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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Final HOH Part 1: Endurance Comp

Good evening, BB addicts!! At 7:20pm BBT, the live feeds switched to Jeff-loops, which means it's time for the Final HOH Part 1: Endurance Comp!!! It *should* be shown on the feeds after the houseguests get their instructions from production and get underway. If it does, I will cover it here. If not, I will reveal the winner of the Part 1 HOH Comp when the feeds come back on.

7:58pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

The Final 3 are on a small platform (Derrick said he doesn't think they move) and they have to stretch to hang on.

Derrick: "Caleb's gonna be watchin' this going "I would've crushed it."."
Cody: "He's gonna hate us."

8:03pm BBT:
Looks like the wall is moving back & forth slightly.
They all seem to be taking turns giving their hands and arms a break, shaking them for relief.

8:07pm BBT:

Derrick: "Here it comes! You wanted to be on Big Brother, right?"
Cody: "AGHHH!!!! !Smells funny!"

Derrick & Cody keep joking around, neither seem to be in discomfort at all. Seem to be enjoying it, actually. lol

Derrick: "That was intense!"
Rain, wind and now "lightning" (flashes of light) are going off.

Cody jokes around..

8:15pm BBT:
The wall leans really far foward...
Derrick: "Dude, are you serious right now?"
Cody's laughing.

8:33pm BBT:
No changes. HG's not talking much. Lots of breathing from Victoria.
Wall continues to move back & forth. Derrick said he tried to dry off his shoes but it's impossible.

Victoria: "My hands..are like..slipping.."
The boys are encouraging her to stay up there.

Derrick: "I can't feel my hands. I'm old! Get off my case!"
Derrick & Cody are both laughing.
Derrick: "Excuse me while I deal with this rain. I'll be right with you in a few."

Victoria: "My hands fell asleep!"

8:37pm BBT:
Rain, wind and "lightning" are going off...
8:38pm BBT:
Victoria fell off!
Cody: "Good job!"
Victoria: "Good job, my ass!"

Derrick to Cody: "I'll stay for a few and then jump off."
They talk about what the 2nd HOH comp could be.

8:42pm BBT:
Derrick asks Cody if he wants this comp. Cody said only if Derrick feels confident, Derrick says he don't.
Derrick: "I'm not gonna sit up here for 3 hrs with ya. Obviously you know I'm gonna try to do my best."
Cody: "That's all I care about."

8:46pm BBT:
Derrick to Vic: "Why are you upset? You did good! This isn't easy."
Vic is crying on the sidelines.

8:48pm BBT:
More rain...

Derrick keeps offering to drop (in hopes of Cody volunteering to drop..he's misting Cody lol), but after he offers to drop, he never does. lol Cody's not giving in (so far).

8:53pm BBT:
Der/Cody comparing notes on what part of their hands are numb. Der thinks they're pinching a nerve making certain fingers numb.

8:54pm BBT:
Derrick fell off!
Winner of Part 1 Final HOH is:

***The next Final HOH Comp will be physical. I'll be Derrick VS Victoria. As long as Victoria doesn't win, then Derrick/Cody will face off in Part 3 which is the mental comp (that will be live on the air on finale night.) I'll be back tomorrow with an update! I have to go to bed, I work super duper early in the morning. See y'all tomorrow!

Stay tuned...
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Kyle White said...

The comp looks amazing. I really want Victoria to somehow pull this off just because it would cause just a tad bit more drama this season with the boys sweating until part 3 next Wednesday.

Kyle White said...

...and that didn't last long :/

Ashley said...

Too late. Vic fell off after 38 minutes. Really surprised me that she lasted that long holding on when it was tipping down.


Buife Obianyo - Agu said...

Sorry she just fell :/

Ashley said...

I couldn't catch for sure what Cody was saying afterwards to Derrick but it was something about that it didn't matter who jumped off as they would be going up against Victoria and he was obviously irritated with Derrick for not having confidence in Cody.


Ste ven said...

On BBAD, Cody has admitted to Victoria he's taking Derrick. So D has it all won. Don't see how Cody stands a chance unless he takes Victoria. Cody is such a genuine good kid... I wish he'd look out for himself. He said D winning is as good as his winning. Well Cody, D doesnt agree.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I agree with you, Cody seems like such a nice guy. I really have grown to really like him as a person lately. I still want Derrick to win but Cody seems so kind hearted. I feel bad for Caleb too. He was something else. I'm glad Amber left so early because we woul have missed the fun loving Caleb. Huge ego and all. I really loved this season. The cast had so many loveable people this year. It's like the end of an era when BB ends every summer for me. I reminisce about the good and bad times and feel a little sadness for the end lol.

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...

@Ste ven

I don't see anyway Cody doesn't take Derrick to F2. He had a hard enough time with the decision to evict Caleb and he didn't even have half the loyalty to him as he has to Derrick. Also I really think Cody thinks he's looking out for himself by taking Derrick. No one seems to recognize the brilliant game Derrick's played till they leave the house. And Derrick's also done a very good job selling for over a month now that anyone who takes Victoria to F2 will lose because the bitter Jury will give it to her out of spite.

Cody is also supremely confident in himself and feels he would beat either of them on merit so he may as well take his boy who deserves the $50K more. He'll look and say I won 2 of the 3 part HOH, the POV that evicted Caleb, the POV that evicted Frankie, the HOH and POV that evicted Donny, and another HOH early in the season. Plus he feels he's played a great social game and is perhaps the best talker in the house to crush the speeches and Q&A.


Tony Akinremi said...

After see last nite show I see that Derrick has sold these guys his story and from the looks of it they have bought it. If Cody doesn't do what needs to be done he will have given Derrick the win. Derrick has these guys wrapped around his finger.

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