb and giving him too much time to think about. It might not even be pitched till eviction night.


Kern's Kreations said...

Hahaha you said Beast Mode Douchebag. Pair him up with Skank-o-pottomus and you have an amazing alliance of morons. :D

And speaking of old Skank-O-Pottomus, bless your little ol heart, there are way more reasons than that as to why America hates you. #StopTouchingTheBoys


ps, sorry for the hashtag, those things are as played out as Christine ;)

DirkKouglas said...

@ Brian

I don't think the house guests have a clue that one of the evicted jurors will be returning next week.

Only time I've heard Julie mention it is when she talks to the evicted house guest and when she addresses the people watching the show.

Amy said...

Was Derrick crying because of that person yelling Go Donny? Because he thinks prod is helping him out?

Unknown said...

I was thinking the same thing Brian. It is tricky with the jury members playing though. None of them stand a chance against Caleb or Frankie in an endurance comp. Your so right about Caleb. His ego makes him so easy to manipulate. All he knows is loyalty. He really has no ability to think long term. He was campaigning for Frankie last night because Frankie has won so many HOHs. Everyone was disagreeing with him, making the argument that its all about saving yourself in the POV. I think if your going to judge on HOH wins, you need to look at what they did with their HOH. This year, no one has made any significant moves, IMO.
Another thing I heard last night was that Christine was called out by production for handing "bones" to Caleb. Can't wait to hear what Zingbot says today!! YAY!


Unknown said...

@ Amy. I agree with you. I think (with the exception of Caleb, Frankie and Zach) they are starting to realize that they are NOT American's favorites. Their was more Nicole bashing last night, calling her bi-polar (sure, thats it! lol) I think to make themselves feel better :)


Ste ven said...

Why was Derrick really 😢 crying? What happened right before? It is amazing that no one brings up his name for eviction. I hope a HG that comes back can really shake up the alliances... And that Frankie gets evicted next week. I want him out sooo bad. #escapegoat

Anonymous said...


That's not true as Julie told them before the 1st eviction on DE night "just because you're out of the house does not mean you're out of the game". And they've been talking about there being a buy back into the game ever since. They don't know when exactly it'll be or how but if they're smart and know the show like Derrick does it's not too difficult to surmise that it'll be just like it was last season with an endurance comp at 4 Jury members. And it doesn't even matter if that's how they will do it which I think they actually will. He just has to sell everyone else that's what's going to happen. And thus far Derrick has been able to sell ice to Eskimos with this bunch.


C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

Kerns kreations,
I love you because of that hashtag. Stop touching the boys? Freaking hilarious!!!!

sissy92101 said...

I don't think donny is the underdog he's wins when he needs too Derrick is just afraid of Donny.

Anonymous said...


That's what I was thinking it was too since several mentioned production people clapping when Donny won and 1 even yelling go Donny. And I'm sure they were scolded about talking about it. But that really is unprofessional for the production people to do. Even if you have a favorite and a rooting interest, which they really shouldn't, but they're human and I imagine fans, so it's only natural, you really can't control yourself from applauding and verbally cheering for 1 person in front of everyone? I'd be really upset by that too if I was playing this game and trying to win the money for my family and I hear the people running the show audibly rooting for someone else. Especially when that person had the whole house against them and his partner trying to throw it and still just so happened to win and be safe putting me and my alliance in real danger. I'm not saying anything fishy def went on but it's pretty easy to have suspicions especially when it's hurting your game. Plus combine that with the similar nature of events with Frankie last week.


Razldazlrr said...

Hmmm - 1st I love it that Donny won, despite Christine! Go Donny!

Second, I often wonder about production too, that whole Frankie playing along was fishy and then he was writing things down for a competition and didn't get knocked out of it.

Would love to see Donny win HOH and put Derrick up - Derrick and Frankie! The way these people are being manipulated is just pathetic. Or get Hayden back in the house and he puts them up. Zach would be wise to team up with Donny. It just might get interesting.


Perhaps someone in production had an ecstatic moment realizing what good TV a Donny win would give them in the ratings.

Paul Mahaney said...

On a sidenote:
I find it interesting that people are warming up to Caleb now that his personality isn't stifled by his obsession. Also, Nicole got a nice bump in popularity once she was on the outs with Christine and felt comfortable to admit that she thought Amber was a nice person (as opposed to her laughing and encouraging Christine's hatred for anyone more liked than herself.)

It isn't that we forget, but we seem to forgive the repentant (like Nicole) and understand the confused (Caleb.)

Janely Castro said...

Excited to see what zing bot says to them!!!! I'm wondering what he would even say to Donny?

Christi said...

I would imagine production feels terrible for Donny. I cant imagine. I tear up watching his lonliness and tears. He is just an all around nice man. I hope Zack teams up with him and they whip some butt. I like Derrick until his whole we have not lied in this game about who we are to Frankie. Now i think he is just a meab person. Just trained to keep calm where the others explode. Its a game but these people have to be a bit like they are normally. Like Christine i do not think she is a nice person. At all. I hope Donny shakes this of when he gets out. He has had it rough. Would be depressing to a caring kind person.

Anonymous said...

all i could think of was wil's rap as caleb in bb16saga ep3:

"d-o-u-c-h-e man, paper or plastic, i got yo' bag!"

Marie said...

Hi Jaime - according to your pole on the side, we seem to be wanting Donny to win, Derrick and is in a close second - Nicole is 3rd but far behind. I realize she is not in the game but as far as I am concerned - she did amazing things with her HOH (at least attempted to). Donny is a favorite, Derrick has manipulated everyone - but Nicole was the only one that went against the grain and TRIED! She has my vote - Donny or Derrick deserve 2nd place FOR SURE but Nicole has made the biggest attempts

Gordon Harkless said...

Brian I believe you're right on the money about them getting Beast Mode Fool to stay on the block. His ego is so way out in space he would be telling them by the end of the night. Yeah vote me out I'll smoke Hayden and those girls. This is about what I told my aunt couple hours ago.

Derrick and Cody have been talking about a possible player returning for almost 2 weeks now. So this could be how Derrick gets to save the two of them plus Victoria.

Rachel said...

Totally agree!

Tony Akinremi said...

I thought the skankopotomus had more brains and would finally relies that she would be in on the block too if she throw the comp. I guess not. Christine must have left her brains at home as well as her husband if she doesn't think the guys will get rid of her soon.

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